ULTRA RARE EURO COINS 2 Euro, 1Euro Coin Collection 2021

friends, welcome to the COIN AZ numismatic channel, today I want to show you the coins of Europe, as I promised in yesterday's video, I bought a rare collection of coins, European coins mean there are 2 euros and 1 euros here, all the coins here are a very large collection, I show you one side of the coin , so that the video is not very long, many may have such coins, friends, that is, these coins that I show now, many have such coins, and some of you who want to sell can follow the link to my website link under this video and register to sell your moments also on the site you can buy coins from our partner amazon as you see the coins are in excellent condition I will quickly show what you would also watch, if you also have such coins you would like to find out information you can contact us through our social networks links to my social networks are under this video And so friends let's talk about european coins among these coins you can find expensive coins n but in most of these coins are not worth more than their denomination, expensive coins can be found even if there is a defect on these coins, an error in minting, even a begging for some kind of defect changes the price of the coin several times, and now I will show the year 99 and 2000 there is a very large collection of friends, the coins are very beautiful, european coins for each country were minted separately there are a lot of coins here, I will quickly show you how this test country so that you can make sure these coins are already 1 euro, we have this entire collection, which I showed in yesterday's video and today's video, I bought friends for only $ 20, and so far in two days I will not only see what kind of coin it is, but I have not yet had time to identify among them there are rare and expensive ones, so in the following videos if I find rare and expensive coins among these coins, I will inform you that we still have one euro here for the ninth year as you see coins from more than 100 pieces more than a hundred that I almost counted so far, but I think so more One hundred that among these coins, I again repeat, maybe there may be a small marriage, a small mistake in the minting and this will increase the price of the coin, I will look at it and then if I find it I will let you know.

And so I thank my subscribers for the fact that all this time you have supported me, we are already approaching 100,000 subscribers, these are friends, a very large community, we have already turned from just one youtube channel, into a large platform for buying and selling coins, we have a website, we have there are coin az pages on which they will help you how to place your coin for sale and also evaluate your coins, I ask the guests of our channel who are watching us for the first time, if this video is just the first time they entered our channel, please subscribe to our channel, on our the channel only shows a video of coins this is a numismatic channel also there are still a few coins left I show, and so 2009 old coins among these coins can be very rare, this is how this coin I will see it later, guests will visit it and I will also repeat I am grateful to all my subscribers for that that they supported me all this time and again we will soon be opening live broadcasts in a few days on YouTube we will have live broadcasts and you can You can ask all your questions online, and so friends, I hope you liked this video the coin is very beautiful many of these coins I have not seen either, and I saw it for the first time, I think you also see some of these coins for the first time, subscribe to the channel, friends thank you all, goodbye

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