URGENT: Bitcoin Top January (High Probability) Price Target: 300k! Ethereum & Altcoin News

hey welcome back everybody to altcoin daily 
my name is aaron in today's video i'm going   to share with you different charts and metrics 
we're going to drill down on bitcoin and eth   we're going to get specific regarding when will 
the cycle top happen how high could it go i also   want to update you on altcoin news including nem 
i'm going to share with you what's going on with   maker dao we're going to talk about the huge 
milestone that link has just achieved solana   and all our favorite altcoins just like usual if 
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let's get into it my highest probability bitcoin   top remains mid-december to end of january my 
highest probability as in other things could   happen but according to four different metrics 
this remains the highest probability a bitcoin   cycle top mid december to end of january let's go 
through these four one by one historic rvi angle   this is what we're looking at right now this is 
the metric down here and you can take a look at   the 2013 cycle 2017 cycle and this cycle the 2021 
cycle and you can see there's a midpoint where the   historic rvi hit the top in 2013 and 2017 and 
it looks like that's happening in 2021 as well   let's talk about trend-based fibonacci time 
extensions you can see 2013 2017 this cycle   and according to the data again this is pointing 
to a cycle top right at the beginning of 2022   the third metric final impulse steepness this is 
what we're looking at right here as you can see   every single cycle as the bitcoin bull market 
matures the gains start to come a lot faster   near the end and the steepness gets accelerated 
and eventually it tops out and the market turns   and right now the top-up point is again pointing 
into the first month of 2022 the final metric   low to peak lines as in let's take a look at 
a previous cycle we could do the 2017 one but   that was a single peak cycle a lot of people are 
comparing this cycle to the 2013 cycle a double   peak cycle a lot of people are saying 2021 is a 
double peak cycle and if you take a look at 2013   draw a line from the cycle bottom to the cycle 
top you can see that the price actually touches   right near the midpoint it touches the line before 
the eventual cycle top in 2021 we know the cycle   low we have yet to know the cycle top if this 
is a similar midpoint like we saw in 2013 and   we touched this line that would indicate a cycle 
top will happen around the end of january 2022   now it doesn't have to happen like this atop 
well into 2022 the lengthening cycles theory   would have to break all four of these metrics 
definitely possible and i hope they do a longer   cycle a slower grind up would be all around better 
but if these metrics are accurate understand that   in the context of this cycle we are here which 
is equivalent to being here in 2017 which is   equivalent to being here in 2013.

And if these 
four metrics are correct if the cycle top does   happen in december or even getting into the end 
of january 2022 taking a look at all of that plus   just comparing the cycle to 2013 and 2017 in 
general taking a look at the fibonacci levels   understanding that bitcoin is a better version 
of gold and taking a look at what happened to   gold in the 1970s that puts us at a price of 
200 to 300 000 bitcoin looks almost programmed   in do you put stock in this what do you think 
let me know your thoughts in the comments below   but why not right if it doesn't happen december 
or january those prices are going to happen   eventually in my opinion because bitcoin is 
fundamentally strong this is sound money in one   chart bitcoin's issuance gets cut in half every 
four years if supply just stays the same because   of supply and demand price should go up but i tend 
to think that demand is only increasing especially   because this is the first cycle where people truly 
understand that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are   here to stay combine all of this and understand 
that a major bitcoin upgrade is only days   away about a week away this is the first major 
upgrade that bitcoin has had in over four years   bitcoin soft fork days away as tap root upgrade 
closes in what will this do for the network   taproot upgrade aims to improve the network's 
privacy efficiency and smart contract capabilities   this is going to be great for bitcoin and because 
of all this a 200 and 300 000 bitcoin is something   that i think is very possible i'm bullish on 
bitcoin i'm bullish on ethereum i'm bullish on   quality altcoins so let's talk about that ethereum 
and also ethereum interoperators and competitors   are also looking fundamentally strong in 
their own way check out this metric eth   locked in smart contracts versus eth just 
sitting in wallets probably not moving so   eth locked in smart contracts is up 70 percent 
year to date this is what utility looks like   this is what utility looks like i'm starting to 
think that eth 2.0 might actually be a pretty   big deal because understand that currently 
only seven percent of the entire eth network   is currently staking this is what that data 
looks like more people now more than ever   are currently staking ethereum this is bullish 
yet still only seven percent however they will   likely start staking soon or else they're risking 
missing out on tons of yield through ethereum fees   also understand that avax soul and dot already 
have 50 plus staked this is solana pretty pretty   cool also very bullish metric for ethereum this 
has never happened before ethereum miners are   now making more money than bitcoin miners even 
before fees slash eip 1559 so ethereum hash power   is skyrocketing proof of stake is not yet around 
it's still proof of work and people are turning on   their eth miners people are trying to get ethereum 
besides that the percentage of eath held by the   top 100 wallets is flirting with a new all-time 
high whales seem to be accumulating besides that   this is the time to get your transactions in 
ethereum's gas fees plummet while prices soar   very bullish for ethereum very bullish for eth 
interoperators let's get to some other altcoin   news do we have any nem fans watching the video 
right now now i don't hold any m but i do like   nem they've made it past one full cycle they're 
still building the news is this nem announces   its seventh hard fork named harlock the project 
team claims that after six years nem is coming out   of beta and will be open source so this surely is 
a big deal to the nem community key takeaways are   as follows nem's harlock hard fork was announced 
today nem nodes will vote on whether or not to   merge into a sub chain of symbol nem is known 
for pioneering the proof of importance consensus   mechanism in other news maker dao i know a lot 
of people like maker dao it is a decentralized   alternative to stable coins unlike usdt unlike 
usdc which are centralized stable coins maker dow   is a collateral backed decentralized 
stable coin the blue chip for what it does   but then again there's always been that question 
is maker dao that decentralized or to what degree   because sometimes it feels like it isn't because 
they make decisions which proves that well the   news is this maker dao making moves once again 
into d5 decentralized stable coin die is changing   the way we defy and it's a little bit complicated 
the way that i understand this story is   that maker dao is allowing you to use ethereum 
as collateral for the maker dial ecosystem   for their stable coin and you can even stake your 
ethereum while it's being used as collateral as as   i get to understand this story more i'm going to 
keep updating you on what's going on at maker dao   in other news solana hits all-time high of 260 
solana set another all-time high this weekend i   mean almost all of the ethereum inter-operators 
and competitors eagled polka dot they're all   setting all-time highs as we went over a few days 
ago for solana specifically their nft ecosystem   is one of the best in the game as the solana 
ecosystem continues to expand nfts on solana   have seen formidable growth total nft secondary 
sales volume on solana has officially reached   half a billion dollars doing so in just three 
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the first chain link call options were purchased   today this is a huge milestone for defy as traders 
now have access to the first ever ultra liquid   decentralized link options huge congrats to 
premier finance for making this possible bitcoin   looking like it's going to have its highest weekly 
close ever ethereum switching to the week chart   looking like it's going to have its highest weekly 
close ever this is what we've been talking about   on this channel forever it's happening guys 
great time to be in crypto see you tomorrow

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