Uniswap v3 Arrives SOON!! They Have A BIG SURPRISE!!

Uniswap, I love it like a long lost best friend…I
was the first youtuber, to realize the power of its decentralization, covering it 1 year
and 3 months ago, when the volume was between 50 thousand dollars to a high of 8 million. Uniswap, was barely used back then…barely
known & when I made the video, even me as a relatively unknown youtuber in January of
2020, got thanked by Hayden the founder of the Uniswap for spreading the good word of
the swap even though I made a fee mistake. This was all back when Uniswap was in v1…and
was a tokenless protocol. Uniswap is now in v2 and has a governance
token….but there is a major issue today. Ethereum is being heavily used, like never
before. And the average Uniswap transaction can range
from 20 dollars all the say to 100 dollars on a bad day. Not sustainable & something needs to give…and
let me tell you Chico thinks Uniswap v3 is coming & coming soon. Why do I think this?? Twitter. Andre Cronje said this “When founders & core
contributors start posting more actively on Twitter, it normally means they finished a
milestone and are waiting for the release.

This is the "limbo time" where they don't
want to start something new yet. I've noticed Hayden’s post frequency increase. BIG EYES! And what did Mr. Adams' reply to this? Please Delete…and then yesterday as well
Hayden posted a poll, with a question “When Uniswap v3 details are announced which will
you read first?. The announcement blog post, uniswap’s tweet
storm, the whitepaper or random twitter reactions. Sooo, him posting this poll about v3 is proof
it’s coming…the announcement. And the poll tells us that will include a
blog post, hayden on the uniswap twitter doing a tweet storm, and a whitepaper. This means, and sorry to burst your bubble,
it’s most likely not going live within the next week or anything…?? What do I mean? Well let’s go back to the v2 launch.

It had an initial whitepaper release too. It happened in March of 2020. It was 2 months later that it was deployed
to the ethereum mainnet, May of 2020. Will the v3 rollout follow a similar time
frame? Whitepaper & then release 2 months later? If we get the v3 announcement & whitepaper
late this week or early next week, March again…that means v3 mainnet May of 2021. So Chico, what will this mainnet entail? What is it going to consist of?? Will it be going live on Layer 1 or will it
go live on Layer 2? Like on top of the optimistic ethereum rollup?? Well less than a month ago, February 11th,
Hayden twitter this “For those who were not on clubhouse: I said it makes sense to
have it on both L1 and L2 because there will continue to be long term L1 demand for higher
value transactions.

And that it (v3) would initially be deployed
to L1 but later brought to L2 as well. So, no l2 first, which means with the optimism
MOAR mainnet coming in March, uniswap v3 won’t be going live with it. But…if you didn’t notice, Uniswap has
been breaking out all week. Surging & surging…is this just in anticipation
for a whitepaper drop? This price movement?? I don’t think so, it looks to be more than
just that… There was a certain person that replied to
Hayden’s poll about v3, A Ben from Rari Capital who is working with optimism contracts…they
said the source code! And then also said…uniswap source code has
all sorts of fun optimizations. Up there with optimism contracts. Hayden replied “I hope you can channel these
vibes” with a meme of galifianakis doing math’s.

So is there a chance the code goes live with
the whitepaper or shortly after? A mainnet drop in March??? It’s possible… But Uniswap is always pretty damn friendly
with a big version launch. They do something special. Just after the v2 launch was the governance
token launch and a very generous airdrop of 400 UNI tokens if you had used their swapper. With a token price of about 30 dollars yesterday,
if you would have held, that airdrop is now worth 12 grand. But v1 also had something special, it took
some time but in May of 2019, Uniswap announced Unisocks…their limited edition, dynamically
price socks. Which as we can see, from the pictures during
the first days of launch they were just 12.15 cents. How much are those suckers today? Well going to unisocks.exchange…just over
131 thousand dollars. So people are a little confused on Unisocks,
and how they work. But for purchasing one, you are not initially
getting the socks. You get an erc20 token, which can be sold
again..or you have the option to redeem and burn that token.

