Uniswap and SushiSwap have gained 22% and 18% | REN +360% in 2 Weeks | New Peru Stablecoin|

uni swap and sushi swap have gained 22 percent and 18 ren recorded a price surge of plus 360 percent in the past two weeks and clap is launching a new stable coin in peru and sabre bank announced the approval of a cisa license let's find out more in this week's edition of crypto news [Music] crypto investors seem to be betting that china's latest ban on virtual currency businesses will be a blessing in disguise for decentralized exchanges facilitating direct peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary that's evident from the weekend's market action data shows native tokens of major decentralized exchanges like uni swap and sushi swap have gained 22 percent and 18 respectively in the last week leading bitcoin higher by a significant margin while centralized exchanges tokens are flashing red all week long meanwhile ren is considered one of the altcoins that contributes to the rising of the crypto market in detail ren has recorded a price surge of over 360 in the past two weeks as seen in the chart below ren has successfully boosted its price from 25 cents in july to 99 cents in september if this price pump continues ren might break its 116 resistance level this might be possible if the crypto market and its investors remain in favor of rent in terms of market status rem has a market cap amounting to almost 1 billion and a circulation supply of over 900 million ren currently it is one of the crypto assets that catches the eyes of traders and investors worldwide latin american stablecoin issuer and clap is expanding its stellar-based stablecoin network by launching a new stablecoin in peru peg to peru's official fiat currency the peruvian sole the new stablecoin is designed to enable instant transactions across anclabs network including conversions in other fiat currencies as well as any other digital asset called the digital sold the stablecoin is said to be 100 backed by local fiat currency and is available on the stellar network to be integrated into any platform the digital soul is the latest stablecoin joining the ecosystem after the firm started working on the argentine peso pegged stablecoin in january 2020.

Sabrebank ag a fully regulated swiss-based institution with a focus on digital assets has announced the approval of a cisa license from the swiss financial market authority or finma to facilitate an institutional-grade custodian service this announcement enables the bank to become one of the world's first digital asset centric banks to gain a custody license the endorsement will allow the institution to provide greater investment opportunities to professional clientele in the emerging cryptocurrency markets in mid-2020 france's central bank bank de france selected saber to participate in their experimental digital euro pilot project in a bid to explore the feasibility of cbdcs in cross-border payments well that's all for this edition of the crypto news report thank you very much for watching don't forget to head over to our duke squabby tv social media pages to keep up to date with everything else affecting the crypto universe until next time goodbye [Music] you

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