URGENT WARNING to ALL Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Cardano Holders in 2021

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel on all the interwebs my name is ben everybody on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if that is still a thing if you like money in crypto and you don't like dumps and you don't like red candles and you don't like yellow x's and you don't like elon musk make sure to hit that subscribe button so close to a million subscribers but guys this is an actual emergency alert video now there's a real one there's a real one i know you see it in the title you see it in the thumbnail you say not one of these videos again but guys we have had some dramatic movement on the market i'm sitting at home my family sun's out guns out you know what i'm saying just hanging out chilling and all of a sudden i look at my portfolio and i'm down four million dollars so i know i feel your pain i feel your pain we're going to talk about what happened we're going to talk about what the implications are and then we are going to talk about uh what uh the future for bitcoin looks like right now okay so what happened that's right yeah boy elon musk if you love him when he pumps bitcoin then you better love him when he dumps it because he dumped it today facing a lot of political and social pressure and snowflake people i guess they feel like they got to appease everybody i guess you feel a little more uh pressure when you live in california i guess you feel a little more pressure when your whole niche is green energy and uh you know saving the planet uh from tesla maybe you'll feel a little more pressure uh because that's the niche that you're in well i guess you gotta gotta lie in the bed that you made or make the bed that you like i don't know how it goes but the point is elon musk came out with a tweet today he said tesla will no longer be accepting bitcoin basically what he implied here is is that bitcoin is bad for the environment now once again if funny enough we are actually right now working on a video that will be out probably next week uh on why this whole entire thing is such a farce this is such a farce all these hippies everything's bad for the environment now you know like don't worry about the the mining for gold energy don't worry about uh you know all of the gas that it costs to get in your car and drive to the bank uh you got to go in for things sometimes because it won't let you do everything online uh don't worry about all that stuff let's just focus on bitcoin which takes up roughly the power of las vegas not even a top 50 city in the world roughly for all the good stuff that bitcoin does this is how the people in control keep you locked down when you start to make progress they swatch you down and then they do it in the name of whatever the popular cause right now it's environmentalism okay fact is bitcoin overall has a positive effect on the environment we will be saving that for a different video if you were to compare the energy consumption of bitcoin to that of ethereum it uses more energy than ethereum if you were to compare ethereum to cardano ethereum uses more energy than cardano and you can go on down the list and find a lot of comparisons but that's not the point sorry i hear my bulldog he's over here barking because he's mad at elon musk too okay fact is this has caused such a dramatic fall in the market that we don't really know what's happening right now it dropped all the way down to 45 500 it did almost immediately bounce back up above 47 000 so we had a perfect storm today of the inflation news for the us dollar which ultimately is a net benefit to bitcoin okay that will be proven the stock market crashing then on top of that we have elon musk dumping the price of bitcoin not good guys it's definitely not good it's a perfect storm which has plunged bitcoin below the number i never thought we'd see it below again which was 47k i would like to point out though it went down and then went right back up and is now once again approaching 50 000 this is why you don't panic sell okay price of bitcoin was at 52 000 just a couple of hours ago if you would have panic sold at 45 46 000 it bounced right back to 49 okay so don't panic sell during these times you're better off just sitting tight this is not the end of the bull market however is this the beginning of the end for bitcoin is the number one overall cryptocurrency does seem like political pressure it seems like society pressure seems like hippie pressure is pushing bitcoin into the corner but if you remember the bank of america themselves said the number one value of bitcoin is that it goes up in value and there and and so not a lot of transactions have to actually be done on the network but we do have bitcoin mining which is a problem but let me tell you this bitcoin has the power the bitcoin network has the power to change the consensus algorithm from proof of work to proof of stake it would be a multi-year almost impossible scenario to get everyone to agree to do this but if the pressure became so great that it did start dramatically affecting the price of bitcoin then we could see that but this leads us to other chains that are going to get the benefit of the electric car loving hippies out there who think that bitcoin is bad for the environment because they're sheeple okay uh you just see that headlining you believe it we are gonna debunk this so hard it's unreal you are going to see this next week michael saylor destroyed someone who interviewed him this week asking about that question because it is asinine to believe that the overall net impact of bitcoin on the environment is negative it is insane to believe that so but you got brainwashed hippie people out there and they just believe whatever people tell them well let me tell you this they will be exposed this will eventually be exposed but in the meantime you guys know i do love ethereum i do love cardano and i'll tell you something i may have some big stuff in the works that you guys wouldn't believe don't really can't tell you exactly what it is right now but something big could be on the horizon but the fact is other chains solana elrond uh tezos many of these other chains use far less energy than bitcoin even far less than a theory but ethereum of course is switching over to proof of stake meaning that once that happens we could see a gigantic decrease in the amount of energy consumption that it uses but guys let's just all turn off our phones because it takes battery chargers which you know that charger has got to go into a wall so do you love the environment do you love your country guys i i can't believe i've got this light on right now this light is on right now it's unbelievable how selfish i am to believe in lights for my home the whole thing is infuriating to me it makes me uh really want to uh you know have some choice words for elon musk right now he has just caved to pressure which i wouldn't think is what he should be doing there's a lot of hard-working people out there that don't buy into this craziness um and i think that over time the narrative will switch on this but in the short term what are we looking for bitcoin now of course if you want a long or short bitcoin if you think this is positive or negative news you guys head on over to bit with krypto.com deals we got an incredible deal for femax that's a two thousand dollar deposit bonus it's not on the website but when you click the vmx link it'll take you to their site uh also by that 1610 signup bonus you can't lose with that bonus well you could lose a trade but it's a big bonus that's the point a lot of people are trading right now i think we're gonna see the volume coming in extremely high tomorrow i told you guys earlier if you watched the stream the live stream from this morning i was ready to go long and then what did i say i said ooh actually somebody in the chat pointed out blood diamond on the four hour chart so we saw the blood diamond on the border chart and said let's take that back that's not long right now let's wait for a good entry and you know sometimes you just wonder where that bottom is but i think we've hit it i think we'll be back over 50 uh but getting that climb back but the overall news today of the inflation in the the stock market crash that's actually bullish bearish in the short term but bitcoin solves the inflation problem it is a limited supply so for that reason i think ultimately this could take us on the next leg up we don't think there's no data out there indicating we are at the top of the market you guys need to know that don't be scared off right now huddle be safe watch your boy bit boy crypto i'm going to give you all the news that you need to know even when i'm sitting at home with my family sometimes i got to get on here and talk to my digital family that is you guys the bit squad i love you guys so much huddle don't get scared that's all i got be blessed big boy out

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