Using BTCRecover with Litecoin Addresses (Seed Phrase Recovery For Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey)

so I got a request from someone who was
having trouble recovering their seed phrase an issue for them was they only
had litecoin addresses and I was struggling to make them work with BTCRecover so I took the plunge did some quick and dirty patching the BTCRecover
and now it works with litecoin addresses and I'm just gonna run through a quick
demo of how to use that here now and if you haven't already done so hit
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that helps you to find your way in the crazy and hostile space the that is crypto
currency so like all my other videos on BTC recover there's a few important
things you need to understand at the beginning in terms of how BTC recover
can recover and invalid mnemonic involved seed phrase where you might
have made an error transcribing your seed words and the first thing is don't
ignore the security warnings in my other videos about using BTC recover they are
covered in the other video so I won't rehash at all here you will need your 24
word seed or whatever the best guess of that is you simply cannot just derive
private keys from a bunch of public keys or addresses and you will need to know
at least one public address that you used with this wallet for this procedure
in this video so for the examples here let's just say that you purchased some
litecoin on coinbase and you found a record of the address that you sent it
to and that's the one you'll be using for your recovery so step one is you
need to set up your environment both to run BTC recover in terms of creating a
secure environment to run it in and also to download BTC recover and for this
video you'll actually need to download a fork of BTC recover from my github
because I've actually included some quick and dirty changes that allow BTC
recover to recover using litecoin segwit and litecoin legacy addresses I
plan to neaten this up and expand its functionality in the future but for now
it's good enough just to get some folk out of trouble who are waiting for a
solution so once you've got your environment set up be ready to run seed
recover and I would suggest that you just replicate the demos that I have
here just to make sure that you've got the software working right before you
try and throw all of your own seeds add it so the first example we're going to
look at is just a legacy litecoin address it's pretty much the same as
Bitcoin nearly difference really is the derivation path which is essentially the
standard litecoin legacy derivation path for account number zero that's the zero
on the end where going to look for one big typo and this
address here so we say run we don't have a wallet so we're gonna worry about that
we're just gonna say we were standard BIP39 wallet we don't have an xpub key and
the address we're gonna use is this litecoin address here now our best
guess for the mnemonic is going to be this one here where the word side has
been incorrectly transposed as size you know really easy mistake to make so
let's go there we go found a result so that is it it's found and identified the
incorrect word and shown what the correct one is so that is great so now
we'll just show running using a light coin segment addresses an address
starting with an M so again we're just going to do pretty much the same command
as before but the key difference here you'll notice is the derivation path we
are using is the light coin segment derivation part so it's now am a forty
nine to zero zero rather than m-44 everything else is the same
so we just hit go we say no we don't have a wallet file using standard BIP44
don't have an xpub key we're going to put in this address here and our best
guess of the seed we're checking is the same seed with the same error as before
and hit OK and there we go so a single word error is found in a couple of
seconds and to be honest a single word error in your seed phrase is pretty much
from what I've seen the main issue that people have when it comes to error in
their seed phrase at this time BTC recover doesn't work with native seg
word addresses for Bitcoin litecoin or anything else but you know that's again
something that I'm happy to look into in the future when I get some spare time
thanks for watching I hope that was helpful hit like if you think that other
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