Welcome my friend. What are we doing? What's 
up buddy? Good we bring our snipers Sheldon.   Sniper What's up? Sniper how are you? I'm doing 
well on you What's up guys? How's everybody   how are you What's up buddy I'm good and you? 
Sorry – What's up guys what's up what's up? Hey   Sniper how are you? What's up buddy I'm good I'm 
very happy today – Yiehhh. – Wow wow wow, what's   up?
Look there is something   I'm that's that green candle but when 
I look at my Bitcoin chart I don't see   any green candle. What the hell is that 
green candle? Why is it important?
  BTC shorts buddy, em, and I think this is such 
a we had our Freddie the man bring up some great   data for us this morning as well to start to look 
at a bit of different options while we're waiting   for price to do what it needs to do and I think 
this is also something that's big that you add   to your portfolio on on things we need to look at 
when we in the sort of stages in the market.

And   this is the BTC shorts and right now looks like 
majority are betting on Bitcoin going down. So
  Well. That's a massive story. This from the 
open shorts position and Sheldon zoom out a   little bit. Let's see how long the 
shorts haven't been as high for.
  This is all time Hi, buddy. This is 
ah… alright, just below, just below,   not all time high, but the previous high this 
year Yeah, yeah. In the last two years. Yeah.
  Okay, now, go back to March 2020. When 
the shorts were at an all time high,   and pull up the Bitcoin chart for the same 

Let's see what happened to Bitcoin.   straight off the shorts were on all time high.
  Awesome. Well, I think while 
I set that up, let's get our   strong likes going from everyone. I think let's 
get that going while I set this all up quickly.
  While Sheldon is looking for the chart. Welcome. 
Welcome. Welcome to our channel,   This is the richest community in the crypto 
universe. I'm crypto man ran, that's my sniper   Sheldon every day we'll bring you fundamentals and 
technicals to make sure that you don't land up.
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lot a lot a lot a lot on snipper school. Okay,   so I want to get into the shows much quicker. I 
think we waste a lot of time in the beginning.   So let's look at what happened when the 
open shorts went to the all time high.
  Yeah, so we can have a look here, 
previously on the 14th. You know,   this one did not and this is where we have to 
sort of scenarios that are that are playing out   now. So firstly, one thing we've learned 
in crypto is when the herd is running,   the one way you need to be running the other. 
But this is also a way that can be very sneaky,   on this next move from Bitcoin where they can make 
the whole world you know, they're all betting on   a going down, they can quickly reverse that they 
can make Bitcoin see markets going up, liquidate   the shorts, and then actually go down again, 
there's you know, there's a lot of two different   scenarios.

And I think that's why it's important 
for us to be having a look at this because the   last time that we got this basic all time high, I 
think it was sitting at around about, it was after   a dump. So we have a look here, yeah, so but 
quite dumped first, once Bitcoin dumped and it   went all the way down to the bottom. You can see 
this was the 12th. All of a sudden, and this is   exactly what we've experienced last few days. All 
of a sudden the shorts, the betting on the shorts   went to absolute high, because they obviously 
thought I remember when Bitcoin dumped last year   to 4000 or somewhere in that region. I remember 
everyone was saying bitcoins going to 1000. And,   once that happened, and I bought this whole fake 
FOMO into it and we could see that the shorts all   of a sudden went massively high. By the 17th of 
March just after the dump cuz the 17th of March,   we had an all time high for the shorts, meaning 
that they were predicting that Bitcoin is going   to continue to the downward side.

Is this not 
sort of similar to where we're sitting now in the   charts now where we've had a massive dump off, and 
people are thinking that it's going to go lower,   everyone's saying it's going to go lower. And now 
after the dump offs already happened. Now all of a   sudden The old time half the shorts are appearing 
and all of these big bets and the shorts happening   and what happened after that. Previously, we never 
had a big thing or short sitting there. Now when   last year it was a 17th. There we go the 17th 
everyone was predicting what's gonna go down and   what happened to price price went up the short,
The shorts were, absolutely liquidated.

Now,   I want to just explain a short liquidation to 
people and why a short squeeze is an event that   we're looking out for. So what is a short? A short 
is when you sell a Bitcoin that you don't own,   you sell it, and you buy it back cheaper? So 
you sell a Bitcoin for $50,000 and you don't   own the Bitcoin, you borrow a Bitcoin, and you 
buy the same Bitcoin back for $40,000. And you   make $10,000 profits, you borrow a Bitcoin? 
So let's just say that Sheldon has a Bitcoin,   and I want to short Bitcoin, I borrow the Bitcoin 
from Sheldon, I sell it for $50,000. And I've got   $50,000 cash in my hand, because I've borrowed 
this coin from Sheldon, and I'm predicting
  it's gonna go down.
Yeah, as Dane buys a Bitcoin back at 40,000,   I give Sheldon back his Bitcoin and I've 
got $10,000 left over. That's a short,   when there are a lot of people short, like 
now, and the price spikes, they all lose money.   And as they start to lose money, they start to buy 
bitcoin to cover their positions. And they start   to panic buy bitcoin.

