Uniswap Kullanım Basit Anlatım

Hello friends, how do we use uniswap for you today? How are transaction fees paid for uniswap or even? Why should we use uniswap? I will explain this. Now friends, do not forget to subscribe to our channel first and like the video. You can support us this way. From the link in the description, you can register on the binance exchange and buy ethereum friends are at 20% discount. 20% discount for your account will be defined for lifetime now friends, why don't we use uniswap? Because uniswap, for example, there is a coin called poolz finance. As you can see I am going to the website of this coin. We understood that the project was a good project. We researched the project, the team and the networks it supports, the project is nice. We like it and your project is not listed on many exchanges, only uniswap and 1inch.

So we saw it listed on these decentralized exchanges. Friends, these exchanges are ethereum-based, so you trade on these exchanges by paying an ethereum transaction fee . Uniswap on that exchange, for example we are already when we click on here. It will automatically direct us to the contract address and directed us here. Friends, first of all, you must have a metamask wallet installed and we must send ethereum to this wallet.

When setting up this wallet, you can say download google metamask or install metamask. You can install it from Chrome or from the apps section. You can install it from the applications section here. Friends, we set up here from the web store, friends, and then we reserved it to buy half ethereum, which is about 500 600 $, which you bought from binance, for this poolz. Now friends, we have 1 amount of ethereum. As you can see, there is half ethereum, but since the transaction fees will also go, we reduce it a little and write 0.43 or something here. Because we will pay the transaction fees soon. Here is the swap you need to do after entering uniswap@uniswap.org swap transactions, guys, the most important thing is that here we go to explorer, token contract and we need to write the token contract correctly. Here we copy the token contract. Poolz token contract starting with 0X0 After copying this, below this is the select part in uniswap. We write and select it here by clicking here. We write down the quantity you will buy. I said 0.43. It tells us how much we can get. As you can see, you will get a minimum of 63 poolz, the price will change by 0.16%.

So it says you will play the price a little bit. He says it will increase by 0.16 percent when buying. You will pay just as much. Now I click swap, I accept accept, and as you can see, it asks me for $11 transaction fee. This transaction takes the fee from here by editing. You can do it fast and slow. You can change. If you say fast, it is a little faster and it will take $ 515 from us the day I see it. These transaction fees vary according to the network density and density on that board. For example, if anyone on this network suddenly tries to make a transaction, here is it. It can go up to $100-200 or even $1000. Pay attention to this. I say confirm, friends, we wait after saying confirm.

After waiting, friends poolz will be reflected in our metamask wallet. If the poolz is not reflected in your wallet, you need to paste the address you copied here into your meta max wallet. You can paste it like this from the Add token section. You will make it out of special tokens, sorry yes, that way, you will say after the special coin part , add poolz tokens, as you can see here. 0 appears, our transaction in uniswap is currently awaiting approval. Once the confirmation is accepted, 0.40 ethereum will be reduced to our wallet. A transaction fee of 10 dollars will be charged from us and it will be reflected in your wallet.

As you can see, the process is complete. If the network is dense, the transaction fee will be very high and there will be congestion. As you can see, it immediately went to your wallet, as the network was not busy. We bought 68 poolz, now I want to say, why did we use uniswap? Because friends are not listed on other exchanges , they are not high school students on binance, btcturk, paribu and similar exchanges, and we can easily buy here without creating an account. These transaction fees are high. Let's be careful with these, you won't be able to make a good profit. Do not enter coins. We thought that we would make a profit from this, the number is 5000000, which is very low. We bought it thinking you could sell it for $ 20-30 or $ 50 because of it if it enters these big exchanges and we thought the project was good. Do not forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel, if you have comments, we are waiting . We respond to your comments one by one, have a good day all of you..

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