Uniswap Kullanımı UNI Coin Nedir ? UNI Farming Ethereum DEFİ Projesi 1500 dolarlık Airdrop

Hello friends, welcome to the coin engineer youtube channel. Today I will give you information about uniswap var coin. What is uniswap vakko in, which increased by more than 1,000 percent on the first day of its release? and the gift from $ 1500 to $ 2,000 would be the uniswap response coin. do we take advantage? I will tell you about this. As you know uniswap is the answer. The first stock exchange where giant projects, namely central life, exactly decentralized finance projects are listed and thanks to the stock market, we were playing water healing at one time. Apart from that, we were tiring the side form and I had taken videos of it. This new swap is the father of the decentralized crypto decentralized exchanges, that is, the normal crypto community. Think of it like its building, it is a widely used stock market and you know this center is the highest in finance have volume and popularity.

Decentralized crypto currency exchange, the stock market has issued its own coin, friends. uniswaplamaz.org is the website of this exchange and as soon as this new swap coin is released, binance listed the stock exchange. coinbase listed everybody like crazy. Look, it just came out at night and now is yun isi wap. As you can see, it has increased over 1000 percent. So it says $ 15 here, but it turned out to be around $ 6 $ 7 and as a gift. It gives 400 new swaps. With its current price, over $ 1000, when it first arrives, I am from my friend's clouds also sold. It was very advantageous to sell it for about 2000 dollars. I see the current price here is even about 12 hours ago. It was close to $ 4. It has dropped a little now. Do you know, does it increase? We need to watch a little bit of his board. As I said, he listed major exchanges.

So the coin whitelist listed the led exchange. Binance has listed it directly, it has a hobby. This is the case now and 1 billion units of this coin have been produced. Friends, we wrote the article there. 1 billion units were produced and the airdrop will distribute 150000000 of them. 150000000 new coins will be distributed. The current airdrop's value is for distributors of 400. It comes around $ 1200 or something, but it is listed first for the night, up to $ 10000. gave a gift. So that's the case if it's the biggest in history. Friends, for example, we sold my grandfather for around $ 1500. It is worth about 11,000 liras. You know, the minimum wage for about 5 months in Turkish lira is quite a lot. Let me talk about it to take advantage of the airdrop.

As you know, uniswap has started to operate in the full direction of the answer exchange. There are certain coins everywhere on the betting exchange. Those who have used uniswap before this 1 September can benefit from the group with this house. And we will use the add button to log in to the exchange to get the airdrop reward. He gives 400 flour to the average person.

It had gone up from night hours to $ 10000. Let me talk about it again. Here Karasu et mentioned how to get airdrop from uniswap answer on twitter. We entered the following site, entered the site. As you can see here is the first, the second, the third. First, I put this process in the first, second, and this third in this explanation part. I'll put this link on how to do it. Thank you Karasu. To benefit from airdrop, uniswap is valid for those who have made transactions before in the answer. It's not just about opening an account or connecting something volt. If you haven't done transactions like liquidity, mailing or swaps before, this is worth $ 1600 You cannot benefit from about 50 groups. He pays around $ 1500 to $ 1600 per wallet. So we can really say that it is the biggest obstacle in history. You have to make a transaction within 2 years. If you want to buy unico on the bynes exchange, 20 percent. I leave my commission discount link in the description section. You can make the purchase from there. New swap over there. I wrote on the visa, how is it, how to get it. I leave it for the explanation.

See here how to distribute the unicorn token new coin 60 percent as airdrop. 21 percent of the team members will be distributed to the community members to be distributed. What will it be distributed to consultants and investors as a salary or premium? It really made a huge entrance, this is new. Maintenance. We congratulate you again. This is me shot sushi video or on my other channel. How to use uniswap reply I took a stock market video. If you watched that video and took action, I suggest you check in and check TZ. We have seen once again how much the world of opportunity crypto is. I woke up one morning so I have 5 accounts. It is worth $ 5500 and a sum of $ 7500. So you pay a commission of $ 30 or something when you actually withdraw money from the air. so he is with him. Besides 7500 dollars, that is, 100 $ 200 is not even money.

So really taking the losses in crypto. If you are a researcher and a hard worker, it is very easy to take out the damages. As you can see in the uniswap answer right now, you can also use the bains exchange to make purchases. Also see the betting exchange direct futures. As you can see here, you can know that the filter is up to 52 univa protocol longa work out. There is an announcement here that lists Mr. Listing 8 hours ago is really lucrative happened. Since I took advantage of this airdrop, I immediately wanted to shoot a video. I mean, I was very happy because this money in Turkey is considered a university student. So a huge amount of money. Take good care of yourself guys, I am waiting for your questions in the comments section and see you..

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