VeChain: Don’t Believe The DAY TRADERS

You guys watching this video almost certainly have some crypto day traders seen on Instagram and YouTube and other social media, and many people mention vechain a stablecoin or much worse with terms I probably shouldn't repeat on youtube, and right now there is a lot of negative sentiment around vechain and for me i really can not believe in the times we live in as far as the financial markets are concerned. While of course I haven't witnessed them, I've read a lot about the roaring 20s that led until the great depression and the infamous market crash of 1929-1932 and I don't want to sound like a merchant of doom and gloom but it really feels like the descriptions and features of the 1920s are alive and well in today's market, it seems that crypto day trading in fake entrepreneurs online is equivalent to the scammer who went door to door selling shares to people sales that had no idea what they were buying and one of the most overlooked characteristics of an irrational market a market where common sense has no place among a popular public of that time is that all or almost all people claim to be able to teach people who Trading cryptos or stocks are always focused on the price and they are always focused on trying to tell you that we are on the brink of another explosion and that the whole market culture that we have today, is built around price and rading and impatience many times a day and from crypto to crypto jump in search of the next big gainer and by the way, if you enjoy this video so far, please do me a favor and subscribe to the channel so we can keep growing and I can do more spend time producing these videos and some people are calling vechain a stablecoin, which I totally think is not an insult, because stability is, after all, one of the things potential users look for in any crypto and so I would much rather have a long period of fairly stable appreciation in value instead of short bursts followed by deep crashes, as these types of coins are only speculators and attracts very few real users, which means that while everyone seems to be making money, all is well and well, but when the market crashes what it always does, eventually all speculators will stop trade with each other and do you think it's the dogecoins or the vechains of this world who will remain in a favorable position.

I know what my answer to this question is and the main criticism of reaching this crowd was that the price was not has risen fast enough and that in the past year we have in fact been more than two and a half thousand percent of winnings in betting and you know that there is something seriously wrong with the market like a gain of two and a half thousand percent of a gain of 25 to one in just one year not is enough for the consensus and this is actually a growing frustration of mine with the crypto market, but actually the consensus can mock view chain and similar projects as often as they want and they can call it a stablecoin or whatever they want to call it, but at the end of the day, the most cryptocurrencies are dead for several years the next day and the odds are the ones will survive will be those who have value and fundamental strength, not the countless thousands cryptos backed by speculators trading with each other every day and the reason It's just natural that most cryptos that exist today will have to die in the coming years market function when we have a new technology in the initial phase, for example blockchain, of course there is a tremendous growth that entails a large number of projects or companies into space and then people see that these projects and companies are doing very well, what encourages them to get involved and eventually we get to a point where there are too many people are on the market in terms of competition, now there are about 9000 listed cryptocurrencies that are publicly traded and of course most of them will have to die to make room for the Amazons and the facebooks and so on, just like during the dot-com boom of the 1990s in crypto today, there are too many projects in the same space and also many useless ones that are not independently viable, meaning that they could not survive in the long run without speculative demand and speculators pushing prices up anyway, that's all for this s video thanks for watching and if if you haven't subscribed to our channel yet, please consider doing this for all our new content

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