Hello everyone friends I burak today again
a nice site promotion. Thanks to this site, you can earn litecoin
only by registering on the site without doing anything. Before I go to the site, let me talk about
this, thank you to all my friends who subscribe to my channel. If you still don't subscribe, you can subscribe. I thank you in advance. Now let's move on to our site yes friends
our site is such a site called lit Decoin miner the interface of the site is very simple
in the menu is very simple.

After you first come here, friends say startmining
by pasting your litecoin address directly and you register on the site. Here are packages at the bottom. We'll examine them. I'll talk about how we win now, let's log
in, we're gluing our litecoin address. I also tell you, the site is pretty kaskoyu
friends, so as you can see now, I don't know why it's shrinking, but it's shrinking. So I'll try to move a little slow. we're adding start mining. Let's do a robot chop here. We're checking. I do not have to deal with writing passwords
to friends, absolutely e-mail blah blah blah that happens directly in the registration
process. Yeah, we're on our site. As you see a free package to our friends every
day, they mentioned it here. Litecoin is giving twenty-five thousand litoshi
a point free daily. Of course, we can't shoot all the litecoin.

I'm afraid it would be perfect if he gave
it for free every day, but unfortunately it's not. Thank god, I'll show them all. But there are packages with friends investment
here. So I don't recommend you take it. I certainly don't recommend it because I don't
know if you can pull the earnings too high or not. I mean, according to him, I don't recommend
it. If you deposit 0.75€ of litecoin, it gives
0.2 litecoin every day. This is a very high rate, friends, especially
if you deposit 10 litecoin here, 20 Litecoin gives. I mean, if you invest in it, it's probably
a site that explodes for a long time, so they've done a lot of advertising on a site that's
been in front of me.

As I said now, a hundred thousand lithoshi
mining here every day, friends. Of course, we can't shoot all the lithoshi. As you can see, I have 520 thousand litoshi
giving 0.005 litecoin here, but unfortunately I can't pull it out. We're coming to the filming, friends and stuff. Here in your connection, of course, the minimum
shooting is 25 thousand litoshi. This is already happening in 5 hours if you
have just signed up in 5 hours. You can shoot once every day. Of course, since it is a free package, you
can shoot 25000 litoshi once every day. Friends are fine, the amount is fine compared
to the profit without investment. I've been getting paid for 5 days. I got a 25 grand lump sum for 5 days. I'll show them to you, let's come to the account. As I said, a little hard work opens up for
you, friends. When I get to the home page, we have to print
it from here.

Every day once you can get 25 thousand lithoshi
payment here you do not need to share with your friends blah blah blah diyodum because
it already comes for free. We can't pull more than 25 grand, so there's
no need for a reference, blah-blah-blah. Yeah, we made it, guys. The Hate program says 5 percent. As I said, there's no need for a reference,
we're going down. As you can see here, you can see my payments. 5 times I was worth a total of 125 thousand
litoshi 0.000125 litecoin. A fine amount can be entered every 24 hours
and received your payment.

A very good earnings site without investment
here is showing friends reference Kis or something like that. So there's no need for anything that references
it. You can just enter your litecoin address and
add your winnings to your winnings. Now let's admit to shooting, let's say friends,
as you can see here, how much I write here gives 25 thousand litoshi. Now, again, let's try it again. Let's write 0.005. So click 500000 litoshi confirm, your confirm
is complete friends. I have 213 lithoshi right now, let's wait,
guys. Yes, he says the payment was approved, but
it doesn't come directly to the account. Litecoin's account may take some time to drop.

You can get your payments without any problems. I hope you like the friends site more for
such videos if you do not subscribe to my channel, don't forget to subscribe and like
my video for yourself well. Look, hooray..

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