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. Explained cryptocurrency breakdown let's get into it. That day, guys, we're going to go through all the details It is the reason we believe we are in the middle of the bullish road In fact, we are not witnessing a bear market yet as we are seeing In all these details. If you find this helpful, go ahead Hit the like info button, we're both doing it Appreciated. And of course, if you are new to The channel and want to stay informed with great fear All the new cryptocurrencies we do here Hidden Gems, Technical Analysis and News, So Why No. Subscribed by subscription will remain Yet with all of that. it's free. You will be well informed So why isn't it right? Chris nonetheless said and did.

Is there a Anything that you would like to add at this point before entering in All the details of what happens here are in correct cryptography The space. Well, you know, I personally know. I can imagine that And what are the comments I'm gonna do that and I'm just gonna hit it Away from bats. you know. I think this video will It's aging well and I'm looking forward. you may know. I do not know Sniffing some of those comments because you know that Really guesswork, Nick. It's a situation that you know, think about I'll be hearing this from various YouTubers The toucher of all this kind of thing is writing down what he says People now, because I am To enjoy two months from now. Absolutely you guys. Watch this The entire video before pausing the video Leave a comment because you might be looking. There is a thing or two Also, if you think we are in the naked market Pay close attention as this will be rewarded Interesting, let's get into it.

Guys, this is fear And greedy indicator. I showed this several times today. I We won't talk much about it, but at the end This is the very story that we are told Current time by the same people who also broke the market. Okay. So while we're reviewing this video, just keep that in mind Extreme fear that exists in the market now We are told that it may not actually be there All we go through this and hopefully this will be Clearly to all of you now. There is a lot of fear in market. Many of them were going to be.

Actual leverage is You could have been liquidated and not the people actually selling Intentionally, but because we only use A force I never say is a wise idea. Never try to use To burn yourself out and make sure you can just put yourself in the know They invest what you can afford to lose. I am not financially Generalized fear and greed. This is just general logic. In the end Leverage, don't you know how to multiply your earnings, but it is It also doubles your losses. So in this regard, you know For many people. Filtered until complete Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in freefall Average. So it ultimately takes advantage of the abuse. Put encryption on To a hardware wallet or sort, make sure you own it Don't leave your private keys on something like Toro or Swap or something like that, Robin Hood or something like that that.

Avoid leverage, don't overload your energy and that Totally okay now in terms of fear here, that is Fear indicator for all cryptocurrencies. It's different things I mean, take it into account. Certainly all of them Cryptocurrencies, some of which have performed better Index of fear and greed more than others, but this space . So it is an average indicator of fear and greed. right Now Use something like the platform you fall into The essence of dealing with individual cryptocurrencies. you can find Pockets of fear located directly inside Bitcoin Ethereum. But then, there are all currencies that Don't actually be a scary card.

Dino is a good example of . So it is important to be sure that you are paying Not only former rookie. Adviser The pointer, but also those tokens, fear of coins and greed Index Now the other thing yes, we get yes. I was just going to To say it and on the fear side of things properly like this Narration and you know if we went back the last few years Weeks, people have been as if I wish they were cheaper, so I will be And fear can build up better, you know and I think I mentioned This is on a previous stream that you know very well what you were Desire it because we have now got the actual number of you Accumulate like you, you wish.

You have An opportunity to do the basics of these projects did not change. You know, in my opinion, this is only the market Middle manipulation you know for me. I see it as an opportunity. I was in the market today. You know buy some Others, and you know I'm very happy. you know. lhave In the same position as everyone else, And you know 60% plus wiped from wallet, but I have it Mention this on many occasions correctly, Nick And me.

We are long-term investors. We're into cryptography We see where the vision is going. We have talked about And about this. You know way back before we start seeing Preferred shares. We've mentioned it months before that Start pays off, you know, we've seen the token feature again Something we talked about months before it happened. You know that To me, yes, it's a story. The basics of these elements have been introduced The projects have not changed, and this is an opportunity in that Beg him properly, and now we've got how a lot of people.

As you know, do let me know in the comments below Take this opportunity. Obviously not Expand yourself too much and invest only what you desire They lose and all that kind of jazz, right? OK. Nice. Let's go back to this as this Bitcoin dominance is clearly fine and we talked about that, Several times a day too, but eventually he gave up Has a dominance level of 39%. OK. So, bitcoin was here at The 1960s high came immediately down. To thirty-nine and then took From there now, what would that look like men? From The looks are just like the Bull Racing 2017 2018 this time we are It actually decreased to 37% and wore out here all the way I got back to the 51% level here before there was an average correction, Back to 67%.

OK. So during the 2017 and 2018 bullish round Bitcoin's dominance fell last year to 37%. Then he climbed to 67% ahead of altcoins. It actually went to Paragraph and hit Peaks and it is clear that the dominance of Bitcoin at that point leads to a decline And back to 32%. So what we see now, guys Exactly what happened earlier is of interest And run, Bitcoin's dominant drop to 39 this So two percentage points difference from 2017-2018, Looks like it's going up. We'll get Small time correction at fifty-one or 52%, and then What we'll likely get to those 60% levels again.

