Validators on Mainnet 2.0 | Blockchain AI |

Validation on the mainnet.   Validation – Validators hosting a node 
package transactions into blocks,   these blocks are then added to the blockchain. 
Validators receive FET rewards for doing this.   Aeons – Blocks are grouped together into aeons, 
this is generally 100 blocks or roughly 8 minutes.   At the start of each new Aeon a 
new set of validators are selected.   Stake – Validators must accrue 
staked FET to be selected.   They can either supply this entirely themselves 
or in part by other community members called   delegates. Delegates receive a share of the 
FET rewards. Joining – Validators compete with each other
to be selected for the next aeon by offering reward incentives to the community.   The validators with the highest stakes are 
then selected to pack blocks for the next aeon. For more information on validation and 
governance follow the link in the description,   for everyone holding FET head 
over to our staking page..

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