UE4 Tron Material l Unreal Engine 4.26 (Tutorial)

Hi. In this tutorial, we are going to make Tron Material. First of all, create a material and click to open a window. Next, create a Texcoord node. Then, after creating a subtraction node, make
a constant node pressing number 1 key on the keyboard, and set the value to 0.5. After connecting as shown in the video,
if you look at the Subtract node in Preview, you can find that the UVs are divided. This is because the starting point is shifted
from 0 to -0.5 now that the overall coordinate plane of size 1 was subtracted by 0.5.

Next, create a Break Out Float 2 Components
node and connect it to the Subtract. And then, while using the keyboard M, click
to create 2 Multiply nodes, create keyboard S from a constant node, and set Constant to 2. Connect the nodes as shown in the video. After that, the triangle button of the Multiply
node is displayed, the Multiply node connected to Red is displayed on the right, and the
Multiply node connected to Green is displayed in the color below.

This is because the colors in the subtract
are only red and green parts. Next, create 2 nodes. Then, connect Multiply nodes like the video. If you connect like this way, only in the
middle will there be a black line, because Texcoord subtracts 0.5 by Subtract, so it
starts from -0.5, and if you multiply both ends of the coordinates, they will be + values. Next, create 2 Power nodes and connect them with Multiply nodes. After that, you can create a parameter node
by clicking it while using the keyboard S, and then connect it to the Power node to use
the thickness of the line.

And then, create 2 nodes and create parameter nodes. You can get the sharpness of the string by
connecting the nodes as shown in the video. Next, create keyboard A and click to add a
node and connect the nodes to make it whole. And create a Lerp node by clicking on it
while using the keyboard L. Then, while using the number 3 on the keyboard,
click to create a Constant 3 Vector node. If you want, you can promote it to Parameter
and adjust it to Instance. Next, you can set the Constant 3 Vector color
to a larger value in excess of 1 and use it to glow. Now, when you connect nodes to the Lerp and
Emissive color of Material, you can find the edge is shining with the color you set.

Once confirmed, save and exit to the content browser. In the list of Place Actors, place the Cube Mesh to the level. Next, right-click on the Material you made
earlier to create an instance and apply it to the box. You can now click an instance to open the
window and control the thickness and strength of the edge line of the applied box..

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