Va. & N.C. COVID-19 Feb. 13 update

four on your side continuing to track the latest covet 19 case counts in the area virginia reported just over 3 200 new cases today the state continues on a downward trend the percent positivity rate jump dropped to just under 12 percent hospitalizations are also continuing to trend downward the virginia department of health reports that over 300 000 people in the commonwealth have been fully vaccinated in the tar heel state around 4 100 new cases were reported the number of hospitalizations continues to trend down as well the number of people fully vaccinated in the state is now just over 400 000 the first case of the covet 19 variant b117 and the second case of the b1351 variant were identified in eastern virginia that's according to a report from the virginia department of health the adult resident infected with the b-117 variant has no history of travel outside the state the strain of the virus was first identified in the uk late last year it's associated with increased person to person transmission the second case of b1351 variant was also identified in an adult resident in the commonwealth there's currently no evidence yet that this strain has had any impact on disease severity

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