hey everybody it's Alen let's do a daily 
update on the dogecoin now if you like this   hit that like button i really 
appreciate it and host the channel a lot   also at the end of the video we're gonna 
go over my top five stock picks for today   these are fantastic stocks to get into and 
some of them are down by over 50 percent   also let's talk about scammers please be 
very careful in my comment section down below   their profiles with my name and picture that are 
claiming to be my financial advisors i don't have   financial advisors and i don't have whatsapp so if 
you see whatsapp phone numbers those are all fake   all right let's talk about dogecoin price 
predictions and why i think dogecoin can easily go   well above 40 cents by the end of the year that 
would mean we would eight extra money or more   sitting around five cents right now if you 
put somewhere around a thousand dollars in   you'd be sitting on eight thousand dollars or more 
by the end of the year which is fantastic so let's   go over the dogecoin chart why i think right 
now we're somewhere around that breakout point   where we're gonna shoot up from 5 cents to 10 
cents and then there's no stopping it also let's   talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 
and what i see for the future of it   and if you guys are not subscribed to my channel 
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can figure out what stocks to sell what stocks to   buy and the only thing you have to do is download 
the discord application to your iphone or to your   android phone all right let's get into dogecoin 
price predictions and those five stacks for today   all right everybody let's take a look at the price 
of dogecoin so right now we're sitting at 5.29   which doesn't sound impressive but it's actually 
super impressive so let's go back the last 24   hours and we're actually up from a low of 4.97 
to 5.29 if we go back a week the entire market   including dogecoin has actually gone down a bit 
so we're somewhere in the highs of 5.9 cents   even peaked once at 6.2 so we actually didn't 
go down a whole lot only seven percent while   there's quite a few stocks they're down by over 
60 percent so in the last month we're actually up   from 4.8 cents to 5.3 so while the entire market 
is actually crashed by 50 or 60 percent like   lemonade is down i think 60 percent now dogecoin 
is up almost six percent which is pretty amazing   now if we go back to the whole year we're actually 
in a thousandth of a penny territory here and up   almost two thousand eight hundred percent which 
is incredible so if we just go and take a look   right here this is where dogecoin really truly 
came at 4.69 cents now this was the reddit run-up   so i don't actually count that as the actual 
dogecoin price then it went from that to 4.9 cents   and right now we can see that there's actually 
more people buying dogecoin that's selling   because from that five cent mark even with the 
entire market crashing we're still up from that so   our next breakout point is going to be 
10 cents and i expect that in the next   two to three weeks because market corrections 
last about six weeks and we're now almost five   weeks into this correction we're actually four 
and a half weeks into it so let's take a look   at bitcoin we're sitting at fifty three thousand 
three hundred ethereum is at sixteen forty ripple   is up eleven percent so this was that fantastic 
buying opportunity yesterday and cardano is up 11 now those of you that don't know i give 
out free t-shirts and free bitcoins   just leave a comment down below write hashtag 
bitcoin and i'll pick five people today and i'll   give you out that free bitcoin okay those of 
you that don't know i'm giving out a free xbox   serious x on march 30th just show up watch the 
video that i upload and then go in the comments   section and just write hashtag xbox series x and 
i will pick one or two people depending on how   many i have an xbox right now one is supposed to 
get here by the 30th so i should have two of them   so i'll pick two people for those two xbox series 
x all right let's go through my youtube portfolio   i'm trying to actually quadruple this by december 
31st so right now we're seeing around 25 000   and when i try and get this to a hundred 
thousand dollars so if you're interested   in quadrupling it make sure you subscribe and 
you follow along and you can actually mimic my   portfolio you can pick the stocks i pick and if 
you have that bell notification icon turned on   after you subscribe you'll be able to 
get alerts of what i bought and what i   sold as well so let's take a look here 
so we're sitting on 12 shares of tesla   and let's take a look at my average price 
we're now at 617 my average cost is 665 dollars   okay let's take a look at our next one so we 
have arc innovation ark can this etf i am at 124   and so i'm losing about 1800 on it not too 
concerned at all this is a fantastic etf an etf   is exchange traded fund so it's just like a mutual 
fund except an etf can be actually day traded all   right our next one is going to be nio sitting at 
34.90 let's see what my average cost is 42.70 it   seems high but i'm projecting them to be somewhere 