So usually, the highest 
short in the highest short part is covered by   the highest the biggest price rise, because short 
sellers start to cover their positions that don't   lose any money. And so that is what could happen 
on let's go. Let's look at the chart as at now.
  Where are we sitting now, yeah, and I think a 
very clear thing now. So we have a look at where   we are now guys, obviously, we've had the big 
rally from Bitcoin, to where we are, okay. Now,   does this not look very similar to watch us 
what we just saw from the march drop last year,   that all of a sudden, the shorts are sitting at 
such a high the prediction of everyone's thinking   bitcoins going to go down after the dump, you 
know, do you would actually expect this to be   happening in this range when everything is just 
rallying.That that would be the normal the normal   understanding of a trade or anything like that. 
But now we've already dumped and we've already 60%   cheaper or 50% cheaper than what we were and now 
all of a sudden the shorts are going a bit high,   which means they predicted Bitcoin to go lower 
than they predicted.

They all saying and that's   exactly what happened last year, March, we Bitcoin 
already fell to $4,000. And then all of a sudden,   the shorts went absolutely it started recovering 
for about 5000 6000 $7,000. And then everyone went   absolutely berserk to say no. Now we're going to 
go to $1,000. And what happened since then Bitcoin   ever went ever went back to $4,000. And we sort 
of sitting at a very similar situation where where   we're sitting at right now we've already had I 
don't get this. I don't get why the shorts had   such a high when we've already had 50% dump off 
in the market. I'm not sure what you think.
  I'll tell you why. Because the sentiment, 
who's opening the shorts, it's the herd,   and the herd sentiment is that it 
follows the herd follow the sentiment,   right? Go go go to the BTC short position 
on Bybit.

So this is this is the short   position on Bitfenix. Let's look at it on 
BitMex or on on Bybit. And let's see if   all the exchanges have short positions, high short 
positions, or whether it's beat Bitfenix leading   leading the charge here. And as soon as 
I see where it is BTC USD shorts, Bybit's   perpetual contracts, there we go. There we go. 
Perpetuals that won't show you open interest.
  No it won't, it won't So I don't 
think we can get it here.
  Okay, but so let's use that as an indicator of 
shorts. Guys, I see there's only 10,000 people   are usually by now we've got like 15,000 people 
smash the like, let's get everybody back on the   stream. And then in the comments, tell us what 
do you think there's going to be a short squeeze   or whether this is going to be just another dump, 

So basically, Tennessee, if the markets going   up or down, up or down because of this short 
squeeze. Sheldon, let's look at Bitcoin because   it's still accumulating, I mean, accumulating, 
accumulating, accumulating, accumulating.
  Let me get rid of this one over here. Get back 
to the normal. Yeah, so Bitcoin so obviously   we at that route, very crucial stage of chatting 
about yesterday that Bitcoin is basically sitting,   let's just get the right charts. There we go. 
So Bitcoin is sitting at that trend line there,   it is very clear, we can see this 
trend line that we're playing in.   And yesterday was saying, we started breaking 
that trend, we need that higher high first and   we rather buying the confirmation buy. And then 
in my opinion that is still the sort of strategy   that we still looking for, you know, we've had 
to learn to be a little bit patient in the zone.   The guys that are impatient are the ones that 
are getting killed, you get in low, you're losing   money, you're losing money, you're losing money, 
and we've had to be a lot more patients in this   level, just to make sure where we're setting and 
right now, the only thing is we're still not out   of that trend and we still not have we still 
haven't smashed that higher heart just yet.

So   this sort of painting a picture for me to see 
now that the shorts are sitting at all time   while they're sitting at a very high point that 
everyone's predicting thatit's going to go down,   we're at a point where this is rejection. But this 
is the way I know where they're catch the herd   and where they're when everyone is running in one 
direction, you must run in the complete opposite.   And this matches be exactly what we need to 
finally get Bitcoin back on track to get that push   up there, liquidate the shorts.

