hey everybody it's Alen let's do our daily 
update on the dogecoin now if you like this   hit that like button i really appreciate it 
and it helps the channel out a lot also let's   cover my top five stock picks for monday these 
are fantastic stocks they're still down by 50   or more and by november or december they're gonna 
double maybe even triple and i'm actually loading   the boat on them also let's talk about top 
five alt coins yes if you want to get into   cryptocurrency aside from doge coin let's go 
over top five cryptos that you should pick up   if you have some extra side money also let's 
talk about scammers please be very careful   if you go into my comment section there's scammers 
with my name and profile i don't have whatsapp i   don't have financial advisors and i will never ask 
you for money you guys know that on this channel   i'll give our free xboxes free playstation 5's 
free t-shirt and coins and i never ask anybody   for money i take all my youtube money i put it 
into those consoles and i give them out so i can   help you guys get those consoles there nowhere to 
be found hopefully in the very near future we get   the consoles in stores but what's going on right 
now is tesla and all these other evs are using the   exact same chips as the playstation 5 and as the 
xbox series x and that's why we can't get those   consoles anywhere and that's why the shortages on 
evs is also happening so hopefully amd ramps up   production and gets these chips out all right 
let's also talk about Corinna Kopf yes she's   getting a dogecoin tattoo in fact she already 
got it so let's take a look at that tattoo and   hopefully this helps get doshko and more into the 
mainstream and more people start buying into it   all right let's also talk about safe moon is safe 
moon better than doge coin and should you invest   some money into it and then let's talk about 
robin hood yes robin hood is adding more cryptos   to it which is fantastic so we're gonna have 
more coins and more selections and that's good   news for all of us they're not forced to 
go to binance and other platforms to buy   coins they're not on robin hood now those of you 
that are not subscribed to my channel consider   subscribing down below i do daily updates on the 
dogecoin on all my cryptocurrencies and all my   stocks that way if you're subscribed to my channel 
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certain stocks or it's time to buy into certain   stocks also if you don't have weibo go into my 
description download Webull they give you two   free stocks valued up to eighteen hundred fifty 
dollars that way if robinhood is blocking you   from buying amc or gamestop or any other stock 
you can go on webull and buy anything you want   and they're open in the pre-market and post 
market hours which is more buying opportunities   also if you need help with your portfolio 
if you're down if you're in the negative   and you want to talk to me go in the description 
go on patreon pick any of the tiers and you can   talk to me via discord we can figure out how to 
get your portfolio to double or even triple by   the end of the year all right let's get 
into dosh going and my top five stocks   all right let's take a look at the price of 
dogecoin and at five point four two cents   it resisted the entire crash and it's 
holding up pretty well i'm impressed   so my stocks are down by fifty or sixty 
percent and dogecoin is holding strong   i'm not even down actually my average is somewhere 
around 5.4 cents so fantastic bitcoin is down from   62 000 actually more than that to 54 000. 
it's had a small recovery not a whole lot   the theorem is at 1677.