around 75 to 95 dollars by the end of the year   so we're done a thousand dollars no big deal 
all right forest road acquisition we're at   10 22 let's take a look at my average cost here 
average cost is 10.82 so i'm down about 144   and i'm just being fully transparent with 
everybody that watches my videos and that   subscribe to the channel i want you to know 
everybody's portfolio should be done right   now and that's okay we're in this slight market 
correction and we're going to get out of it so   don't worry just hold on strong and we'll get 
through it so x bank is at 32 right now in 38   cents my average cost is 30.97 so we're up about 
70 dollars all right palantir technologies is at   22.56 our average cost is 24.33 we're seeing 
140 shares and we're down about 247 dollars   all right lemonade is at 85.51 and this is an 
absolutely must buy price fantastic buying price   my average cost for lemonade 
is 99.11 it's a little bit high   but considering that this was almost double 
i believe it was somewhere in 180 190   at its 52 week high that's still cheap 
at 99.11 and 85.46 right now that's an   absolute buying opportunity for those of 
you that have some money on the sidelines   and those of you that are in my patreon and they 
follow along i will send you messages and let you   know how i keep my portfolio and i always keep my 
portfolio somewhere around 30 cash and why do i do   30 cash well when things like this happen we have 
corrections crashes you want to have some cash   on the sidelines so you can actually buy in and 
average down your costs and also if you need any   kind of money it's always easy to pull out of your 
brokerage and pay off any other bills you have   so having a little bit of cash on the side is 
fantastic all right our next one's going to be   square at 210 dollars and 55 cents my average cost 
is 226.

So we're down about 240 dollars another   negative which is fine teledoc health a fantastic 
buying opportunity at 175 also another must buy   my average cost is 184 and we're down 140 not a 
big deal bio nano genomics at 772 another must buy   my average cost is 7.78 so i'm only down about two 
dollars so i bought in pretty low which is good   charge point twenty dollars and sixty five 
cents i bought in at twenty dollars and   sixty two cents said thirty shares of it so 
i'm up about thirteen dollars okay not bad   golden nugget online gaming they just blew it 
out of the water they did really really well   and for some reason because of this market 
correction people panic selling there's a lot   of people that have stopped losses that just went 
off and the market went down another five to ten   percent so my average cost is 14.31 i'm done 
33 but those of you right now is the time to   actually buy into golden nugget very very uh very 
cheap right now so all right let's get back into   dogecoin alright so let's take a look at these 
crypto currencies just by their market cap and   bitcoin is leading the pack at almost a trillion 
dollars that's pretty amazing we have dogecoin   18th spot which is fantastic we're slowly actually 
moving up every single week now what i really want   to talk about is that you can see over here the 
last seven days the percent change basically   every single thing is down except two cryptos now 
if we take a look ripple is up by 17 and that's   why i told you that you should hold on to your 
ripple and not exchange it for dogecoin because   that's what most brokerages were doing it when it 
got de-listed and this is what really shocked me 41.56 percent up in theta which is unbelievable 
and their market cap is now 12 billion so maybe   look into theta this might be a great buying 
opportunity because it might double in price   soon and at six 41.56 up in the middle of a 
market crash that actually ended up being a   market correction for some stock but market crash 
for sure for ev and tech stocks data is definitely   something you should look into and it's sitting at 
the number nine spot as well at 12 billion dollars   so consider buying some theta so government 
seeks disclosure of crypto transaction holdings   i think this is a good thing for us ultimately 
because once the government's gets involved   actually we have support from the government 
all these cryptocurrencies gonna become more   and more accepted and then the value the market 
cap and more people will actually buy into them   so bitcoin sell-off takes a bite out 
of cryptos currency's biggest fund   so yeah grayscale bitcoin actually took a big 
hit because bitcoin crashed from 62 000 to 50   000 and not slowly making its way back up but 
we're going to talk about grayscale bitcoin at the   end of this video and why i think it's actually a 
great time to buy into it right now all right so   pay safe skrill expands crypto offerings to united 
states with coinbase american expansion allows   digital wallet customers in majority of the states 
to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through coinbase   power solutions which is fantastic and the next 
movie is going to be to accept doge coin and   once coinbase and dogecoin combined we're going to 
see that huge push with dosh going to 10 cents 20   cents and then 40 cents by the end of the year 
