Uniswap (UNI) Coin Nedir 💲 Uniswap Uni Coin Nerden Alınır Satılır ?🔥

Hello to all my friends Today we are here with a very nice video again Today we will talk about Uniswap Coin and we are here to be the first channel to make this video about Uniswap Coin As you know, the Uniswap exchange market is where DeFi projects are listed currently the world's largest exchange market by volume, as decentralized market Thereupon, they released their own coins called "Uniswap", exactly 1 billion coins released and Binance announced it at 4:45 AM at night and listed Uniswap at 6:00 AM and Uniswap has increased by 1123% to 3.67-3.68 dollars when I was shooting the video Although it writes the highest 15 dollars in 24 hours here, it went up to about 5 dollars, this 15 dollars is a sudden rise Most importantly, let me talk about this, for those who have used the Uniswap platform, the Uniswap exchange before It distributed 400 UNIs for everyone who used it before September 1 Those who used the Uniswap exchange before September 1 can check their account if there is any I just gotta say, as you've seen so many people now how many people did …

Many people trying to do transfer from Uniswap to Binance as they distributed to this 13 thousand people Binance is the first listed exchange market right now after Uniswap Trying to transfer to Binance so transactions started to take too long For this reason, you can use the Uniswap exchange for now, or you should know that you will wait when you transfer to Binance One of the most important things is this Currently, it was just over 4 dollars by the way Uniswap Coin a while ago 400 Uniswap Coins make about 1600 dollars So maybe this could be the biggest airdrop in history, free token distribution Because in Turkey conditions 1600 dollars make big money as you know by that Uniswap has made its name known once again Now I'll talk about a few things about Token In the meantime, I will have made more detailed videos about Uniswap coin As I said today 150 million of them have already been distributed to Uniswap users before September 1 A total of 1 billion pieces have been produced from this As you can see, 60% will be distributed to the community, 21.51% will be allocated to the team, 17.80% to commitment investors, and a very small portion will be allocated to commitment consultants for 4 years When will it start, September 18 As you can see, the mining program will start by tomorrow I expect Uniswap to be listed on many exchange markets quickly today again I will keep you informed about the developments Friends, as I always say in order not to miss these kind of coins It is useful to register on exchange markets such as Binance, Huobi, FTX Because it is unclear which one will list first As you can see, there is such a serious increase when they are listed As you can see now, I also have 457 Uniswap coins You can register to Binance, Huobi and FTX in the most advantageous way via the link I will give below See you in the following videos

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