Redemptions and burns for unisocks went live
on october of 2019. From the go live tweet the team said “Redeemed
$SOCKS (ERC20) are burned forever.However, a digital representation will live in your
wallet in the form of a Digital Unisocks that will be minted some time after redemption. With a link to the opensea of the digital
redeemed socks. Going to that, we can see it is an NFT asset,
the first minted erc721 unisock. Now we can use opensea, to get an idea about
how much the NFT version of the unisocks are going for. Filtering by unisocks & sorting by recently
sold, we can see the last NFT version was sold for about 20 ETH. So, I hope people start to realize that there
is a secondary market being built around the unisocks NFTs. Holding onto the speculative token is more
worth it right now, over 131 grand if you sold it, which is about 83 ETH. If you redeemed, you could sell the NFT version
for about 20 ETH right now and if I was a purchaser I would demand the physical version
too…but there is a 63 ETH difference between the erc20 socks and the erc721 socks. Chico Crypto thinks this is going to come
into balance with time… But why am I talking about this unisocks,
erc721, and NFTs?? Well going back to Haydens v3 poll, he also
said this in reply to someone saying Paris Hiltons NFT would be more talked about than

“What if the Paris Hilton NFT is part of
the Uniswap v3 announcement.” BIG EYES! So no, Paris Hilton NFT isn’t a part of
it, the v3 launch that was a joke from him….but Hayden subtly gave an Alpha leak. Uniswap v3 has something to do with NFTs. There are 3 things this Alpha leak could relate
too… In order of most probable …..#1, Uniswap
is going to do a 2nd iteration of Unisocks. How will they do it??? Maybe Unishirt??? Why do I think this?? Well if you didn’t know…unishirt came
before unisocks, it just wasn’t tokenized. From a november 2019 history of uniswap post
by hayden, there were v0 unishirts, that were given out at devcon 4 in november of 2018. From Unishirt non tokenized, to unisocks tokenized
and then with v3, unishirts once again but this time tokenized? Chico Crypto thinks it’s highly likely… But what else could they be up to? Possibility #2…an integrated NFT marketplace
into Uniswap? Well that would be stepping on the toes of
the likes of open sea if they opened it up for all NFTs…

But it’s possible Unisocks
& Unishirt erc20 pools and trading is implemented directly into the main uniswap.exchange. Possibility #3, which personally I think is
highly unlikely. Is they have created liquidity pools for NFTs.
erc721s and erc1155s….that would be massive, but the reason I think it’s highly unlikely,
is Hayden just last week tweeted this in reply to someone asking “can someone explain why
unisocks use both an ERC721 and an ERC20?.

He said “The reason why is because NFTs
are not fungible so don't really work in the context of liquidity pools. so it trades in ERC20 form but can be redeemed
(burned) for real socks + nft. From hayden’s mouth, Non fungibles don’t
really work in the context of liquidity pools. So, Chico thinks be ready for a Unishirt and
possible merch integration into the main exchange. But with v3 there could be more. There is a big question of what Uniswap is
going to do with the community treasury. As we can see from Uniswap token release documentation,
the treasury is retaining 43 percent of the UNI supply to distribute on an ongoing basis
through contributor grants, community initiatives, liquidity mining, and other programs. Well going to the treasury address, we can
see it’s worth over 2 billion dollars as of right now. The Uniswap community has a warchest….and
I’m sure with v3, a portion of it will be unlocked. The community will be behind that. It’s up to them to decide… Another airdrop? More liquidity mining? Rewarding those who didn’t sell their UNI
an held it since the airdrop?? That’s in the future, and up to Uniswap
so Chico can only guess.

But I hope they reward those who didn’t
sell and were true HODLrs. Like I hope a majority of the Chico Army. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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