USDT VS BUSD VS USDC VS DAI [Best stablecoin] – Best STAKING/YIELD FARMING -Aave, Celsius network

hi everyone welcome back to the channel my name is 
zari and you guys are watching Finance Square now   in today's video i want to give you guys something 
new, something fresh so i'm actually wanting to go   over which were the best stablecoin for you guys 
to consider to buy and hold and also going over   the different return those stablecoin give you 
guys and finding you guys the best place for   you to start staking your stablecoin and earn 
some interest so i'm going to be going over   four different stablecoins so i'm going to be 
going over Binance usd , usdt, usdc and Dai token   i'm also going to be illustrating how much money you
can actually make per month on different platform   and my favorite one if you are maybe more low-risk or
if you're more medium-risk and also if you are   high-risk you're going to be even looking at 50% 
return on just staking your usdt so let's start so   we're first going to be going over this website 
called so i basically wanted   to illustrate for you guys what are the 
return or how much money you can earn if you   were to stake Binance USD so here from this 
website you have Celius Network, and you have Curve BUSD and Aave we can actually earn between 3.5% 
to 10% now to give you a bit more understanding   of how much is this return i actually wanted to 
illustrate exactly how much money you can actually   make by just staking those stablecoins 
so if you have 10 thousand Binance usd   okay now we're gonna look at another stablecoin
which is USDT again this is the first stablecoin   in this sphere and obviously it's the most 
popular and also it's the one that it's being   the most used so you have many different platforms 
offering earning on those stablecoin so you have   here Aave is offering 14% we have Tidex offering 12% 
percent and we have Nexo, Celsius andCurve it's   actually quite popular, so based on this website 
you can earn up to 14% so which is super cool   and then if you look here based on DeFi 
pulse you can actually earn up to 22%   so this is just for you guys to have an idea 
so if you were to use Cream you're looking at   184 dollars if you were to use Aave $117 which 
is super super cool all right so we're going   to look now at our next coin which is 

So usdc you can make 10%   on nexo and on celsius and also on curve busd you can 
make almost 10 and then we're going to be looking   and try to visualize how much it will be again 
different platform provide different information   the best way to really know how much money you can 
actually make is by going to those a platform or   decentralized finance to actually understand 
what is actually the current rate so again it   seems that cream is really leading the way and in 
this case they are offering 27.47 percent a year which   in this case we're looking at 226 dollars a month 
again it's amazing shocking and i also want to   highlight for those don't know Cream is actually quite a 
new Defi platform so you might need to be a bit cautious   with them because maybe they have some security 
vulnerability or some other thing you need to   really consider now i also wanted to go over DAI which is probably maybe one of the first decentralized dollar that is basically supposed 
to track the price of dollar it's been really used   by most decentralized platform so again here you 
can see that there's a lot of places that are offering   DAI returns so here we're looking at 10 
percent return for DAI which is really amazing   here we're looking at the multiple platform 
that are offering 10 percent also try to illustrate   how you feel earning 10% if you just drop it 
in an address and then literally collect   every month this money so here we went again 
to DEFI Pulse, it is showing here   that if you were to stake DAI
with CREAM you'll be looking at 13% which is   around 110 dollars a month and here is i put ten 
thousand dollars so that's why you see this amount   now i also want to show you guys here how it 
look on Crean Finance website so here you have an idea how much 
money you can actually makes in this case   on this website you can see that if you were to stake usdc coin you'll be looking almost 18$ if   you're looking at tether you look at almost 17% so it gives you a nice idea for some reason here you have   Yearn curve fi which i think is combination of 
multiple stable coin which it's DAI, USDC, USDT and TUSD but they're actually 
offering 51% again it's a bit risky again if you   have some money to spend willing to take a bit of risk this might be the way forward   okay so this is just for you guys to understand 
how much interest they are offering the supply   and the current borrowing rate and 
everything another thing that i actually want to   highlight maybe I should refresh this page, 
that CREAM finance had a very big drop in   in their asset that are being locked so it was at 
the peak we're looking at over 729 million dollars   and it's currently at 153 million dollars now 
for me this is not a very good sign you can   see here a lot of ethereum has been unlocked and 
has been removed from this platform which i'm not   sure why it might be because people are thinking the 
market is going further down people don't want to   keep their money in any coin that might even go 
lower so they want to maybe lock in those profit   and move it into stable coins so this might 
be a reason why.

