Uniswap Tools & Tips to Uncover HOT NEW Altcoins!!

Eggg yolk, howzit hanging with the daily recruits
of the Chico Army, & if your new around these parts, just a lowly viewers of the tube! My name is Tyler the host of the crypto channel,
that is so REAL, sometimes it seems fake, kind of like this tornado….you know our
twisted sister, it’s time for Chico Crypto! Well coming in hot this bullish RUN is something
I knew & predicted was going to be the Spark which kicked off the next bull run. 7 months ago in January of 2020, I made this
video with the title “Ethereum DeFi Tool to Spark the Next Bull Run? Uniswap!! With a thumbnail which clearly stated it was
under the radar. And back then, 7 months ago it was. Volume on Uniswap was a fraction of what it
is today, checking out the volume the months before, during, and after January 2020, Volume
could barely break 5 million per day, it only did it a few times, and the average daily
volume was under 2.5 million during that time.

Nothing like the centralized exchanges, who
were doing 100s of millions to billions of dollars 24 hours. Per example, Coinbase…in January of 2020,
it’s average volume was just over 205 million dollars per day. With Uniswaps, average of 2.5 million, that
means back then it was only doing 1.21 percent of what Coinbase was doing. Now, let’s just pull out Uniswap’s volume
today, over the past couple of months. In late June, volume was about 20 million,
but once we crossed into July, that volume has been growing day by day, week by week,
crossing 100s of millions, 200s of millions, and even 300s of million. Volumes exceeding Coinbase’s January levels. But pulling out Coinbase’s volume over the
same time period we can see volume was hovering around 250 million at the end of june, through
most of july, it wasn’t till the end, and into august that Coinbase broke 1 billion,
on a few occasions. But let’s just take exchange versus exchange
peaks, to compare….Uniswap’s peak was 330 million on August 13th, Coinbase’s was
1.236 billion August 2nd. 333 million of 1.236 billion, is nearly 27 percent. And Coinbase pro, is one of the most popular
USD exchanges in the United States, Uniswap has no physical fiat option.

So why is this decentralized exchange protocol
acting like a centralized exchange today? Well if you watched my video last week, I
dove into the reason…DeFi altcoins that are not available on exchanges like Coinbase,
and some of those coins have rocket boosters attached to them. Now, you have to remember, Uniswap is just
a protocol, with no token. The only way to earn and contribute to the
protocol, is to provide liquidity to it. A simple explanation of how Uniswap works
goes like this. Decentralized Users contribute liquidity to
Uniswap, and for their contribution, they earn a percentage of the Fees charged by the
protocol. By Depositing liquidity, you are returned
a Liquidity Pool token, which represents your share of the liquidity in the pool, plus any
percentages earned from fees in that specific pool. So an example, Liquidity provided, to Uniswap..
has to always be a 50-50 split….so if your were depositing 10 tokens of A, you would
need to add the equal value of B, in this case 1 token.

This is deposited into a pool, which has 100
A tokens and 10 B tokens, now for each person that contributes to the pool, they are returned
as an output, liquidity shares or pool tokens, which represent the share of their liquidity
in the pool, at the time of deposit, plus their shares of fees that were accumulated
while they were apart the pool. So a trader wants to swap 10 A tokens for
1 B token, they can do it, they just have to pay the .03 percent fee that goes right
into the pool and is shared among the LP token holders. So what I’m trying to get at here, is there
is something special going on, Trader’s are looking for the hot “DeFi” while these
hot DeFi altcoins, while another form of trader, a bit more advanced, is looking to provide
the liquidity, as early bubbling liquidity pools, can have pretty damn good returns.

Checking out Pools.fyi we can see that there
are multiple pools providing between 35 percent to 25 percent 30 day returns for the LPs and
even more between 25 and 17 percent. That is pretty damn good 30 day returns…and
many of the pools, are the hot new DeFi tokens…the highest return liquidity pool of over 37 percent,
the Based-ETH pair…. And the #1 coin, yesterday, besides the stablecoin
USDC as the prices were falling? Based Money Token, with over 15 million in
volume…and look at the price of it over the past few days, under 100 to over 600 as
of yesterday. Although I have no idea about this coin, it
may be another YAM, I have no idea, I’m just showing you how the LP pools & traders
are creating self-reinforcing loops. So today, I actually have special sponsored
piece from the team at DEXTools, and like always the full details of our agreement can
be found in the descriptions. Why is this special? Well DexTools, is what the names says, a tooling
application, to enhance your trading strategies on….

DEX’s…and of course Uniswap integration
is a feature of theirs, but also right now IDEX, with other swappers, and protocols planned
in the future. So let’s dive right into the app. They do have a free version of the app beta,
anyone can use at anytime, but it has limited features. To access the most robust features of the
app, it is a hold based subscription model…you're not purchasing anything or necessarily spending
anything. By Hold it means just holding the subscription
levels required number of tokens in your ethereum wallet.

For Basic Beta you need to hold 5000 D-E-X-T
tokens, which is about 400 bucks in tokens at today's prices of nearly 8 cents. And for the Premium Beta, its 100k Dex tokens,
about 8 thousand dollars at today’s prices. So let’s dive into the Basic Beta, which
requires just a 400 buck HODL. You can acces it on their website or at dextools.io/app
of course links for both are in the description. When you arrive, you are greeted with which
exchange you would like to explore…let’s click on Uniswap, this take us right into
the free version, which has the Uniswap pool explorer & even the Uniswap pair explorer. But as we can see, this version has a delay
and limited info… So let’s get going with the Basic Beta…to
do this, you do need to make an account.

