USA, Canada, & TikTok Just Released The Cryptocurrency Bulls! [Ethereum, Chainlink, & Bitcoin News]

welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my 
name is aaron today is a massive news day   for cryptocurrency holders we have news coming 
out of canada tick tock integrating crypto twitter   putting out a demo video of integrating crypto 
visa doubling down on their crypto integration   china news major news out of the usa different 
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that being said let's get into it this is big   in a first of its kind landmark moment for both 
cryptocurrency and nations in the western world   the first etf combining both bitcoin and ethereum 
has launched in canada so canada has launched both   bitcoin and ethereum etfs over the last couple 
years separately well now for the first time in   history investors who want to buy a cryptocurrency 
etf do not have to choose between either bitcoin   or ethereum because a new fund that holds both 
started trading today yes in fact this is canada's   first multi-currency etf multiple cryptocurrencies 
in this particular etf it will hold the world's   two largest cryptocurrencies weighted by their 
market capitalization which at the moment   is 67 bitcoin and 33 ethereum and it is 
rebalanced monthly the reason that they chose   these two assets are as follows quote bitcoin 
has established itself as a store of value and   is often referred to as digital gold ethereum is 
often referred to as digital oil and has become   an essential building block for digital finance 
including nfts and other d5 applications this   is huge if you like this kind of news make sure 
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me know in the comments below besides bitcoin   besides ethereum which cryptocurrencies 
do you think will be next when it comes   to allowing institutions to buy them in 
an exchange-traded fund product because   things are really heating up for cryptocurrency in 
other news little nas x grimes among many others   are featured in tick tock nft collection the first 
tick tock top moment is set for auction next week   tldr tick-tock is integrating with ethereum and 
ethereum layer 2 immutable x scaling solution   i'll give you the details but this is huge 
adoption tick-tock has announced a collection of   non-fungible tokens nfts featuring contributions 
from grimes little nas x bella porch and more   entitled tick-tock top moments the collection 
is the viral social media app's first whole hog   foray into the world of blockchain-based digital 
collectibles this is amazing so the nfts also   represent a partnership with immutable x which 
is a layer two network built on top of ethereum   immutable x is designed to make transactions 
a little bit more user-friendly promising zero   transaction fees and 100 carbon neutral nfts this 
is amazing amazing adoption little nas access   nft is the first of six total and is set for 
auction on october 6th the other five nfts will   sell in subsequent weeks in a press release tick 
tock said that plans to showcase all six of the   videos at an upcoming exhibit at the museum of 
moving images in queens but again tick tock one   of the largest social media apps on the planet the 
youngest social media app on the planet the one   that's growing the fastest is integrating ethereum 
and ethereum layer 2 scaling solution immutable x   as if things couldn't get more bullish 
twitter shares sneak peak of its ethereum   nft verification system it is soon to be that 
with twitter you will be able to display your   nft collection in your digital collectibles tab 
you will be able to make your specific nft your   twitter profile picture and twitter will verify 
it so the world can see that this is the authentic   nft on the ethereum blockchain on the avalanche 
blockchain on the cardano blockchain whatever it   is here's a sneak peek on what we're working 
on for nft profile verification what do you   think this video is amazing hello so as promised 
i wanted to show you some experiment we did about   nft so basically you would be able to edit your 
profile click on your avatar and select nft   from this you would be able to connect to your 
wallets uh and choose your preferred wallet so   for the purpose of the experiment i'm just marking 
the back end so after confirming you will be able   to download all your nft from openc select one and 
then you will have your nft as your avatar with   the ethereum check mark showing that this nft has 
been entered on italian blockchain if you click on   collectible as well you can see the collection of 
nfc you have if you have any feedback or id please   don't hesitate to share thank you as if things 
couldn't get any better visa has doubled down on   their commitment to integrating cryptocurrency and 
blockchain technology they just put out a press   release saying that they are working on blockchain 
interoperability hub for cryptocurrency payments   visa's new blockchain interoperability project 
