what's up guys we are coming at you with an 
emergency bitcoin news update we have possibly the   biggest piece of news year to date coming out 
right now this video is going to be a little   different typically we look at the charts do some 
analysis today that has nothing to do with it real   quick i'd like to thank the crown fam out there 
you guys rock please keep subscribing keep liking   these videos and please guys watch this video to 
the very end youtube has been doubling our views   because people like you out there are letting this 
video play all the way through you guys rock let's   jump into it anthony pompliano has sent the first 
bitcoin lightning transaction to jack mahler's   just hours ago this is a huge deal twitter is 
implementing bitcoin on the platform natively this   is huge guys twitter is one of the largest social 
medias and is actually the largest crypto social   media platform that's out there this is a huge 
deal now you may have already heard this news but   we have a tom crown spin to put on this one here's 
the biggest part of it all winter has recognized   sats the golden age has come boys sats are 
the smallest measure of bitcoin representing   1 100 millionth of a bitcoin by designating 
amounts in satoshi's twitter has effectively taken   the giant 44 000 price tag and smushed 
it down into 2 200 for just one dollar   the psychological impact that that number 
can have on new investors we've seen it here   is huge by normalizing sats twitter is bringing 
crypto to the every person twitter has integrated   with the strike application enabling virtually 
zero cost transactions across the bitcoin network   check it out strike.me this should be fully 
functional on ios as far as i've heard today   so go sign up for strike and let's all connect our 
accounts and start tipping on the bitcoin network   this is possibly going to remain the most 
important news article of this year however   there is one that can top it with three months 
to go a bitcoin etf is still being talked about   every week and my bet is on the money thanks for 
watching guys that's all happy trades crown out

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