UNI -2- uniswap token – how to use UNI with ETH and become a liquidity provider in DeFi !

so this is what you want to see when you compute with the defy ethereum smart contracts success transaction went through it went to the contract and it added my 200 uni and almost three ethereum to the smok contract of uniswap to the liquidity pool so these coins are sent away they are locked but they generate more uni with the 0.3 fee in uni swap version 2. this is some price behavior of the uniswap token on the first weekend between five and seven dollars the price is running around then you can see metamask the smart contract went through this was the third time i tried it with 100 grey so much cheaper below five dollars and two times i tried but it did not go through so sometimes you have these problems it did not go through but it was finished and earlier i had a problem with the transaction from may it was already running but never finishing that's the one which was blocking my metamask brave browser for many months it was a staking but the staking was not working the 0.01 ethereum never went into staking so then i had to get the nonce of this transaction so it is the number and send me a zero transaction and this only went through on the 18th of september but the original transaction was from me but then i had only to pay the fee and i could do new transactions i could claim and approve my uni tokens to make these steps i am explaining now to you you also see that i have zero uni now i have also the coins they are still there and i have 1.6 ethereum not 4.6 like before because three ethereum are now in the uni swap contract to provide liquidity to it exchange three ethereum and 200 uni are on the liquidity pool so let's go to the liquidity pool you see the position i've put on two thousand dollars so half and half ethereum three ethereum 200 uni tokens and the fees earned are already as high as my fee was to get into this smart contract so this is within the first 12 hours on this booming weekend of uniswap token so this is the preferred liquidity pool uni itaha and you see also the sum and sometimes this goes up and down these prices go up and down sometimes it's more ethereum it's less uni or vice versa because the price always changes and people are panicking and following around with the price of these tokens so this is very new this is only the first hours of uni swap liquidity we will see how this goes if you want to keep your tokens it's a good thing to put them on in the liquidity pool your ethereum address is your login to view it on etherscan and now let's check the uniswap protocol you see they have two billions but this is the boom which only started in september of 2020 so it's very new and you are the first liquidity providers if you enter this and if you compute your coins to the smart contract of uniswap version 2.

So i like this one with the 0.3 fee of uni token in the uniswop decentralized finance exchange you have your liquidity you can add your liquidity you can manage the liquidity and when you manage you come to the site i showed you before here you can see the first steps i had to take the very first step is getting the token this is the first transaction then the second step is to approve your uni for the uniswap exchange and the third step is to swap 200 like id200 uni into ethereum and the fourth step is to provide the liquidity to the uniswap protocol so this is my strategy this is my best idea what to do with these uni tokens after you've approved you have them into in your wallet and you can swap them and then put on liquidity to the uniswap decentralized finance exchange so always use the right application and the secure internet address of uniswap to change or to provide liquidity in the pool okay so let's do it live i have claimed and approved my maximum here 400 it's a little bit more because i was a kind liquidity provider once and now i change half of it into ethereum i click the swap confirm the swap wait for it to open to check the fees to check the gas price so once again you see this starting boom in the uni swap decentralized exchange and i also like to show you the founder the inventor of this uni swap this young man this incredible guy hayden adams he really created this uni swap and he spoke ago one year ago of automated liquidity that's what we now are able to get in and to be a part of the decentralized finances hayden adams really did a good invention with the uni swap he made a big step for crypto and it seems to me that he is like a second vitalik bringing innovation and new possibilities into the crypto and defeat money system

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