Under the Radar ALTCOINs No One Talks About…YET!!

Identifying the massively successful projects, 
before anyone else. That is the Chico Crypto   ethos…we dig deeper, we research harder, and 
we find the tokens that aren’t even trading yet.   But once they do start trading….everyone starts 
shouting “swoop there it is” “swoop there he   is”….(*dancing) your gonna start dancing 
too, because it’s time for Chico Crypto! Pump thee bags Tyler, well sorry to burst 
your bubble, this video isn’t about instant   gratification as every project and token in 
today’s video, isn’t trading…..YET! I bet   that statement made many moon bois click away, 
because the PUMP won’t come today or tomorrow,   but for those Mars bois, who are 
patient, these projects, in my opinion,   are top of the line, and when they do start 
trading, I expect this quarter, they will GO POP! So let us begin, with the one I 
have been covering the longest,   almost a year ago now, I covered 
it…and then again 6 months ago,   and then all the time throughout live streams 
and again today.

That is centrifuge, and the   reason I love this project…it combines 
all of the things I like about crypto,   into one sweet package. Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, 
Polkadot, stablecoins…centrifuge uses it all. How you may ask? Well 1st we need to understand 
what Centrifuge is. The first major product from   Centrifuge is the Tinlake dapp. With this, Asset 
Originators can collateralize invoices, royalties,   and other real-world assets 
and then gain instant liquidity   with the collateral through DeFi and stablecoins. So Asset Originators are real world 
businesses with real world assets who need   access to capital now, instead of waiting 
through the typical invoice, royalty or other   business payment process. And these real 
world assets are tokenized into collateral   with NFTs. As we can see, from the tinlake 
dapp, they have 6 open pools, and 1 upcoming   pool with 7 different businesses ranging 
from tokenizing real estate bridge loans,   tokenizing trade receivables and branded inventory 
financing, to tokenizing music streaming invoices. So who provides the capital to these businesses? 
Well DeFi does…as we can see from the bridge   loan example, 3 bridge loans are tokenized into 
NFTs, with 150k plus DAI loaned or financed.

So   DeFi users, who wan’t to get a return on their 
stablecoin, can submit capital in the form of dai   to this pool, and the business in this case 
New Silver Series is paying a financing fee   to get instant access to the capital 
from DeFi users aka capital providers. DeFi is risky, but it gives many benefits 
like instant liquidity. Tinlake is basically   safer returns for DeFi users, instead of the 
risky farming returns as real world businesses   with real world cash flow, can usually pay 
back their loans on time, and with interest.

Now, most of what I've been talking about 
has to do with Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem,   as that is where the Tinlake dapp lives. 
How does this connect to Polkadot!? Through the NFTs. For example invoices are 
tokenized initially on the Centrifuge chain,   where anchors and identities live, but then 
the NFT is bridged to the Ethereum mainchain.  Governance, full tokenization of 
document details, and validation   happen on the centrifuge chain, which 
is a proof of stake blockchain built on   substrate.

It’s one of the live polkadot 
chains…the one no one is talking about. The governance token for Centrifuge is called RAD,   or radial token. And it’s been a 
hard one to pin down. 6 months ago,   I showed a faucet from the team, which you could 
earn .1 per day. But that has been turned off. Well, I’ve also shown you could earn, by 
running your own validator node for the chain,   on their website, they are calling out 
for just that. But it is technical,   especially the node setup, as well as the 
validator…but if you think you got the chops,   links for both instructions are below. I 
also showed the Rad liquidity mining program,   where you earn their token for contributing 
liquidity to the tinlake pools, but if your   US…you need to be an accredited 
investor, and they do full KYC.

And then, I showed the community 
radial mining program, where they   were giving Rad token bounties 
for certain community actions,   and some solid rewards up to 100 RAD, but as 
we can see, not for US persons…bummer! But   if your non us, south korea or china…link 
for that program is also in the description. But US investors, are going to be 
able to get their hands on this   soon. December 17th, Centrifuge had 
a community call and Cassidy Daly,   head of token design and research said this 
regarding US persons and Tinlake, and RAD… US Based persons, cannot participate…FOR NOW. 
So they are working on getting these programs   open to US persons, doing what they legally 

But US persons, may not have to wait.   Let’s hear what Cassidy also had to 
said about RADs coming functionality…. The Ethereum bridge turning 
it right into an ERC20,   aka Uniswap trading aka RAD is 
coming soon to a Dex near you. So this next one I have to cover, as the next 
incentivized testnet, kicks off today. And that   is HOPR, a layer 0 chain, for total privacy. The 
HOPR protocol provides network-level and metadata   privacy for every kind of data exchange. A 
mixnet protects the identity of both sender   and recipient by routing data via multiple 
intermediate relay hops that mix traffic.

HOPR has had 2 incentivized testnets already, the 
team said they would be doing them on multiples,   the first on xdai, the second on matic, and the 
coming third one, I do not necessarily like,   Binance smart chain…but binance did 
invest, so I get why they are doing it. January 12th, HOPR put out a medium 
article explaining the coming HOPR token,   and at the end in the sections “When & Where 
Can I Get HOPR? The team said “This is what I   can say for now: After mainnet launch, HOPR can be 
earned by anyone who runs a node and stakes HOPR.   As you relay data, your node will accrue 
tickets that can be claimed for HOPR   via our smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. 
We will have more information about mainnet  launch and how to acquire your 
first HOPR VERY soon.

For now,   all I’ll say is that it’s definitely worth 
participating in our final testnet, HOPR Titlis And that Begins Today…. And for those of you who have an avado blockchain 
computer, joining the incentivized testnet   will be much easier, just a few clicks as 
the dapp is integrated right into avado,   and if your thinking about getting 
one, link for purchase is also below…. But you don’t need an avado though to participate, 
as Chico crypto has also included the teams   Guide to the Titlis testnet…as we can see its 
running from January 19th, 2021 to January 21st,   only 3 days and at the bottom 
the say the system requirements   “You can participate in Titlis from your home 
device running MacOS or Linux. Windows should   also work, but we don’t have dedicated setup 
instructions yet. You can also run a node   from a virtual private server (VPS) in the cloud. 
Please ensure your server has at least 2GB of RAM.   This testnet is also open 
to all of our AVADO users” So I like HOPR because they are partnered with 
Avado, on multiple levels. I like HOPR because   they are doing multiple testnets, xdai, matic, and 
even the nance.

That means it’s going to work on   all those layers including Ethereum, enhancing 
privacy for all the dapps built on those layers.   And with the partners, and investors it has 
established, when the mainnet goes live,   it's going to be highly used….a recipe for 
success in my eyes….the only risk, is it’s a   privacy token…luckily no investing with this 
video, it's all about earning by contributing   to the protocols. You could almost call it a form 
of proof of work….Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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