Uniswap 和幣安會在 2021 達到爆炸式的增長?!😱🔥🔥

Hello everyone welcome back Today I want to tell you about Uniswap code name UNI And BINANCE code name BNB These two coins are basically in currency exchange Basically, it can be said that the leader in the industry is the first and second Very powerful Today I want to talk to everyone What will happen to the performance of these two coins in 2021 How much can the increase of these two coins be I will also give my personal opinion at the end of the video I think these two coins will be in 2021 this year What kind of price it will probably rise to give me an estimate If you want to buy Uniswap or BN now Or what you already have now You must not miss this episode of today Let's not talk nonsense, Let's go! Before I had many friends in my videos commented Want me to talk about the currency of Uniswap There are many people who actually don’t know what I said before Like THETA like Vechain Many friends want to buy but don’t know how to buy In fact, you can use our Uniswap Or use Binance Make purchases on these large trading platforms Let's talk about UNI first Uniswap is actually a Such a platform that can exchange currencies in real time on it As long as you use erc20 token Basically a currency of this nature Can be exchanged freely on the above So what is BINANCE coin used for? BINANCE coin is a currency issued by Binance themselves So if we use BINANCE to trade on its platform It will give us a half price discount It uses this method to attract other people to buy its coins Then for such short-term traders This kind of person who often has a lot of transactions every day Actually very good Because he will have a lot of discounts in it That is actually saving money for you Everyone can take a look These two coins are in all currencies Actually it’s more popular Everyone can take a look Now BINANCE's BN coin ranks 9th And the current price is $49.54 It has risen by 13% in the past 24 hours Increased by 19% in the past 7 days You can see Uniswap Uniswap is now at a price of US$20.10 It has gone crazy recently I read it two weeks ago It’s still about 10 dollars or 11 dollars.

Then it doubled directly in these two weeks The rise is very, very fierce It has risen by 13% in the last 24 hours It’s increased by 79% in the last 7 days. What is the difference between the two The difference is to say BINANCE BNB is a centralized currency It’s all controlled by Binance. It controls But with this Uniswap It is a decentralized currency So it is the essential difference between BINANCE and Uniswap If you think today’s content is a little helpful to you If you like today's content Please help me order a panic below Would you like to rot the lower part? This will help my video very much And then I will share it with everyone I am here to thank you all Let’s take a look at Uniswap now In Uniswap, it looks like this It will issue a total of 1 billion 1 billion coins Now this circulating supply That means we can use only 29% Just that many coins and then 29% Everyone, let's take a look at BINANCE BINANCE can supply so many coins in total Is 170 million of this coin And now it has been used 91% What do these two data show? In other words, a lot of them have already been used In other words, it’s already a lot, we’re already using it now 91% of the coins we are using One of us is still only 29% If you look at this data I personally think that Uniswap will have greater potential It will go longer in the future It’s because it still has a lot of coins that we don’t use Now only so many coins came out Just relying on the above words of this coin I think if they compare I think Uniswap has a bigger potential Another one is BINANCE, after all, now Although it is the largest trading platform in the world It’s a trading platform after 5 years and 10 years later Will it still be the largest in the world we do not know So this also adds a lot of uncertainty to it Then we look at this This is what I saw on Uniswap's official website Their feedback You can take a look at the pink community Who does this mean? It means you and me Those of us who hold Uniswap now are you and me The blue ones are their own team, their own team Then the rest is the investor, the investor and the adviser This has nothing to do with us This is the ratio chart after inflation in 10 years You can see what is the difference between these two pictures There is more pink This means what we hold for a long time Our rate of return will be bigger, the rate of return will be higher But you see less blue Because of the whole team They are willing to give up their own profits Give it to you and me who are willing to invest their currency This is their decentralized one No matter it is the BINANCE currency OKEx currency The biggest difference between the currencies of other trading platforms So in the long run I personally think it has no reason not to rise, it has no reason In the next 5 years and 10 years, long-term investment will continue to rise So I personally think it is a very worthy investment project Let me show you this picture again now If you look at this picture, it is about DEFI.

