Ultimate Dual Dance Pole

hello everyone web designer wiley archangel designs today's tutorial is going to be on the ultimate duel dance pole the duel dance pole is a female animation set up 17 motion capture animation sets for a total of thirty-four animations this poll is designed to be used as a single or a double pole if you want to use it as a single just click set on the pole or click set on the base use the menu if you want to use both the primary dancer goes on the pole the secondary dancer goes on the base right now we've got two girls on here showing you how it works I of course real quick will show you the ins and outs of the administration which is very simple if you want to grant access for group only or for public as the owner right click touch only group can sit on the pole right click touch again makes it public so for the case of this demo we'll keep it public so right now we've got two girls on the pole Brianna sat on the base and huge knockers right right sat on the pole once again it just it just keeps getting better so let's go ahead and go through the menu options show you a couple of different examples of what we have here either girl can click on the pole and use it the primary clicks on here the secondary can also click on here really doesn't matter you've got kick and glide very first animation now this does have a animation adjuster as far as position and rotation so if you don't quite fit on the pole if your little taller if your little shorter just sit type / 1a and chat you'll get a little menu you'll get your XYZ coordinates you just hit the buttons accordingly once you're done it'll save you and 99 other people's adjustments in there so that way when you go back to it the next time you're good to go click on it again everything syncs up we've got some more wonderful motion capture animations the girl is going to get dizzy by the time we're done with this demo we've got sassy a lot of these are very well designed mirror animations as you can see they're doing the same dance on the opposite side the pole lean there you go don't try this one hold spin splits oh that just hurts looking at it moving up work in it one of my favorites hey so you're like poles huh yeah don't use that it'll never work all right let's go through a couple more here hip motion once again just lined up and make it look easy the belly dance not to be confused with the Humpty hump nevermind anywho so as you can see girls can click on it they can go through the animation menu either girl can operate it very simple to use other net that's it it's a very easy pole it is a copy permission and modify so if you need to make any color changes to it or whatever please do so it's only 3995 linen you can make as many of these poles as you want so very very inexpensive considering how many Poles you can put out their poles of this type generally sell for almost the same amount you only get one so this way you can put out a whole slew of these things all over your club other net you can come by the store and try the demo or you can just buy it directly on Marketplace whichever you prefer once again I'm web designer wiley archangel designs hope to see you soon

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