UPDATE: HEUTE 16:00 Bitcoin Song!!! Me and ma Bitcoins – BITCOIN NEWS!!! BTC, Crypto, Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin song Me and ma bitcoins hey dear capital exotic, I'll be back live from munich, we're at the moment came back from zurich with a very important announcement our bitcoins tomorrow so on saturday at 4 p.m. our bitcoins song will be release that we have recorded in a really cool location, we are very glad because finally the time has come and in matters we will be on an extra channel promotion you can find the link below in the video description and I would be extremely happy if you leave a feedback there or the whole thing pushes a bit that benefits us all crypto currencies to donate to the whole world and just to share the message of bitcoin and in short tomorrow at 4 p.m.

link is in the video description I like to give feedback I'm looking forward to it and see you niki.

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