UNBELIEVABLE Progress from Top LOW CAP GEM (Already 10x Project YFDAI)

It's finally here, the next generation Launchpad by YFDAI. YFDAI promises to keep rug pulling
scammers out of its ecosystem, allowing peace of mind for traders
and HODLers alike. Find out what YFDAI has been up to
in this overview video and learn all about YFDAI's new Launchpad
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hearing more about smaller cap projects like YFDAI. It's actually a project I'm an advisor for. It's been surging ever since we first started
working together with them last year. The BitSquad has absolutely been killing it
with their yield farming platform. Now, the YFDAI Launchpad is ready to be utilized. They have announced their first Launchpad project
in partnership with DuckDAO, ImpulseVen. So what is ImpulseVen? Well, in layman terms, it's a dashboard to enable
DeFi solutions accessible to anyone.

This includes lending, staking, farming, arbitrage,
trading and its own decentralized exchange which allows derivatives trading
and up to 20X leverage. Be careful, kids. So, how do you get in on the sale of ImpulseVen? Well, you have to own some YFDAI. That's the secret sauce. ImpulseVen's presale in YFDAI's Launchpad
will consist of two private rounds in addition to a strategic round. For more on that, check out YFDAI's Medium page. YFDAI's Launchpad is unique as they heavily scrutinize
and screen each project they allow to be on it to prevent rug pulls. The criteria includes full KYC
on all core team members, 100% of team, advisor and marketing tokens
locked in time-release smart contracts, smart contract audit by Blockchain Consilium, locked liquidity via YFDAI on both
SafeSwap and Uniswap, confirmation of no prior fundraising, agreement that funds to ImpulseVen will be
distributed over a peroid of 6 months. Now, in addition to the YFDAI Launchpad, YFDAI has also launched a governance token
for its SafeSwap platform called SSGT. The SSGT will be used as the voting token on YFDAI
as well as a liquidity provider rewards token and will serve many other purposes
which we'll look at later.

But first, let's discuss the tokenomics. As you can see, YFDAI has broken down the
tokenomics detailing the distribution of tokens for farming rewards and staking rewards, multiple airdrops and those sold during
both the public and private sales. The total comes up to being a maximum token
supply for SSGT of 210 million tokens which will be utilized in the YFDAI ecosystem. In addition, future SSGT rewards will
be given to the SafeSwap users or top token holders of key SafeSwap projects.

The SSGT token will be given to all
YFDAI holders in the airdrop. As the earlier chart showed,
10% of the total SSGT token supply, there's 21 million, they're reserved for the airdrop, and 16.67% of this airdrop will be released on a
monthly basis over a 6-month vesting schedule. However, there's a few things that
you must know about this airdrop though. The earlier you got into YFDAI prior to the snapshot, the more you'll receive of SSGT
for each YFDAI coin you have. The SSGT airdrop is for all YFDAI
holders, stakers and farmers. It's an ongoing continuous airdrop for six months
that you don't want to miss subsequent snapshots because they'll take place every calendar month,
and you'll be granted with your allocation of SSGT. The more YFDAI you hold,
the more SSGT you can claim. Pay attention though. There are key dates you need to watch and unless
you have a time machine from Nikola Tesla, or a DeLorean like Marty from Back to the Future, you may have unfortunately missed
the first deadline on March 9.

Oh, this is heavy, Doc. But don't worry, you still have until March 16. If you did manage to buy, stake or farm
YFDAI before March 9 though, congratulations! You're considered to be a longtime user,
and you get the maximum reward. Holders will receive 1250 SSGT. And stakers and farmers will receive
1350 SSGT for YFDAI. Yay, you, pat yourself on the back. But for the rest of you guys, I'm sure you can see and read the chart. Unless you're watching me and you're blind
in which case that's kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? Anyone acquiring YFDAI between
March 9 and Tuesday, March 16, will be considered to be a new YFDAI token holder and will be rewarded with 1150 SSGT
for staking and farming, and for just HODLing, you'll receive 1100.

Anyone after March 16, well, you're SOL. Of course, that stands for "sold out of luck". I bet you thought I was going to say something else,
but you guys know this is a family-friendly channel. It should also be noted here though that there is no minimum YFDAI amount
that needs to be held, staked or farmed. For those of you that do get into this airdrop, there are even loyalty bonuses in tiers if you
don't sell any tokens which will reward you. And you guessed it, more SSGT tokens. The first SSGT loyalty bonus
for YFDAI stakers and farmers that do not reduce their amount of YFDAI
in each pool between each SSGT distribution will receive a bonus amount of 10%
of their total SSGT airdrop.

This is with the stipulation that you haven't sold
or transferred any staking or farming tokens, removed LP tokens from any of
the 3, 30, 60 or 90-day farms, finally, un-staked any amount of YFDAI
during the airdrop period of six months. There's also a second SSGT loyalty bonus for SSGT holders that do not reduce the amount
of SSGT held in their wallets by selling between each SSGT distribution
period of six months. Those users will receive a bonus
amount of 5% of their SSGT airdrop. But there's one more bonus loyalty reward for
token holders who complete both bonuses. Users that complete both will receive
a SSGT last-man standing NFT which will provide a share of a $100,000 prize pool paid out in YFDAI following the initial
6-month distribution period with no lockup or extended distribution. But wait though. There's even more bonuses ahead in the future. At this point, I feel like I'm an infomercial guy. In order to promote trading and
liquidity on SafeSwap DEX, starting in April 2021, YFDAI will be offering
SSGT rewards to its SafeSwap users totaling up to 21 million SSGT tokens
dedicated to their DEX.

These SSGT rewards will be claimable
monthly over a 6-month period and will be awarded based on the amount of YFDAI
held and committed to the project by each user. SSGT multiple tiers for stakers and farmers means that those that have staked or farmed
YFDAI will receive a multiplier SSGT bonus, as you can see below. Further details on conditions that need to be met will be
announced prior to the first SSGT reward for SafeSwap users, according to the team. Any users that do not sell the initial SSGT airdrop
will qualify for a 10% SSGT rewards bonus on top of the first SafeSwap reward
and the second SafeSwap reward. The longevity bonus will be claimable immediately
after the second SafeSwap reward. If you miss the YFDAI airdrop date, you may still be able to get in on the SSGT presale by buying YFDAI and staking or farming it. Following the SSGT presale, the team will
launch a public sale on its Launchpad. The Launchpad presale price will be 5¢. The Launchpad public sale price will be 7.5¢.

The listing price will be 11¢. More details will be provided by the team in future
announcements about the date of each sale. Now, according to YFDAI's Medium page, SSGT will be listed on SafeSwap and Uniswap, with 90% of the funds gained from the presale
and public sale will be used to provide over $600,000 of locked liquidity split
between SafeSwap and Uniswap, while 10% of the funds raised will
be used for marketing purposes. In the distant future, for every YFDAI
and SSGT that you stake and farm, YFDAI is even offering a presale allocation bonus in
YFDAI Launchpad sales as detailed by the chart.

YFDAI has been one of our biggest
winning picks from the last year, and I'm an advisor for this gem. I told you guys last year that this thing was going to
be an absolute monster, and it's proven to be true. This could be YFDAI offering life-changing
money for just holding or buying YFDAI. You can pick up a bag of YFDAI if you haven't
already on Bibox, Uniswap and Gate.io. Let me know what you guys think about this project
that's already 10X'ed since we started covering it as an advisor. Drop those comments down below.
Let me know what you're excited for. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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