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Friends, first of all, you know hello to everyone. 1 I said in the video of the previous day, I will talk about the working logic of this pool. I'm standing on the site of you on the day. I'm in the money department. Let me show you roughly here. When you press together, you can add liquid to 1 pool here.

Friends, the working logic is that if you want to add 1 sheep here, it is currently selected, for example, choose what he wants. Whatever the value of this coin is, you need to put it in front of you with the same value in exchange for its market value . Let me put it this way, we're going to put 1 enough here , and the value against the dollar is $1770, and we need to add $1770 here . You can say the price of the book. Let's come back to me. In the same way , you will create a pool , and the working logic of this pool is the same. You to put 1 orphan here . 1 is enough, you will put 1770 dollars against it . You need to put 1 investment.

The market value of the two must be equal to each other. Now that you've mentioned this, let's move on to the part that I really want to talk about. Now friends, what did we just say? Let's say we will create 1 pool. Boz, to create this pool, we need to put btc on one side and end on the other side . Now we will tell you over bts. I am now assuming because dc. Since there are not 20 sheep in this entertainment, we want you to understand the logic of this, I explain it completely on assumptions. Now when setting up the pool, 2 sides, the value of the 2 sides should be equal to each other, friends. Now let's say we have 1 token in the market 300 udk, all 1 v 307 uc. That's enough. Now, if we are going to put 1 btc on 1 side of the pool, we need to put 300 usd on the other side, friends. Let's put 100 on this side of our pool, and we will need to put 30,000 usd here in exchange for its market value .

Because 1 composer 300 100 solid soap makes 30000 usd 100 times. Now the pool needs to be a constant number of 1. What is this pool constant number? Friends, this constant is calculated as follows. The amount of btc here, look at the amount of sheep on this side of the pool with the amount of sheep on this side , we multiply the amount, not the price, and we get 1 fixed number. We hit 30,000 percent. We found the fixed number of this pool 3000000. The fixed number of this pool does not change in any way, friends, the liquidity of the pool. If this is the case, as long as this liquidity does not decrease or increase , let me tell you, how can it increase or decrease in this league? If you want to add 1 viewer to the pool , if he wants to add 1 token here, he has to put 300 usd here. If it does so, it increases the liquidity of the pool and changes a fixed number of times. Because you have to multiply this by 101 30300 or vice versa, unlike such 1 case, no liquid has been added to this pool in any way.

Let me tell you in the description, this constant does not change. We will do all our transactions over this hour . This is how the pool works. Now, if he wants to make 1 transaction from our pool, if he wants to buy 1 btc from this side, friends need to put a tip. If he wants to buy ucte into the pool, he has to put btc. 1 kind of swap is btc usd swapping. Let's swap that out. Now the real question is, if someone wants to buy bitcoin, you want to sell bitcoin here or here. According to what will determine the value of this, here comes the fixed number. What will work the following number 3000 3000000? Let's see now, let's say someone came and wanted to sell for 1 night , our poet. 1 such case. There were also 100 in our pool . There should be 101 now. Now the important point here is that we had a fixed number , and we said it doesn't change. If he swam here, we were making 100 times 30,000 3000000.

If we do 101 times 30,000, it becomes 3.030,000. What happened? Fixed number changed. Now we need to block this fixed number of times . What do you mean friends? Since this place has increased, this place needs to decrease so that it is only 3000000 again. Here's how we can find it. What is the new issue of bursa with the fixed number of 3000000? Friends, I have 101 , if we divide by 101 , we find the number 29700. Now let's do it again. In order to find a fixed number, the first game in our pool was multiplied by each other, for example, here was 100. There are 30,000 here, the skewed 3 million. We currently have 101 BTC in our pool. And in return, we calculated that there should be 29700 pieces . Now, when we do 101 times 29703, we can get about 3,000,000 fractions. I rounded integers. Now someone came and He said what did he do to the pool 1 will end. Since there are 101, we found 29007 faces.

Friends, what happened in the fact that this constant did not change ? We had 30000 here. The man added 1, what now? We have extra usd on hand. How much extra do we have, guys? We can find the excess use the amount we have by increasing it from 30 thousand to 29703 . Why is this too much? Because the man didn't get here in exchange for 1 more cat . Now let's see, we had 30000 use the in the beginning. In order for the pool to remain stable, it needs to go out to the pool against the btc coming from the pool. Because if it is here , here will decrease, and how do we do that? We are doing 30002 129703. The number that needs to be right now because this is supposed to be a constant number.