Go to the left menu bar, and click user account. Very simple just click create account, connect
your Metamask and Ether addresss, enter an email, confirm with your email and get your
credentials. Then log in…it should be able to read, that
you hold the required DEX, and mine does! Now we can go home and then go to Uniswap,
and start exploring with more detailed data, updated in real time. Let’s begin with the Liquidity Pools, and
then the token explorer. So the pool explorer, shows us by default
all pool activity in the last hour, your can also expand it to two hours, and even 4 hours. And any activity is added to the screen in
real time. So what activity data is it providing? First token name, time since the activity,
actions where you can filter by only that token and all activity, it has a link to buy
directly at uniswap, a link to check the token contract address, and a way to check out live
data of that token.

Type stands for what action what taken with
the pool, add means liquidity was added, and remove means it was removed. Next to type is the token price of the token,
in the pool. Total Value if the amount added or removed
from the liquidity pool, and they break it down in token amount and ETH amount removed,
a nice indicator is the pool variation, which shows how big of an effect that add or remove
had on the previous total of pool, and they have the value of the pool remaining in ETH,
so you can see the size of the pool in regards to the variation of the action.

And finally they have when the pair was created. So here is a little tip for finding new pools,
up top you can filter by add, removes or a third category. New, which happens when a new pool is created
with Uniswap. You wanna make sure, your on the longest time
frame, 4 hours, and then filter…and it will pull up all of them. And here I can show you the DEXT score, it
has a warning, to tell you something is not right about the pool, newly created, low transaction
count, and even autogenerated contracts. This pool explorer is not only good for liquidity
providers, but traders too, as when LPs start flooding into a token, it usually means a
hype cycle is coming. So if you start noticing a token, getting
huge adds, you might wanna keep an eye on it. How to do this, well change to the max of
4 hours again, and then filter by adds, just look through the data, see any high Ethereum
Adds? 85 ETH added to OM Token, and it only had
a 6 percent positive effect on the pool, and it has over 1300 ETH in the pool…plus the
pool was only created 1 day ago.

Well let’s click into the live watch….this
is the explorer where you can see all the trades going down, the price in USD and ETH,
liquidity, volume, the amount pooled for each token, and the number of TX’s through the
pool. Plus it gives you the full details of the
tokens DEXT score, as we can see it has hit the marks for pool and transactions, but its
new so no score for creation, and holders, as there aren’t many, and information is
a 1. Well to figure out more information, just
go to the contract token address to figure out what it’s called, OM Token, and search
google…oh this is Mantra DAO…who is integrated with the polkadot ecosystem…no wonder it’s
bubbling, and DEXtools led us there. So the combination of granular pooling information,
combined with granular token and trading information, you have Uniswap weapons that others do not
& can better see, when things might get moving.

I went over Uniswap today, but remember, it
works with IDEX, and they have the features like token catch, wallet info, spread hunter,
real time order book search, and a full view of deposit and withdrawal exchange data. So to finish this episode off with I’m going
to dive into a coin, I brought up yesterday, as more information is dropping & an opportunity
will show itself on Uniswap. So first let’s talk why this is going to
be big, Lukso, is bridging physical items, digital
items and people all within one protocol. Assets, and items, tied to people…and it’s
coming from the creator, which turned ethereum on it’s head, and started the DeFi revolution..the
erc20 standard from Fabian Vogelsteller. Now I showed, in the video, the relation with
Energy Web, Ana of gridsingularity and EWF, is an advisor to the team, both are POA blockchains
right now, which released around the same time.

Now I don’t think these 2 are directly related,
as Lukso, is focusing on the creatives industry, fashion, gaming, design and social media. Energy Web is the energy industry, but you
can think of these 2 in a similar fashion…get the pun. Energy Web, in my opinion, will become the
main blockchain for Energy management, transfer and trading…Lukso, will become the main
blockchain for the creatives industry…. As the people attached to it are no joke in
this industry, just like the companies attached to energy web are no joke. So #1, Advisor, is Daniel Heaf, Nike’s vice
president of Nike Digital, Dr. Berndt Hauptkorn, Chanel’s president of Europe, Rejeev Aikkara
Vice President of Burberry, down a little further, Caroline Drucker, Instagram’s head
of strategic partnerships EMEA, and even Evelyn Mora, Founder of Helsinki Fashion week, plus
many others. But regarding the advisor’s they are contributing
more than just a head position, and Evelyn Mora is testament to that…just this Month,
Lukso’s first practical use cas was demonstrated at Helsinki Fashion week….where Digital
Village was created, and 30 top designers did this…Designers created Universal Public
Profiles on LUKSO L14 their testnet…

– Universal Profiles are decentralized and
self-sovereign identities allowing the designers to have one unique identifier in the Digital
World. With their Universal Profiles, the designers
are able to issue their products as Unique Digital Tokens – allowing for real scarcity,
accessibility, P2P-transferability, storage, display, and permanence of these new digital
items.For the first time, collections have been created and issued 100% digitally and
decentralized. So could stuff be coming with their other
partners? Instagram creators, Nike shoes, chanel and
more? We wlll have to see. Cheers viewers I’ll see you next time!.

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