And then as soon as this happens, it will slide back down as an alternative Coins go for tops, too. So we will see a 30% retracement of Bitcoin Hegemony in the future. OK. So far, that's exactly that I'll talk to earlier when it comes to Bitcoin dominance, Now, why is all this important so well? This is one Which we have not shown yet. This is a stock-to-flow model This shows us where we are in relation to the ball. So this is just Bitcoin at this point here This shows us the previous courses as it.

Okay , Now with the stop-flow model, we can see several Generalized. We have a line that goes through And here, which is what the trend pattern indicates here Bitcoin and bullish speculators themselves. We can also see When we have bullish highs, we are actually higher than We streaked heavily, and it's usually up here Part properly fixed, so in running 2017 2018, in fact, we got all The way up here, and we were actually following that line nicely. And of course we are. The correction was not a very different time, To what we've seen this time too and that has come Here in July 2017, all right. So we're gushing Follow this arrangement and we're really good at Then we had this correction. It was a big correction, Not quite as deep as the one we've seen recently, but I guess Because we were on an accelerated path to 2021 with And institutions are kind of manipulating things, too. So Much now we saw this gameplay model in 2017.

Make a correction here and then we moved on to setting. Peak in All-time Bitcoin Highest Now, now we are Consider following an arrow-to-flow model. We can see The same correction will happen, and we likely will proceed Actually crossed that line here to culminate again Over $ 100,000 Bitcoin now, that's not something I was We thought it was really possible. I was kinda edging Towards the 80th Kelvin, earlier or later. The beginning of this year. But in reality now I am more in tune We'll see him thinking somewhere. Probably Range from 150K to 200K Bitcoin based on the many So far we've seen, obviously, the stock model to flow here, Bitcoin is clearly dominated by some things To you, too, in a few moments, too. Okay , Now, what we're looking for in terms of Bitcoin dominance is Pretty much like 2017. It's completely different from With the 2013 side of things and it is clear that in 2013, what I will show That calls for this but back in 2000. In 2013, It continues to rise and set another all-time high, even though we are to The conversation had been corrected in April all the way to July 2013, well, Lots of people say that is what We are witnessing.

It is one scenario. We can expect that Of correction to happen, but we are not actually like that above, Our lines in any way. So I actually think it is what Like this correction in mid-2017 2018 and on us You probably go up here and go to pick it up probably in 150 to 200K bitcoin. At the end of 2021 or at the end of the year What, so for now, this once again shows us that We are in a bullish cycle and are not in an open market like a lot of People seem to think we are in it. I think those A trap and I'll get into what appears in Moment too. So don't you dare with me. The next thing we want To look at it is clear what was happening with Bitcoin and what Video circulated in April, Wyckoff's correct method and this is seen mainly. What patterns have actually been formed here for Bitcoin And here you can see this guy recommends checking out Channel. He's been blown up since he did this video here The foundation was able to reflect the beginning of 2022 species Wyckoff Distribution, Event and You, in the End, You See how it collapsed now.

What this means is that Bitcoin is in , I followed this pattern and completed the stage D or is in the process of completing stage D and. The end, what this means is that there is now The bitcoin accumulation phase is moving up, but there is too A jolt trying to happen here to help. I am just Crypto space helps but ultimately get rid of all of those in Weakened there and finally restored the strength In the hands of people who manipulate space. Now, there are quite a few people who Unfortunately they are manipulating things here and here is such an example. So This one right here shows us that you know there are whales that have them The search is going on. Bitcoin since the price drop to the right There is an issue here.

One of those guys is already selling out. I think it was as if I was going to say that Chris 3000 Bitcoins and he sold it About $ 58,000 and then buy them again when we got Down to $ 330 and $ 1000, okay. So there are a lot of things Here in the background, there is a lot of manipulation to make you The wallets being prepared are loaded with Bitcoin from Price it precisely to drop the price and then assemble it of the right kind And return. Again, there was such a case with one whale A couple already sold 3,000 Bitcoins at 58,000 and then bought 3,000 Bitcoin again when it dropped to thirty.

So you can see Which happens quite easily as there is a lot of manipulation in this space. It starts with this in-place Wyckoff method Incredibly, you can see exactly what happens . It was a written quote from the institutions The manipulators Sid Ali are manipulating the price of Bitcoin You think it happens. Even these gorgeous high days The numbers taking advantage of that pull the price down again Like filter loads from people who line their pockets with more than Bitcoin will then take it to the next level, which is The belief that the level of 15200 kelvin will be correct, so we're looking for a It will push Bitcoin's highest levels of all time to these extreme limits. This is very clear to see when we begin to look at how Bitcoin dominance works how the stock flow model is It works now when we start to see YC.

