Undiscovered Crytpo GEM to BAG in March 2021

what's up everyone i'm coach k and we are 
going to look at what is coming up for the   weekend is the market going to continue to 
slip and fall through march as i predicted   or not i also have at the very end of 
this video a project that is definitely   one you will want to have in your portfolio 
i will explain why in more detail at the end   of the video so don't go anywhere make sure you 
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we serve you here first see you guys in a second   all right so let's jump right into bitcoin and 
what i said yesterday is very straightforward i   said we couldn't get above this tenkin i wasn't 
really concerned but i also wasn't feeling as   bullish unless we got above and retested which 
is what i drew yesterday we haven't got that   yet but we are still barely holding above this 21 
day ema bitcoin looks a little bit on the shakier   side nothing that we didn't expect though as you 
guys know we did expect this to happen so this is   no surprise now we see the alt season we're 
in that alt season we're below the red line   red level of indicating old season and it seems 
like this is dropping a little bit at a time   we want to get down to this level this would be 
very very bullish for alts if we get down into   the under 60 dominance level uh and stay there 
and then we look over at our cme everything looks   pretty good this gap has been filled let's just 
delete that off still this gap way down here will   it ever fill well maybe it could take till the 
next bear market for it to fill you never know um   not too sure about the ones way down there though 
the one way down here nine thousand i don't think   i'll ever felt all right looking over to ethereum 
yesterday i said i was not liking that chiku span   i wasn't really confident in it there's reasons 
for a way i think and also that 21 day ema was   acting as resistance every time it came up to 
touch the top it pushed it back down and we're   kind of caught between the tenkin and the kijun 
right now so it's kind of hammering it's a hammer   type candle off of the kitchen there let's see 
let's see how this plays out remember i did think   march was going to be more on the bearish side 
and very likely near the end to the actual end   of march we would start to come out of it into a 
very bullish april there's people that took taxes   but remember all these fundamental things can 
sometimes not be factors look at what happened   with chinese new year is a really good example for 
that but where would i say ethereum's going next   it does look a little bit like it's coiling and 
getting ready for a move probably to the upside   but very likely we range come down before we go 
higher okay so that's what i'm expecting from   ethereum it did already have from the top to 
the very bottom an over 35 percent correction   it's possible to go to 50 as well as to come lower 
but that could have been it also could not and   what did i talk about yesterday i said yesterday 
that the dxy was gonna get stronger why simple as   i said well the dxy is the control of money it's 
fiat people selling stuff to go into fiat very   indicative of tax season right it's people selling 
off some crypto selling off some stocks so they   can pay their taxes at the end of the year and 
then what happens in april every almost every year   influx of capital inflow because people have 
capital again because they don't have to worry   about paying tests this is just how it works every 
year like the thing is once the reason why i say   that you know trading is boring right people say 
like oh man it's so exciting it is it is it's   great when you have a really big win and you were 
sure that that was it's awesome but it's boring   it's the same pattern over and over again and once 
you have that system you know when that pattern is   stronger or weaker and this is what our what my 
trading course has right there's two courses and   there's the group and if you guys want to learn 
at a trade i highly implore you to do that than   trusting some random person including myself 
off the internet telling you buy this and you   don't even know why so go to academictrading.com 
there's a link in the description check it out   so you guys can learn how to trade like i trade so 
that you can have a system that is very systematic   checklist oriented um and un emotional so that's 
all i'm gonna say for that but we see this dxy and   it gives us a very clear indication that people 
are cashing out of stocks and are cashing out of   crypto and we don't really need too too much more 
than this to kind of see that we lost the channel   that we had held for quite some time i mean this 
is all the way back to october right so this is   this is not something that happened over a week 
or two so we held that level and then we finally   broke below i thought we would break below here 
we finally breaking no here how low will we go i   mean we have until april right so we have like 
kind of the week we could definitely come down   to this the screaming all-time high level from the 
past that's what we'll look at right now but guys   you know what i want dude i'm going to give you a 
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that can be the one that you need all right   going over to gold it's come down to my red level 
which i talked about it potentially coming to   all the way up here so we're back to 1700 gold 
sorry peter schiff but you definitely lose to btc   every single day of the week looking at binance 
coin still looks good to me we have a flat tenkin   uh 21 day ema cajun all really close together 
almost this is almost acting like a level as   well on top of that we're probably gonna see 
this bouncing come out harder maybe this was   actually the diagonal that we have here which is 
also good when we break out we could definitely   come down here first and then break out near the 
end of march so i'll just leave that there for us   to look at in the future and we're getting close 
to so don't go anywhere guys our end of the video   i'm going to share that one project with you if 
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otherwise you wouldn't be watching this channel   all right so what projects am i looking at 
well i did very much state that 88 is one   really really high up on my list right now it is 
very much holding the 21 day ema and the tank in   a double bounce level here um for support uh 
i'm also always looking at strats i do believe   there's some big stuff coming from them i know 
some stuff and ecosystems so adam dot okay look   at the ecosystems they are very important another 
one is luna these are going absolutely parabolic   because they are solving more problems right these 
are active these are there this is this where it's   breaking out right now luna's gonna go much higher 
like we could see this thing be at 15 sooner than   you could believe so just keep that in mind so 
there are definitely ecosystem plays all right   looking over at rsr we see another trade setup 
that looked okay but also has a bearish tk cross   happening right now as we speak so i'm not too too 