We know there are 297 use the. Friends will have received $297 for 1 composer slingshot to the pool. on the market. 1 composer was level 310 but man sold 1 composer from our pool 297 use the. The reason of this. Some of our liquid friends, 1 municipality job, our pool was also big. We can call this man a whale. This created 1 volatility. This is called erasing aj by playing.

The greater the pool liquidity , the less this volatility. Now let's give 1 more example to understand better . Is it too much? I just went too far. currently we have pool our 101 c, and 29 703 USD had twill was in this way if informed 1b sells more do you want us to sell this time the pool has 102 composers friends will now have a fixed number gave this excess dedicate your hands have usd extra in it was supposed to be 3 million twill we find how it ? We divide by 3000102. Added 1 more or how many 29412 is coming out. We need to have 29412 ucs. How much did we have? We had 29703, guys, come here, there were 29703 . We still have extra sheep at the moment, we need to give these to the man, now if we calculate this, the amount the man will receive will end up with 1 for 1 btc, he will give us 291 ugd in return. 1 composer will sell 297 in the market, but how much is it? He said that if 1 cost is human, 300 liras, he would buy it. Let me explain to you the reason for the damage right now.

Look, was there another 1 here? He explained the reason for this as follows, friends initially had a swim in our pool and it was 30000 usd, just like that. Now one came and 1 token. Maybe 1 composer sold 1 when I came. In return he received 297 usd. The number of BT has increased in our pool and the number of USD has decreased, my friends. Now I'm sure you all knew the supply-demand balance. As the number of 1 item increases, its value decreases. Because the amount of btc in our pool has increased, the bc value has decreased. Since the amount of usd decreased, the tip became more valuable. Now, as the third 1 operation, let's get composer from the pool this time. Let's see, where is that place? This is exactly the third 1 transaction, this time one of us and our friends came. He wanted to get 1 token. Let's say from our pool. Will you decrease from 102 to 101? Our guest number was supposed to be 3000000, but if it drops to 101, we have 29412 use the right now, what will happen? When you multiply, our fixed number will not be 22,000,000 by 3,000,000.

We need to block it guys. Since this place is decreasing, we need to increase it. If the man is going to cost 1 from here, he has to add here . How much will I add here, how do we find it? Let's show it now. It fell here, how much do we find? What were we doing, 3 million? We knew it at 101. We know how much btc will remain . The result is 29703. Now how do we find out how much the man has to pay from 29703. Now let's see, we had 29412 countries in our pool . The man had to subtract 29,700 from a certain number in the pool to get 1 composer. If he makes 29720 9.412, which will end 1, he has received 291 UST. Normally, the price of 1 in the market is 337 friends, but man. 291 BT received this. I also sold at a loss, I sold 290 150. The reason for the difference here is that the liquidity of the pool is small, friends. Now we had 100 bt in our pool and we had 30000 usd. We have put 1 such guarantee. Now, when processing with 1 composer, our pool also has a great effect.

If our pool is not 100, but 1000 btc or. If 1 TV was 300000 USD, the effect would be much smaller. Because our pool would be much bigger. Looking for a transaction with a 1 token according to 1 kind of pooled mass , we can call the man who makes the transaction a whale. According to our pool, which has traded with big mawla . Now, a 0% point 03 commission fee is paid for every transaction made in proportion . Friends, a commission of $ 3 is paid for 1 transaction of $ 1000 . Since the center is 1 empty during the day, all of these commission fees go to the liquidity providers. You get a share of the commission fee in proportion to the percentage share in 1 pool . Commission fees are shared instantly to the pool , you can take your share and leave the pool whenever you want. So far, we have assumed that there is $300 for 1 token in the market. According to this explanation did. If 1 token becomes 400, how will the liquidity provider be affected by this, or if 1 composer drops to $200, how much will it lose, will it be lost? More precisely, if you are wondering about such questions, do not forget to like my video and express your views in the comments so that I can continue the video .

Take care guys , goodbye..

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