Here with Bitcoin, get And where does it currently lie in how it is currently sold and everyone can The kind of good things that come along appears to us Very clear picture of where things are looking at The future is now, obviously, with all that being said, so do we On this particular piece here, which shows us Almost where we're on our course. This shows us The first kind of big sale event, and in the end, Little Bear Trap. When we talked about this, Days ago, when we did our video, this was a trap and verified that One but at the end. What we're achieving here is Actually this sounds like a pretty decent trap to take on We are thinking that we are going to a bear market when using Going the other way because most of them are The time men can make money is on the way On the way and you need to be aware of these things.

So We go ahead some here, it looks like we'll be moving out of On the sell stage in the bear trap, which you will then move to With media interest and enthusiasm, we clearly live up to that Cool highs. The denial will begin once we pass And higher and we'll get into the ball trap. After that and after that For matters, it is clear that things will return directly to the level of fear, This is where the excitement for all the people who People aware of what is happening because this We go where your money will be made.

Once you get To this naked market, we are not there yet. but when Man, it will be an exciting time for you guys because once you So in this nude market, you'll be able to Really do some solid research on some great projects related to The real basics that will lead you to the 2025 Ascension Race in . Very very nice bags and if you take a look at that stop them Full flow model again, you can see the 2025 bull run. it's a To be here guys and to follow the methodology here It's cool to be a part of this run so pay attention. When This is the bare market that we were going to tell you that The naked marketplace because we're so excited about that.

We want to be We enter the short market because we want to accumulate Too much for what I think would be one of The most amazing bull running we have ever seen and that is. And it'll be one time in the 2025 ascent race where we're starting to see Adoption is widespread and begins to become a little more than Mature market. This is what we want to For this is the reason Lee and Chris are long term investors for this The present time when we start looking at the arrows to play the model, We see where the thinking is knowing we care We actually now and then take a look at Full space.

Things started to clump together in huge centers Knowing where we are actually sitting within our own area, The true mass cycle and in reality is not tampered with. Via And institutions that are now part of this crypto space, Being aware of all these things, you can kind of be Exactly that you will move on to We will soon go up. Although we saw a lot of items Clear money from our wallets relatively Short period of time, I'm still incredibly hopeful that I have been They can see where things are going in the future and who Here with this. This is all in encryption. This is This crypto space, including Bitcoin, we can see where Accelerated topped and back again. We can see where we are Now that you know at the end do we think this field is here It actually looks a lot more like this area here and what I can do is I can just get my strip patterns and I'll show you What this looks like, so let me just get it from here to here, For example, we capture that and pass it on because this And if you obsessed with this, yeah, come here actually lining up Well with the patterns we're currently seeing So I'm really expecting that we're pretty much correct from here.

It is clear that the timelines are Something a little different, but also this section of this playlist Link to this form. This little drop is right here The part here and this is actually with this here. So it was Now in fact we have this paragraph still spoken. right Now. Time is the most difficult thing to measure. We don't know how For a long time, but ultimately, this is where I can trust We think we're currently on the cycle in terms of trying to define The bear trap will obviously continue.

To me And we probably get those cool heights by the end of the shape At the start of 2022, which comes soon after Than I'll say earlier, because things are The path we've been taking during this run, but right now where We are all looking for well. We are not very worried about Around it. In the end, we can see what happened in the past. It seems to be repeating itself, so we can move on A kind of prediction of what is likely to happen. We also know how These institutions operate in terms of approximately We play with it. Bitcoin with the Wyckoff Method, we also know very well Where we are currently sitting in terms of the current state of the market. To what extent it matches We'll probably go ahead and skip our flu in Big, and in the end, all of these things come together Me is not equal to fear.

That means buying it means that, Nick said To buy this fear is offered for sale from people who are not as Knowing what is going on and finally being able to take action Previous advantages of deals now being offered. Inside the cipher space now Chris I swipe Little things there. If there is anything else you feel it I missed you wanting to add in and let the guys know that Just before we sign this video you know I agree with it To where you know you are on Nick and what you have been Talk about it and be completely honest. It is a flow model The opportunity and I feel that people will sell Out early and they'll feel so sorry, we are Seeing this before and you know we talked about it. we Talk about. The fact that there are big fluctuations in this market. I am not in common with what other people are saying in By space. I think I mentioned this in one By broadcasting live, you know to add fear to That worries more and more people, and you know it is It should be. As far as you know, some of these On YouTube, it says you know smaller information The new, hidden channels, you know, probably aren't kind of equally interesting.

I That this is just trash and I think we care that we care More. You know it's important to be right. we Channels are interested in our channels and you know the question I have to ask, did you know that you have any of these channels You are really accurate in what they say you know And it would be interesting to see where we're headed now Here and what are the people's thoughts then.

Sure, you guys. Hope you found this video helpful . If I had applied then and hit this correction like the button. We both really appreciate that and of course. if it was You are new to the channel, you want to stay on History with those cryptocurrencies Technical analysis and news for gemstones, then subscribe to that Participants. You will stay informed with Everything is completely free. You will stay well informed So why and not with that, he said out of the way, hopefully You guys had a great day and we'll catch up with you all, next one. Yes, take care of yourself..

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