URGENT! Mark Cuban Bought This Altcoin! I’m Also Buying!!

Hey yo, what’s going on with my favorite
people, the army of subscribers and followers. It’s my first time back in the Studio & I’m
more than excited to be back home, able to do the type of research I was born to do. So the question I have for you at home, are
you ready to be reborn with our crypto content? If so… crawl towards the light, the light
of blockchain…because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! Well, let’s begin this episode off with
Bitcoin as it’s been a few days since I analyzed the price.

November was supposed to provide fireworks
for BTC, but halfway through the month…those fireworks are still to come. As we can see, BTC started November at basically
$60k…we pumped up to a max price of 68.5k by November 10th, but after that we deflated
down, and as of yesterday we were sitting at 64.5k. Only 4.5k added onto the price from the beginning
of the month to the middle of the month. If that was the case for the next half of
the month too, we would end November at only around $69k…a good number, but nowhere near
the infamous prediction by Plan B of 98k. Many people are giving up hope, but not Mr.
B….he tweeted yesterday “$98K November and $135K December prediction still in play”
with a picture of his s2f model. Now why would he say this besides wanting
to be correct once again? Well there is more to the story…checking
out the S2F model, whenever the model turns RED aka distance from the former All time
high is close, BTC goes on a run.

Anytime in the past when the model turns red,
there are many more months that are red, with the price being higher than the last dot aka
RED. This was the case mid 2020 into the beginning
of 2021…this was the case throughout 2017, same goes with 2013, and even into the end
of 2010 and into 2011. Sooo, if the next DOT isn’t RED, that would
be the first time in Bitcoin’s history that something like that happened in the s2f model…and
you guys know what I always say…the more things change, the more they stay the same… Sooo, how are these fireworks going to pop
off?? Well as of yesterday the 14th we were at 64.5k,
which means there are 16 days left in November and we need to move by 33.5k to get to Plan
B’s 98k prediction.

That means the price needs to move by about
$2100 dollars per day… So the price better be 66.6k by the time this
video drops, or else we are not on track. But the price isn’t going to move by the
average it needs to move each day..that would be cool if it did, but very unlikely. What's more likely in my opinion, there are
going to be certain days, where the price explodes, gaining 5k in just a single candle
and possibly 10k in a single day…. And I have a feeling those are coming towards
the end of this week and into next week…why? Well the market manipulators, aka where leverage
rules…wants Plan B’s model to look like it will be fully invalidated, thus shorters
will start stacking the shorts & then….PUMP baby pump…liquidating all those bears…It’s
a short squeeze in the making… So, in our opinion, this week is going to
be calm, the calm before the storm…and then next week we will go balls out bitcoin ballistic,
putting us back on track for Plan B’s prediction. But even when things are calm with Bitcoin,
there are altcoin opportunities out there and for the rest of the episode today, we
are going to show you the best ones in the space… Beginning with Rocketpool!! Last week, November 8th…Rocketpool finally
went live, and it filled up quickly.

They tweeted “We are live!! In just two hours, 94 nodes across 28 time-zones
have registered. Our stage 1 target of 15 minipools has been
hit. Stage 2 kicks off 10 Nov 00:00 UTC. A big thank you to our community! Looking forward to welcoming you all to decentralised
Ethereum pool staking… And then…Stage 2, on November 10th filled
up even quicker. The team tweeted “Wow! Minipool slots in stage two of the Rocket
Pool launch maxed out in less than a minute! For those who missed out, stage 3 will kick
off on 15 Nov 00:00 UTC. The rETH deposit pool limit has increased
so liquid staking is available… for now.” So why are the minipool slots filling up so
quickly? Why are people apeing into rocketpool with
such fury? Well it has to do with the RPL rewards, for
running a node. As we can see from their website, for running
an RPL node you not only earn higher ETH staking rewards…but you also get RPL rewards. And it’s going to be a big bonus for early
adopters. There was a great post on the eth finance
subreddit detailing these rewards.

The poster said “Now that Rocket Pool has
survived launch day and all appears to be going well, let's look forward to what's come
at the first reward period on November 25th. Each year 5% of the token supply is distributed
into 28 day long rewards periods of 69.2k RPL (70% goes to nodes,). That first reward period promises to be the
juiciest Rocket Pool will ever have as the 69.2k RPL will be split among the fewest network
participants” And then they show an example of a node, with
some RPL staked against it…and say “Currently, with only 15 live staking mini pools (limit
of phase 1, pools from phase 2 have not yet gone fully live), the total effective stake
is 23.3k RPL. Thus, because the node has an effective stake
of 1969, this node is entitled to 8.46% of the next reward period. In other words, a cool ~4k RPL or about 200k
USD. Although they then say…Do not expect to
see anyone get close to a 4k RPL reward come the 25th.

Many more nodes will come online as they should
when they see what incredible returns are being presented. So how much return as more nodes come online? Well a jvdizzle down in the comments explains. He said “Phase 4 is open registration. I'm expecting there to be ~1000 nodes this
first rewards period. Even then, that means ~69 RPL on average per
node. At current prices that's still $3,500” Not a bad little bonus, and Chico Crypto is
going to get a node setup soon…I’m definitely making it for the first reward period. Are you? Would you guys like a breakdown of how to
do it? Let me know in the comments, and I just might
make a tutorial vid… Nice little tidbit of Rocketpool alpha, and
I have some more of that coming up soon, but first it’s time for a sponsored segment
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in their Discord or Telegram to get any questions answered. All those links are below… Now back to that Altcoin alpha I was talking
about… and I have to thank one of the Chico Army members, and contributor to blockchain
leaks for this Alpha…but Mark Cuban is going into another cryptocurrency.

We all know, I’ve been tracking his known
wallet, covering it on many occasions in many videos. This is his ethereum address, and it ends
in ACC. If we go to erc20 transactions in his wallet,
we can see his most recent transactions. He sent 10,000 USDC and in return received
over 2 million balancer KRL…what the heck is Balancer KRL or bkrl? Well KRL stands for Kart Racing League…an
NFT based Kart Racing game, which is headed by Blue Monster Gaming…and as we can see
from this Tweet from Kart Racing Lequge, they said “Thanks for the follow @mcuban”….Let
us know if you’d like to race sometime” yes Mark Cuban even followed them…which
we can confirm by going to followers, and then filtering by followers I know, and yes
of course Mark Cuban is there…he is interested, he is buying… But he didn’t buy KRL tokens, he bought
bkrl, or balancer KRL…what does that mean?? Well going to their website, and clicking
on KRL token, it takes you to the token homepage, where there is a button to buy KRL…clicking
into that it takes you to a copper fair launch…which as we can see only had 19 hours left as of
yesterday…yes unfortunately by the time this video comes out, this fair launch will
be over….but I did give a hint on twitter about it, for those who follow me….so give
me a follow…but as we can see this fair launch followed the bonding curve correctly,
going down over time, and not pumping like mad out the gate like FACTR did…this one
looks like a REAL good one to me… Well viewers, getting that early Alpha is
what it's all about.

Research, connecting the dots, and looking
for information where the other’s don’t dare to go. So keep daring me and I’ll keep going deeper. Cheers! I'll see you next time!.

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