concerned but i'm also not going to be buying rsr   here at least not right now uh rose had a nice 
bounce kitchen bounce kitchen brake type trade   and uh looks to be getting ready to go if this 
closes meaning the candle this this body closes   above this line we'll look for that retest and 
then we'll enter and go for the next leg up   just remember even though we're weary about march 
right and potentially a downturn that doesn't mean   we don't trade good setups that we see because 
that would be just silly like it's literally   like if someone said hey there's five bucks on the 
floor go pick it up and it's yours would you do it   yes so you still have to treat your trades the 
same because then you're not taking trades that   are good ones and you probably end up taking bad 
trades that aren't the right ones right so just   keep your mindset straight and you'll be like a 
hundred times better than everyone else because   most people lose money in crypto because they're 
mine ain't right looking back at energy web token   i mean it's ready to just keep going so keep that 
in mind um we had a nice rejection off both these   levels on the daily there yesterday so lcx 
um i think it's still gonna go much higher   to be honest you guys and then we talked about 
this yesterday on crypto banter with the coty   i said yesterday that okay we want to see it come 
up tap back down and then break out of this first   level we've kind of done that we tapped exactly 
off that level came back down and re-test this   level it's happening obviously a little bit faster 
that i drew up which that's totally fine too all   right so last one on the ta side of things we're 
going to look at helium token now these guys are   rumored to be one of the ones that are also going 
to be going on coinbase they're on binance us all   right so we're looking at this i don't like the 
chico spam but everything else about it looks okay   we have a bullish tk cross we're above the cloud 
and re-testing so we had a kumo breakout right so   akuma breakout means that we were inside of the 
cloud the kumo then we broke out of the kumo and   now we wait for the retest so right now putting in 
a trade on btc around 8 30 8 31 would probably be   a good time to do it but there is this chico span 
which is concerning so i very much likely would   wait a couple days to see if it gets above the 
candlesticks now you'll learn a lot about that in   my course so if you're not sure what i'm talking 
about just know that helium is something that's   definitely on my radar and i'm waiting for that 
perfect scent entry set up so we break out and   go higher to like seven eight dollars yes seventy 
dollars all right so now to look at some of our   uniswap plays a doze looks really good we did call 
it way way way down here around a dollar sixty   uh it's been doing really nicely so far i do think 
that it has a lot of potential upside and then   we're looking over here at super we talked about 
this for the last couple days i thought it was   looking like it's gonna break out they're gonna 
have some type of new something's coming for it   haven't got that news yet they're very stealthy 
and generally there's something coming when that   happens and you see similar things with mint 
it's holding that lower level um kind of in this   range right now kind of figuring out its bottom 
once it does that remember public mint only has   the tokens that are out out right now many people 
have no tokens for three months meaning that   whatever's out there is out there and when the 
bottom's in things will recover and start moving   quickly in my opinion one that came out today 
kylan so they did this weird thing with balancer   and um uniswap where they took from 
the balancer and put on you so it's   it was interesting personally not a fan but um 
a big fan of kylin they've done extremely well   with pretty much everything and i'm really excited 
for uh for daily in the team uh i think they're   gonna do some really good stuff so those are a 
lot of our crap coins i i could go on forever guys   blank actually just came out right now so let's 
have a quick look at blink okay so blank launch   today they definitely have had a really really 
strong one i'm not in this one right now but   i'm definitely gonna be looking at potentially 
getting into a position on it all right my pick is   this one orbit freeway token now you've heard me 
talk about this before but it's not one of those   30 40 x 50 x projects this is one that's sitting 
right now at about eight or nine x it's at a   really comfortable level it just had a token 
release and we had some tokens drop off right   which happens every single time but one thing i 
didn't learn about this project is they had token   releases and like yld yield app they didn't have 
crazy downturns after there was a token release   because very many people including a stock market 
traded company in the canadian stock exchange   have invested in this company they see the vision 
and so what i'm trying to get at is you guys a lot   of time you hear me talk about the charts right 
and you hear me talk about like a coin that i   find this one is not only just a coin that i found 
this is an ecosystem which has a network effect   principle built into it the more people that use 
this network the more people that benefit from   this network because you're not paying a broker 
and all these other people down the line you're   cutting them all out so like i've been saying 
since the start about abit this is a project   that has a huge potential huge potential because 
they're taking funds and making them available for   you the retail guys that never would have had a 
chance these guys are just getting started so if   if you want to like look into a project that's not 
gone and done like you know several several x's   and you know it's way over pumped or anything you 
want something that could be like even from right   now a 30 40 x coin uh look into orbit freeway 
token even the chart what i see here is respected   previous highs which is now flipped and turned 
into because it really didn't i don't really count   that as a retest like this has this is like the 
retest for me right so broke out came down retest   this could be a level that holds it also could 
drop a little bit lower to this level right down   here which is fine if it does i'll be loading up 
even more so the question you had for me is what   is the next coin what was the next coin coach that 
was going to be one that i should keep my eyes on   this week what i'm telling you guys 
you should probably stack and hold   abit freeway token quote me on it screencap this 
you'll see i'm not that confident for no reason   all right that's it so make sure that you 
guys go right now hit that subscribe like   and bell button so you don't miss on any of 
this content if you're finding it very valuable   awesome do let me know in the comments below 
you guys have yourselves an awesome weekend i   will see all of you and i may drop a video over 
the weekend so keep your eyes peeled for that   too have yourselves a going everyone 
i'm coach k see y'all monday hidden

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