URGENT!!! Hedera Hashgraph 2021 | NEW TOKEN NETWORK

Over the past 24 hours, the hedera hashgraph has gone from 6 cents to nearly 10 A cents, and that's a crazy increase, so today we're going to cover why I think this is a crazy increase Happened if you look at their website or search for them the hedera news has already started A hypothetical hackathon event that started yesterday and the whole idea is for the participants to do so From all over the world building their new token service applications they want People from all over the world are mainly contributing to this and providing the best possible application Rewards will be given to participants who have built really good apps Reaches 35,000 hash and true fast strips I would be grateful if you all pressed the like button and the button Subscribe to not miss any of my upcoming videos so it's very interesting to see But on google trends if you search for the hashtag, you'll see that last year he was in A trend basically ranges from 50 all the way to zero but in the past couple the number of days has gone up To nearly a hundred days and interest in the hydira was just as high as it was only a year ago, So it's really high at the moment and what happened a year ago exactly at that time is up From two years to about six cents so the price has tripled and I think that's exactly what We see it now, so it went from 4 cents to about 10 11 cents, so the price almost tripled again.

And I think it's all about this event and that's what pushed it up because you are If you look at other cryptocurrencies in this market, they are all declining in bitcoin, either any other symbol It's almost gone down in the past 24 hours, but that symbol has gone up and I think it is Because of this event a lot of additional media coverage people discover, and if It was doing well when other cryptocurrencies are bad, so that also adds to that momentum because People see this as a safer investment, so people will jump into it at other marital events Coming in January on January 26th, the City Community Council will be a part of Bitcoin mega conference on January 28th and 29th, so some of the biggest entities in the world In crypto space from cardano to bitcoin to ether to monero, they'll all be there and talk, So it's really interesting to see that hedera is also there giving them More credibility then on February 5th, 2021, so only one week in existence Another conference is being hosted this time by ether um and it's in Denver and it's kind of the same Once again for a group of crypto enthusiasts and the world's biggest projects to come together And it's just a networking event and again it's really cool see hedera as a part of it, And I think all of these events would also add to the hedera's price if they could market it in some way Effective, what do you think the hedera price will go for, tell me In the comment section below it is really e xciting so I made a couple of videos about hedera And the technology behind the hashtag, please feel free to check it out, I'll leave the link at The screen is now but you guys it's a very interesting technology, I really recommend you to have a More knowledge on this hashtag technology as it can replace blockchain technology And if that happens, this is a very good investment so it's just something to keep in mind If you like this video again, please like and share so that more people can see this video And pressing the subscribe button, everything helps guys, thank you and have a nice day

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