In the case of DEFI, it's like this Now Uniswap has more than 200 A completely different DEFI project DEFI project So we have started cooperation Then if you believe in DEFI If you like DEFI Then I think Uniswap will definitely follow DEFI in the future If you think DEFI things will increase in the future Then Uniswap will definitely rise Everyone can take a look This is a trend of it in the last 90 days Everyone can take a look At the beginning, there was a surge of DEFI Then it fell off immediately Because last year this DEFI was really hot Then people become rational After being rational, it can come up quickly from here That means it is actually a very, very good project And something worth investing in So it's in such a short time So now it’s back to the previous high point So if you like DEFI and you believe in DEFI It will be a good project OK, let's talk about it now What are the disadvantages and disadvantages of both of them Because everything has its advantages and disadvantages It’s impossible that it only has benefits and no harm, right? First of all, let’s talk about Uniswap Uniswap is because it goes to the middleman to make the difference It is a direct transaction between people In this case, it will form a guarantee between If its operation and the transaction fail to pass and fail There are not many reasons It may be due to technical reasons and other reasons If you fail, you will lose the gas fee in vain This is the only point of it that I personally think is not so good Then let's talk about BINANCE BINANCE, because it’s a company, it’s an organization So it has a very strong dominance If this company is good, this company is not good.

The first thing is to say BINANCE is only available in certain countries in the world It is not available in every country in the world This is one of its drawbacks If your country does not support BINANCE Then you can’t use this platform to trade The second point is that someone broke out before Use BINANCE on this platform There are almost 9 billion money laundering activities, etc. But right, this cryptocurrency, if someone launders money It's really hard for you to catch Many people say I can supervise I can know who sent the money or something But really you only know which address to which address to send money to You don't know who sent the money So in fact, money laundering is really hard to catch In fact, some countries objected to come out and say This cryptocurrency is used for money laundering, etc. Actually, to be honest, the US dollar is now Is the U.S. dollar now the largest money laundering currency in the world? Not cryptocurrency but U.S.

Dollars OK so this method is totally wrong OK, let's talk about it when we come back Let’s talk about what we want to say next I personally think that these two coins this year How much price can be reached Then if these two coins are compared Whether it’s BINANCE’s BNB coin Or this UNI coin I personally think that in the near future UNI coin will replace or even exceed BINANCE coin It will rank among the top 10. Compare these two I personally prefer Uniswap The currency of BNB more than BINANCE When we talk about the price I personally feel that within this year or two Either this year or next year BINANCE's words If it is a currency, it should be able to rise to about 400 US dollars This is just my personal estimate And with Uniswap, I can personally think It has risen very fast now But I don’t recommend everyone to come in recently Because I personally think it may have a callback in the short term Because it rushes too fast Usually there will be a callback at this time The best investment method is still dollar cost average Buy on dips Or buy the same amount of cash continuously I personally think that in the next one or two years, Uniswap will rise to $250 each This is just my personal estimate If you hold these two currencies now Or if you are interested Or you have your own estimates Please leave a message below to let me know I want to know your thoughts and your estimates In the next year or two, these two currencies What kind of price can I reach? If you like today's show If you like the more useful information I provided you today If you feel benefited Please help me order a panic below Rotten the following If friends who are interested in my investment There is an investment below to take me flying group You can click on investment in the description bar to take me to fly I will share in it Real-time update of my personal holdings If you are interested, please find out Actually, many friends asked me where to buy these coins Many people don’t know because many people are noobs Many people are novices It’s also in the description bar at the bottom of my video I put all the links of the exchanges I personally used below You can choose freely according to the different regions you are in It's all ok Haven't subscribed to my friends Remember to subscribe to my channel below Open that little bell So you won’t miss any of my live broadcasts next time And the time of the next video release Then welcome everyone to leave me a message If any of you want to hear me talk about any other currency Or do you have any opinion on other coins I will watch the comments of each of you in the comments below Friends who haven’t followed me on Instagram You can follow my Instagram below Instagram I will update some new information every day on it This information is basically invisible on YouTube Friends with Instagram can follow my Instagram That's it for today's show See you next time Bye bye

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