Okay but just for you guys   to know that it had a very big drop 
in total value locked in Cream finance   so now i'm going to be going over
nexo, so nexo give you the ability to earn   interest even if you just deposit dollar, Euro or  GBP, so they're looking here at 10 percent   and so that's why they're offering you here 
and honestly if you want to get an additional   two percent interest you can then earn it in 
nexo which is their token which is not pegged to the dollars it's basically a utility token that 
they use in order to get the higher interest   basically if you want to collect more interest in 
this case or if you want to pay off your loan you   can also pay in the native token another platform 
you should obviously look is called Celsius network   i think they've been around since 2018 and they've 
been quite popular and they are offering multiple   staking and earning for your cryptocurrency in 
this case i can see they're offering even up to   18% so if you're looking to stake USDT, you are looking at 
13.30% and i think that the interest change based on your level with them so if you are platinum 
level i guess you get a bit better interest if   you're not a platinum level probably getting 
a bit lower.

All right this is just for you guys   to understand and then you have the curve.FI. So you have here the   different return so in this case you look at 
nine percent, eight percent , seven percent and from what you can see in some cases they 
actually are combining multiple stable coins in this case you have DAI, USDT, USDC and they are giving you around 9.18 percent   okay so this is just for you guys to have an idea 
and then you have Aave so i just wanted to click   here so with Aave based on their website they're 
giving you guys 10.5%, 9.9$ , 8.94%,7.43% and 7.37   again this is based on the last 30 days which is 
actually maybe the most correct rate you can see   because some of those platform will show you a 
snapshot that happened which is not correct you   should obviously have the average of the last 
30 days last 60 days because it changes everything   depending on supply and demand now i'm willing now 
to unveil for you guys the platform that is going to   give you guys not 10 not 20 not 40 but 50% for your 
usdt now i'm really shocked that they're able to   offer this i'm guessing they're trying to lure in 
new players so they're actually offering this so   the platform i'm talking about it's Tidex, i'm going 
to provide you my referral links you can obviously   look at using it if you want to i want to maybe 
give you some um some comments i never use it   and i'm very concerned when it's too high from my 
perspective it might be now 50 it might go lower   and i'm not sure if someone actually checked 
them out so my general rule of thumb is to never   ever put all your stablecoin in one ecosystem 
so you have I covered multiple ecosystem   i have covered, nexo i have covered Aave, Curve, Celcius Network and Tidex and if you have some spare USDT or spare stablecoin and you want to 
earn interest the best way for you guys is to not   select one is to select multiple because at some 
point this year or next year we're gonna have a   hack of one of those defi or earning platform 
i don't know which one is going to happen i don't   know when but it's probably going to happen now i 
don't want any of my subscribers over here to be   affected by it again this is this is an industry 
where there's a lot of risk i'm now trying to   give you more option to lower your risk and not be 
exposed too much to cryptocurrency if you saw my   other video understand why i feel this way and i 
want you guys to have the ability to still be in a   cryptosphere and still make some return by staking 
your stablecoin and maintaining it pegged to the   dollar especially or pegged to euro especially 
if you feel that we have already reached the peak   and it's time for now for a slowly slower to see a
correction if that's how you feel this is for you   guys to try and find the best one if you're 
comfortable some of you guys will feel more   comfortable with them maybe if you have you don't 
have stablecoin you might feel more comfortable   depositing fiat money so we're talking 
about euro pound dollar via nexo and basically   getting those interests on a monthly basis this 
really makes sense to me i don't see any problem   and once we're gonna see a shift in the markets 
again i'm waiting for the market to reach those   level that i believe gonna be the bottom and i 
think right now we're gonna be trading   sideways so i don't want to be in a position where 
any new of you guys have bought bitcoin at   58k dollars and then after two three days it 
goes to forty eight thousand dollars now for some   of you guys it's a lot of money still it might be 
just twenty percent drop but it's still a lot of   money so i'm giving you some other alternatives 
that are quite lucrative and it match more your   risk appetite and also what you're looking to 
earn so i hope this video was helpful for you   guys and share any more questions you want to 
welcome to drop me a message until next time

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