Tyler Winklevoss Explains How 1 Ethereum Could Reach OVER $75,000 PER COIN! +Bitcoin 500k Prediction

bitcoin and ethereum right now at twenty seven 
thousand dollars and seven hundred dollars   respectively let's talk price potential let's 
start with bitcoin digital gold see the market   cap of physical gold is 9 trillion dollars meaning 
the entire supply of physical gold is priced at 9   trillion dollars today bitcoin is being 
recognized as gold 2.0 as a store of value if   bitcoin disrupts gold then that means it would 
take a market cap of nine trillion dollars and   have a price per coin be 500 000 per bitcoin 
tyler winklevoss explains this what do you think   needs to happen to go from 20 000 to eventually 
getting to 500 000 so i think it's just more   time and education and more data points but 
how i get to 500 000 it's very simple math   the market cap of of gold is 9 trillion so the the 
entire supply of gold is priced at 9 trillion if   bitcoin is gold 2.0 and it disrupts uh gold then 
its market cap also has to be 9 trillion but today   bitcoin's market cap is 330 billion so it's got 
to increase somewhere like 25 to 30 x from here   so put on a 25 to 30 x multiple on the price of 
a bitcoin today which is let's say 18 000 20 000   um that easily gets you to 500 000 of bitcoin so 
if we're right that um bitcoin is better than gold   and the way we get to that is we look at the 
characteristics of why people find gold valuable   it's scarce it's portable it's divisible bitcoins 
uh better than scarce it's fixed you can send   it like email you can divide a bitcoin into 100 
million pieces so across the board all the reasons   why humanity has found gold valuable for the last 
multi-millennia bitcoin beats it so it should be   worth as much or more than gold and for that 
to happen a bitcoin has to be worth 500 000 uh   dollars a bitcoin by the way that is only if 
bitcoin is a gold disrupter if bitcoin is both   a gold disruptor and a currency disrupter then 
bitcoin's price would actually be higher than 500   thousand dollars tyler winklevoss explains this 
if bitcoin just becomes a mature better store   of value i think we see 500 000 a bitcoin if it's 
also used as a currency there is there's efforts   like the lightning network and other sidechain 
projects if you can also use bitcoin as a currency   the value actually goes up much higher if it can 
be both a sort of value and a way for a currency   to work on the network are you following this 
because i want to get to ethereum in just a second   but so you fully understand if bitcoin is only 
seen as a reliable store of value it would reach   a price point of 500 000 per coin if bitcoin goes 
beyond that and is seen as both the store of value   and a widespread medium of exchange as a 
currency its value would be even higher than that   if bitcoin is eventually seen as a full global 
money the global reserve currency of the world   then a 500 000 bitcoin starts to seem very 
conservative indeed tyler winklevoss explains this   there are other instances too where bitcoin 
itself the network could be like the substrate   of other networks and just the security of 
it it would basically become like the digital   global reserve currency of all crypto then 
it's even higher so when i say 500 000   of bitcoin that's actually the conservative case 
it could easily be a lot a couple times more or   even or a magnitude more and by the time it gets 
there like you're never selling your bitcoin i was   listening to this podcast and they were joking 
about like this bitcoin meme of the matrix and   like you know when when bitcoin gets to like a 
million like you won't have to sell it kind of   thing morpheus and neo like music what happens 
when it gets to millions like you won't have to   sell it so you understand everything we just went 
over correct today's bitcoin market cap is about   500 billion today's gold market cap is about 
9 trillion meaning that you need to increase   20x from here to take gold's market cap so 
with the bitcoin being about 25 000 per coin   25 000 multiplied by 20 equals 500 000 per bitcoin 
let's talk about ethereum's price potential now   listen very closely as to what tyler winklevoss 
has to say regarding ethereum especially listen   at the end he gives his prediction ether is the 
same thing for indexing um a piece of the ethereum   network which is a digital or decentralized global 
computer a lot of people equate ether to digital   oil so if you want to get into the crypto game 
my suggestion is own some bitcoin digital gold   and own some ether digital oil and with those you 
have most your bases covered love that and with   ether i know it's you know not as talked about in 
the media but when it comes to the predictions of   where ether can go and how it's utilized and 
where it could be from a price perspective   like what's your thoughts on that on where 
ether could go from a place of value so i   um i think it's very high um in some ways it's it 
i haven't done like math on that lately so uh for   disclosure and we've talked about this before that 
we are we have material stake in ether as well   um like you you you mentioned earlier the media 
loves bitcoin because it's easier for consumers or   readers to understand that and they they harp 
on that and that makes sense but um what's less   talked about and less known is that we are 
huge fans of ether or ethereans um if you   will in in the slang so look i think um ether has 
tremendous capabilities because bitcoin's digital   gold right it's sort of moving value from a to 
b and there doesn't seem to be a huge appetite   in the community to to experiment or sort of screw 
it up right it's like we've got a good thing going   let's not run too fast let's not um be too 
exotic whereas ethereum is like you're it's a   decentralized operating system so the promise 
is that you can create these applications   on top of it permissionless the same way you 
could build an application i don't know about   anymore but back in the day you could build a 
company on top of facebook so companies like zynga   which actually ipo'd and was worth i think at 
least a billion dollars was a company built   on top of facebook so most companies today are 
built on top of a cloud computing service like   amazon so you rent space from jeff bezos and 
amazon ethereum is a decentralized amazon where   you can build your applications there and you run 
the computing power by owning ether instead of   running your credit card through amazon cloud aws 
web services you just pay the network in ether uh   it's it's not centralized it's not a company it's 
a centralized network and you can um you could you   could run you could create decentralized twitter 
on it you could create decentralized facebook   decentralize whatever no one can stop it um no one 
really controls it it's owned by the users that's   the beauty of a cryptocurrency is that the value 
accrues to the people who use the network not just   um a few people in a company in silicon valley 
yeah um so you know ether has got to upgrade it's   it's moving to eth2 there's there's some scalable 
things that it's got to work through but like i'm   an optimist and the smartest folks in the room are 
are working on it so if if ether is your global   computer in the future what's that worth um 
it's got to be a ton and it's got to be worth   as much as digital gold i would think maybe 
more did you catch that if ethereum succeeds   as being an open source base layer for 
decentralized applications around the world   what is that worth what's that worth um it's got 
to be a ton and it's got to be worth um as much   as digital gold i would think maybe more okay 
so if ethereum is worth as much as digital gold   well that would mean that it would also take a 9 
trillion dollar market cap so today ethereum has a   market cap of 80 billion so 90 trillion divided by 
80 billion equals a 112 times increase theorem's   price today is 700 times 112 equals over 75 000 
so a 500 000 bitcoin and a 75 000 ethereum do you   agree with this do you disagree with this do you 
think that tyler winklevoss is a good person to   follow in the space i do i follow him here's the 
thing obviously investing in cryptocurrency comes   with risk and anything can happen and ethereum 
is riskier than bitcoin we understand this   but if there's one takeaway that you can glean 
from this video take away this we can see how   the perception and the rhetoric and the education 
around the cryptocurrency market is developing so   invest accordingly well make your own decisions 
but invest accordingly at least that's what i'm   doing this bull market is just getting started 
we keep you informed on a daily basis meaning   make sure you subscribe to the channel turn the 
notification bell on all and i'll see you in 2020

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