and that's my price prediction for dogecoin 40   cents by the end of 2021 which will give us a 8x 
return and a lot of money for christmas shopping   all right so how to send bitcoin from coinbase to 
another five to another wallet in five easy steps   i had a quite a few of you asked me i'm gonna 
go through this this actually applies to   most cryptocurrencies just in case you wanted 
to know so the first thing you're gonna do is   register or sign up with coinbase they're gonna 
locate your btc wallet address that you want to   send to and then copy that address then you go 
to coinbase account and find your btc wallet   and paste that address and then you're going 
to send and confirm that bitcoin transaction   make sure you actually confirm it that's very 
very important and then you have to verify   that 2f authentication and that's it it's very 
very simple those you actually wanted to know   all right and one of the reasons you would want to 
know is because coinbase fees are just ridiculous   they charge a lot and you may want to move your 
money to a cheaper brokerage or and maybe just a   better wallet in terms of just safety i think 
coinbase is the safest and the most secure   but their fees are so high that i try to stay away 
from them so 10 best bitcoin apps in case you are   curious let's go to just the top three or four so 
coinbase is going to be their safest and best one   i just don't like their fees like i said earlier 
crypto tracker is the second best one bitcoin   ticker widget is going to be your third and then 
bitcoin wallet is your fourth if you actually   want to know all top ten of them you can just go 
to appgrooves.com all right let's get into our   very first stock this is a stock that's going to 
somewhere 75 to 95 dollars by the end of the year   more than double your money with neo supported by 
the chinese government they're gonna make sure nio   succeeds and now that it's down eight percent on 
top of it already being down another ten percent   a fantastic buying opportunity 
with a 52 week high of 67 dollars   you're now approaching that 60 off mark all 
right bngr is our second stock pick of the day   we're down from almost 16 yes to 7.82 we're now 
heading again 55 to 60 off from b joe's highs   half off how many times can you say i 
bought a stack a stock 50 to 60 percent   off from its 52 week high and this isn't the 
actual true potential of bio nano genomics   they're going to well over 30 dollars by the 
end of the year so you can quadruple your money   in the next 12 months all right g nog did really 
really well they blew all their earnings away they   just surprised everyone how well they did and the 
stock crashed it doesn't make sense people panic   sold off they saw they saw that the market was 
slowly crashing corrections were happening the   sector shift happened and people don't realize 
these sector shifts are normal they happen every   single year the last 13 years i've been investing 
i've seen them basically happen somewhere around   mid-march and they're gone by may or june and 
this just gives us a great buying opportunity   you're looking at 27-18 for our 52-week high 
so you're if you double 13 you know you're 26   so you're well over 50 off with golden nugget 
gaming on a company that blew their earnings   away and did really really well so absolute 
buy all right our fourth stock is going to   be lemonade we're down from 188 dollars to 85 so 
let's just take a look if we take 85 dollars and   forty five cents we double that we're sitting on 
a hundred seventy dollars right from a 52 week   high of 188 dollars so we're somewhere around 
55 60 percent off again in this one i added i'm   gonna add more shares actually today i'm gonna 
see if they go down a little bit more and then   add at least a couple hundred dollars more into 
lemonade all right now because bitcoin went down   and even though we said that when stocks crash 
cryptos will do well well this wasn't the case   with bitcoin when people started selling off 
they sold off everything they sold off their   stocks mutual funds etfs they sold off all their 
cryptos bitcoin crashed and so grayscale bitcoin   trust also went down we went from down from 
this 52-week high of 58 to 45 so another good   good buying opportunity especially if you look at 
bitcoin you know we're now up almost six percent   by the end of the day already so it's bouncing 
back so this is a fantastic buying opportunity and   in fact if you don't want to get into grayscale 
bitcoin alone arc invest actually has an etf that   has grayscale bitcoin in it and that's another way 
to actually get into uh gbtc if you're interested   all right thank you for watching if your portfolio 
is down you're losing money you need any help   going to my description click on patreon and then 
download that discord and patreon application to   your cell phone either your android phone or your 
iphone and then you and me can talk on discord   figure out what's happening with your portfolio 
what stocks you should sell off what stocks you   should buy and how we can get that portfolio 
to double or even triple by the end of the year   all right thank you for watching i will see in 
the next video or i'll talk to you on discord

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