It hasn't really recovered 
from that 2 000 plus price that it broke through   now those of you that don't know i give out 
free t-shirts free bitcoins and free consoles   today i'm giving out free bitcoins 
they're only worth about ten dollars   not fifty thousand dollars so if you're interested 
in our free bitcoin just leave a comment down   below right hashtag bitcoin and i will send you 
that coin out i'll pick about five people today   and then that free xbox here's x giveaway is on 
the 30th so in about three days all right ripple   is down 1.42 that's a good buying opportunity 
and cardano is sitting at negative 4.3 percent   all right so let's go through the five 
best all coins to get into right now   if you guys are interested expanding your 
crypto portfolio so ethereum is number one   and that's because we can actually see a huge 
upside where ethereum could 10x from where it's at   to somewhere around 15 000 where it's going to 
be hard for bitcoin to 10x as fast as ethereum   chain link and their ticker is l i n k that's our 
second one our third one is uni swap ticker u n i   then where's stellar lumens xlm and the fifth one 
is aave maybe look into those and consider adding   some money to them just to expand your portfolio 
all right so video game streamer Corinna Kopf   gets a doze going tattoo on her backside 
this is fantastic we're getting more people   involved in those going more publicity and just 
remember no publicity is bad publicity even if   it ends up on your rear end so let's take a 
look at that tattoo so what does she tweet   so there's 50 000 retweets and if she 
gets them she said she'll get the dogecoin   tattoo on her you know what and let's take a look 
at what it looks like so there it is right there   it says doge it looks nice i like it and this 
is the before picture with no tattoo and this   is the after picture with the tattoo so let's zoom 
in a little bit on it just to take a closer look   and there it is says doge so fantastic this is 
going to get more people to buy dogecoin and   it's going to help drive up that market cap 
all right so Corinna Kopf is single for now   for those of you that are interested i am not 
all right so is safe moon better than dogecoin   i wonder what elon musk thinks the cryptocurrency 
world has seen the entry of many cryptocurrencies   and it has boomed in its popularity among 
ordinary as well as extraordinary people   safe moon and dogecoin are two new additions to 
the cryptocurrency market safewood was officially   launched just a month ago on march 8th and is 
now a new project on the other hand dogecoin   was introduced in 2013 and is a meme statement 
was introduced just after the inspiration from   dogecoin which has come to the news from a few 
favorable tweets from the tesla ceo elon musk   so that's just another uh opportunity for you 
throw some money in there and see where it goes   just think about it this way let's say you 
bought a hundred dollars worth of bitcoin   when it first launched and for a very short 
period of time it's somewhere around two dollars   you could have had 50 bitcoins so if we take 50 
bitcoins and we multiply by its all-time high   of 62 000 you know you'd be sitting on three 
million one hundred thousand dollars just off   of your initial investment of a hundred bucks so 
when you cryptos come out if you're just throwing   a hundred bucks and just let it sit you never 
know where that could end up in five or ten years   you could easily be a millionaire off of a 
hundred bucks so when a new cryptocurrency   comes out i always try to throw in a little 
bit at it twenty dollars a hundred dollars   because the potential is there to make a lot of 
money eventually so robin hood says it's looking   to expand its crypto department which is fantastic 
if we get more cryptocurrencies on it then i will   actually probably start using robin more and more 
all right let's just take a really quick look at   my portfolio that way you guys can take a look 
at it this is what i'm trying to do with it i'm   going to quadruple it from here we started 
on january 1st with ten thousand dollars we   doubled that when bitcoin because we just bought 
bitcoin with it we doubled that from twenty eight   thousand dollars or twenty nine thousand that we 
started and we sold it off at fifty eight thousand   doubled it to twenty thousand bought some dogecoin 
on the dips we sold it and then we bought um all   of these stocks gonna go through right now with 
it and now we're gonna quadruple it from there so   we're gonna actually attempt to 10x this from 
january 1st to december 31st let's see if we   can do it we're not doing bad right now because 
we're almost at tripling it all right so our first   stock here is tesla we have 12 shares of tesla 
right now tesla's is 621.

Let's take a look   we got it in at 665. so we're now arc 
innovation ark we have 155 shares at 124   all right we have nio we bought nio at 
42 we're sitting on a 140 shares of nio   we're aware of forest road acquisition we average 
costed 1080 to 240 shares of it all right x bank   we're sitting on 50 shares of x bank average 
cost of 30.97 all right our next one is palantir   technologies and very bullish on this company 
we're sitting on one shares average cost of 24.43   lemonade all right let's take a look here 
we have 35 shares of lemonade at 99.11 cents   square we're sitting on 15 shares of 
square average cost of 226 teledoc   all right we have average cost of 184 dollars 
on teledoc on 16 shares bio nano genomics   we bought 40 shares of bio nano 
and we are sitting on 778 per share   charge point i just got into this this is our new 
addition with 30 shares of charge point average   cost of 2062 golden nugget online gaming 13.78 
our average cost is 14.31 and we have 60 shares   of it and that's our last stock all right let's 
go through our top five stock picks for today   all right since sonic's is so cheap right 
now and it was at 5 56 right now it said   half off a fantastic buying opportunity or a 
fantastic opportunity to average down your costs   and this is an amazing company 
they're going to revolutionize   how diabetics deal with diabetes and right now 
we have over 500 million diabetics worldwide   so a great time to actually look into senseonics 
palantir is using ai to revolutionize how   companies work and it's going to help them stop 
losing money they use artificial intelligence   to figure out every possibility and then they let 
that company know what the best way to run their   business all right our third stock is nio sitting 
at 36 dollars we're basically half off right now   this is a must buy if you don't have any shares 
of nio if you bought it at 42.43 or higher now   is a good chance to either buy it or average down 
your cost all right lemonade at 87 is basically 55   60 percent off an absolute must buy this is 
a fantastic insurance company that's going   to do very very well at the end of this year 
now baba is basically the amazon of the world   i don't know why they're actually down so low 
they're down to 227 from 319 they're doing very   very well they're expanding they're shipping to 
the entire planet and now is a great buy to add   it's just a great opportunity to add some shares 
of alibaba now if your portfolio is down and need   some help or you want to just join my group or 
support me go to the description click on patreon   and join any of the tiers if you download 
that discord application to your cell phone   i can go through your portfolio take a look at it 
we can figure out what stocks to sell off or what   stocks to buy in and get a good portfolio so you 
can double or even triple your money by the end   of the year all right i will see you guys in the 
next video i will talk to you on discord take care foreign

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