USDC, Visa & Global Elite Have HUGE PLANS for BTC!!

What is this!? A calming of the price….bitcoin 
is back where it was 7 days ago.   Sideways, a calm before the storm…it’s 
either preparing for another leg up,   or the beginning of the legs down. What’s it gonna 
be for BTC!? Find out in about 10 minutes or less,   because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Up or Down!? That is the million dollar 
bitcoin question!! If I could answer that   with 100 percent accuracy, I more than likely 
wouldn’t be making youtube videos & would   already be retired. But Chico Crypto can make 
an educated guess based on the current climate. And our opinion isn't going to change, 
just because the price falls a little   bit….there is a BIG event slated 
at the end of Month & it would   just be out of the ordinary for 
the price to be falling during it. The Coinbase IPO! Yesterday, Cointelegraph 
reported that about 114.9 million shares   would be registered for public sale.

details of this IPO are slowly dripping   throughout this month and this news was 
found out with an updated S-1 filing. This S-1, reveals Coinbase will 
have a dual stock structure,   with Class A & Class B stock. I covered most 
of this in my last video, how the class A stock   is the one the public gets to trade, which 
is the 114.9 million that was registered. But what about the Class B?? 
Well within the updated S-1,   something else caught my eye. If you go into the 
section “SALE PRICE HISTORY OF OUR CAPITAL STOCK”,   Coinbase says “We have applied to list our Class 
A common stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.   Prior to the initial listing, no public market 
existed for our Class A common stock. However,   our Class A common stock and Class B common stock 
have a history of trading in private transactions” What that means, is the Class B stock is 
being transacted somewhere. It has had   value, just not for the public, and 
isn’t just a voting stock.

We know   where it’s been being transacted on..the Nasdaq 
Private Markets…and I’m still holding out hope   that Class B will be tokenized into a Security 
Token….through Nasdaq’s Marketplace services… A little theory of ours we’ve had since 
Coinbase co-founder & current executive   board member said this about a token 
and the IPO back in May of last year…. So, I get it, they wanted to IPO, and the only 
way to do that today was to do a “paper” listing.   This dual stock structure, 
just might be the spiritual   and aspirational hope FRED was speaking. Only 
time will tell if this theory is correct. Today is all about those theories though. We’ve   talked about possible tokenization of 
the stonk…but now let's talk about   a strategic partner of Coinbase who was 
just recently speaking on bitcoin & crypto. Visa…..Visa a strategic partner 
of Coinbase? In September of 2020,   Cuy Sheffield, Senior director and head of 
crypto answered this when asked by Forbes,   about their Coinbase involvement “. First, 
there are very large and established companies   like Coinbase, which we simply treat 
as strategic fintech clients”….

So with the Coinbase IPO, rolling right around 
the corner, isn’t it just conviennent Visa CEO,   Al Kelly was just on Fortune’s 
Leadership Next podcast   and spoke on BTC and crypto. Let’s 
listen in to what he had to say… WOAHHH, two massive things. #1 Visa credentials 
could be used for BTC purchases. And vice versa.   Well guess what? They have been working on this 
for some time. Last year, July 22nd, Visa posted   this blog “Advancing our approach to digital 
currency”. Visa said this about credentials   “Similar to other digital wallets, digital 
currency wallets are looking to use the full range   of Visa’s capabilities, including Visa Direct, 
which makes it faster and easier for consumers   to convert digital currency and push those funds 
to their Visa credentials in real-time.