is designed to serve as a network of blockchain   networks so this comes on top of the fact that 
we know that visa has already chosen ethereum   and stablecoin usdc on ethereum they're going to 
settle all stablecoin transactions in their system   and now they're doubling down on this because 
they know that the future is interoperable global   payments giants visa has introduced a project that 
aims to be a universal adapter of blockchains that   can connect multiple cryptocurrencies stable coins 
as well as cbdcs and visa wants to settle it all   whether it's a private network cbdc whether it's 
on ethereum whether it's on cardano whatever it   is visa wants to be in that business they say 
quote imagine splitting the check with your   friends when everybody at the table is using a 
different type of money some are using cbdc's   some are using sweden's currency others using 
private stable coins like usdc i'll say what if   they're using cardano ethereum solana chain link 
dogecoin well this may be a reality in the not too   distant future with visa cryptocurrency adoption 
has grown in orders of magnitude this cycle   visa reddit twitter and now tick tock 
are all using ethereum probably nothing   right bitcoin's hash rate just keeps going up 
a sign of a very healthy proof-of-work network   probably nothing right jerome powell the head of 
the fed says that there is no plan to ban bitcoin   or cryptocurrency listen to this probably nothing 
right you were asked about um cbdc or the central   bank digital currencies and their impact on stable 
coin and other cryptocurrencies and you stated   and i think i quote uh you correctly here 
you wouldn't need stable coins you wouldn't   need cryptocurrencies if you had a digital us 
currency so mr chairman as a matter of policy   is it your intention to ban or limit the use 
of cryptocurrencies like we're seeing in china   no and and i i immediately realized i 
had misspoken there i didn't mean to   take the word cryptocurrency out of that sentence 
and i would say fairly widely understood that   central bank digital currencies could perform some 
of the some of the uh could make but no intention   to bans less uh no intention of paying attention 
to ban them but they're you know the stable   coins are are like money market funds they're 
like bank deposits but they're to some extent   outside the regulatory perimeter and it's it's 
appropriate that they be regulated same activity   same regulation the world is becoming more digital 
the world is becoming more censored and because of   things like this people are starting to understand 
the need for bitcoin the need for permissionless   systems the news is that china internet firewall 
has blocked coin gecko and coin market cap   china again creating their own separate internet 
not allowing their people to get on sites we need   web 3.0 a decentralized permissionless 
alternative we need a bitcoin standard   we need more things like this let's get into 
two alt coins which are making major news   ethereum game axi infinity rewards early players 
with 60 million in their token for an airdrop so   axe infinity is air dropping 60 million worth of 
axs governance tokens to early eligible players   we've been talking about this game forever if 
you've played it you might be eligible for this   airdrop axs holders can now stake their tokens 
in the network with 150 million worth of rewards   planned for distribution within the first month 
and this is really cool how we're seeing more and   more of this they're building out these systems 
whether it's a dex whether it's a game and they're   rewarding people with tokens who actually use it 
you know you use the game all the time you use   the network all the time well here we're gonna 
airdrop you tokens because we know that you're   already a active community member right let's 
talk about chain link chain link making some major   news nft service jpegged is launching crypto 
punk's lending and a chain link integration   this is pretty interesting so nft lending 
service jpeg allows users to access liquidity   by using non-fungible tokens such as crypto 
punks as collateral and the protocol will   employ customized chain link price feeds to 
accurately value punks used as that collateral   so a big win for crypto punks a big win for 
nfts and a huge win for chain link this is   such an amazing time to be in cryptocurrency my 
friends let me know in the comments which coins   that you are most excited about or what you're 
most excited about in cryptocurrency in general   both bitcoin and ethereum continues to 
build out this launch pad i'm expecting   a break to all-time highs sometime this 
year but more on that in a future video   make sure you subscribe we just hit 
a million subscribers it speaks to   the state of the market that things are a 
whole lot bigger this year see you tomorrow

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