Much   of this work is happening through Visa’s 
FastTrack program, which helps fintechs,   including those in the digital currency space, 
integrate quickly with Visa’s global network” Let’s just go look who is involved with 
Fast-Track, and specifically crypto related.   Don’t see anyone in issuance, nope not in 
push payments, how about value added services?   There is the crypto company in the 
Fast Track, working with Visa Circle… Tight Partner of Coinbase, and co-creator 
with them of the USDC stablecoin.   Well let’s just go to Circle’s website 
about this fastrack partnership.   They promote it right on the front page, they 
are called USDC partner wallets. Clicking it,   it says “A global interoperable network 
of digital wallets built on standards” This is the system which uses USDC, in 
conjunction with Circle's platform and APIs   to allow Visa customers seamless transactions 
across fiat and token onramps/offramps.   It can interface with blockchains, as it 
already is….going to Circles post on NFTs,   it is integrated with Dapper Labs and their 
Flow blockchain, for NBA Top Shot purchases.

But this isn’t Coinbase, this is Circle and this 
isn’t the Bitcoin stuff Al was talking about.   This is all about stablecoins, USDC. What about 
using visa credentials aka fiat on a visa card   to buy BTC? And vice versa cashing that BTC 
back out into a fiat? They are one in the same,   but let’s just replay what Al said about this. 
Right into fiat and immediately available at   all their merchants. Well let’s go 
back to that July 2020 approach blog.   This is what Visa said “Visa has been working 
closely with licensed and regulated digital   currency platforms like Coinbase and Fold to 
provide a bridge between digital currencies   and our existing global network of 61 million 
merchants. Around the world, more than 25 digital   currency wallets have linked their services to 
Visa, giving users an easy way to spend from   their digital currency balance using a Visa debit 
or prepaid credential — anywhere Visa is accepted” Coinbase is their BIG bitcoin partner.

crypto strategic partner. And you gotta know,   it’s beginning with the coming Coinbase Visa 
Card in the US. They announced the waitlist for   it basically 6 months ago….which even includes 
an up to 4 percent crypto back reward program. Well it’s been quiet regarding the card, but 
let’s do a little sleuthing of our own. Going to   the website, we can see at the bottom, some fine 
details and says “The Coinbase Card is powered   by Marqeta” well, going to the Visa Fast Track 
program there wasn’t a crypto company in Issuance,   or was there…there they are in 
Visa’s fast track program Marqeta. Now, ain't this a coinkydink. Marqeta, filed 
with the SEC for an IPO, and could do theirs   right after Coinbase, in early April. Who are they 
working with on their IPO? Goldman Sachs and JP   Morgan…well going back to Coinbase’s s-1, why 
in the hizeck are the same players doing this   IPO?? Goldman Sachs, and JP 
Morgan listed right there. Well cuz there is more to this than meets the eye! 
January of this year, Reuters posted this article   “Goldman teams up with fintech startup 
Marqeta to build checking accounts.

The   article states “ Goldman Sachs has partnered 
with card issuing startup Marqeta to build   the U.S. bank’s Marcus checking accounts set to 
launch this year, the companies said on Thursday.   The bank, an investor in California-based Marqeta, 
hopes that the partnership will enable it to   create more personalized and feature-rich 
digital banking services for its customers” Launched in 2016, Marcus has allowed Goldman 
to diversify its revenue and funding sources   by offering savings accounts and personal loans 
to retail customers.

Yes Goldman got into the   retail game in 2016, and is moving full steam in 
2021 with Marqeta’s help…the Reuters article   also name drops some entities connected 
to Marqeta. Square…and it says “Marqeta,   whose backers also include Mastercard 
Inc and Visa, has seen business boom   this year, with COVID-19 lockdowns leading 
to a surge in demand for digital payments” All these crypto connections??? Goldman 
and others are backing and helping crypto   or crypto related companies. Goldman is 
working on their retail bank of the future.   Marcus and Coinbase tied Marqeta is involved. 
Goldman released the mobile application for Marcus   in January of 2020 and then just last month, they 
unveiled a robo-advisor called Marcus Invest? Even Goldman sees the world moving increasingly 
digital. Nothing about Marcus is directly crypto   involved yet, but within the next year could we 
see Marcus and an option for bitcoin investing?   Well the writing is on the wall in my 
opinion. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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