So remember the 
gameplay now half the market are predicting it's   going to go down now, right? Or a lot of people 
are predicting is going to go down. Now they send   Bitcoin to 42,000 or 44,000. They liquidate all 
of those predictions. Now they all go no go long,   right. So what do they do for lunch room? They're 
going to buy buy, but then what is the price to?   The price goes down? And no, no, no.

first goes up, but liquidates the shorts,   then they get annoyed, now they go to a long. 
Okay, then it has a small pullback back down,   and it liquidates the longs. And 
then then they continue again. So   what I'm basically meaning by 
is limiting my drawing tool,   'cause this is what makes sense for Bitcoin right 
now is for us to shoot up, liquidate the shorts,   then everyone's gonna go long, send it back 
down, test our trend line, liquidate the longs,   send Bitcoin up. Now, what has that done that's 
literally flushed at two massive rolls. And this   is where now I then see us as quite a game 
right now that they're trying to they're   playing with the people's emotions are getting 
it's literally a game for them right now. And   you know what I know, it may seem that 
the majority of the market are predicting,   predicting it to go down.

But we actually need 
that we need that for for Bitcoin to actually   have a point to proof. And then for something to 
actually finally get it above. There's the low,   the high, there's the high, there's the high, 
since this whole dump has happened. And since   we've gone two months already in the zone, 
we have we haven't gotten a higher high on a   four hour eight hour chart to the previous 
highs that we've made. So this is what we   possibly need to finally get back on track. 
I'm not sure what you're thinking, right?
  I mean, I want to be I mean, I want to be 
positive, I think we may be a short squeeze,   I think there may be a short squeeze. And I think 
we'll come down and retest and then maybe go up,   up, up. But we need momentum. I think right 
now the biggest problem is we don't have any   momentum we don't have we don't have haven't 
mentioned that we don't have down momentum,   we're a real balancing point is real accumulation 
point where bitcoins going between 30 and 40,000.   And it's just going to carry on going between 30 
and 40,000.

Until something happens. I think if   we get another leg down, it's going to be a very 
quickly done and then up again, exactly what we   saw went down to 32 went back up. I think if 
we go up, it's gonna be a steady climb up.
  Hmm, to be honest, what I'm thinking is 
bitcoins gonna grow slow for the next   month, two months, it's going to be a gradual 
growth the same way the monster drop happened   last year, where we had the big drop off back 
there. But it took about two months. Yeah,   there took about two months to finally recover 
from that big drop. So where's the mouse drop?   There we go.

So you can see here 
Clearly, this was the biggest drop   percentage wise we've ever received right? Now. 
Look at that. This is what I'm seeing. Yeah.
  How many days from top until 
we retested the top again.
  Okay, from top from bottom to the 
top again to the previous highs.
  Okay, from now let's go up to top. So 
let's say when we started dropping,   so let's go from there. Okay,
We started dropping six so much. Okay,
  Now we started. Before that you see the peak 
before? There we go. There we go. Okay,
  From the top, top top. Okay, let's 
go to the 13th of Feb. Until the next   time we were we got that was June,
the first of June. Now look at your   correction. Now look at this correction, I suspect 
that it's going to be about the same timeframe
  100%, that's going to be a gradual growth a 
conscious be, just just get back to where it was.   This is exactly what I'm seeing. I'm seeing that 
little bit of growth to come in. Now. All that   we're doing is saying, When are we getting to 
that point where we can buy now and hold for the   next two, three months to get these positions? 
You know that? Yes, we have majority of the   people thinking it's time to short, everyone's 
in the shorts right now.

Everything's that sort   of region. And in my opinion, we haven't had these 
highs and the shorts for such a long time. That's   sort of what we need. The guys want to make money. 
The exchanges want to make money, right? This is   the only way so so for them for as being so much 
volume for the first time or such that these highs   for those that cannot make money if they sent 
this price to $42,000 excited we're gonna make   a ton of money.

And it needs to be worthy of them 
for for that to start happening. So where are we   setting off now? It's reminding me very much 
at the larger drop and it's reminding me that   Bitcoin is going to have this slow little growth 
that can take two months, three months and get us   back to that 60k sort of region. But obviously, 
we do have that not everyone is predicting down.   It's quite tricky now and the main thing that 
we do need the break of this trend is the break   of the trend the higher high is going to give us 
that good confirmation liquidators, the shorts,   come back down, test and get back in. So I don't 
know why you're still sitting with everything   right now Ran, you know, we still sitting in a 
good amount of cash because of the stoppage. And   with that you know, this in my opinion, is still 
my safe buy, is to rather let that get that   higher high, we can't chase not to get in now the 
problem is we are still in under that trendline.   So if those shorts do play out, you know, this is 
rejection point, this is where Bitcoin is gonna   come down again and come test these lows, again, 
we got to be very realistic with that, if it plays   out, but I got a feeling that the exchanges are 
gonna play with us, they want to make money.
  I think that the best trade now 
is the nothing trade, do nothing.   Do nothing.

You know, like, they say that, 
you know, traders get the impression that   you stand you sit in front of your screen all day 
and you trade no 80% of the time you do nothing,   at present the time do nothing. And 
I think now is the nothing trade,   wait for a breakout wait for some direction 
either way. And then we decide, hmm,
  And you know, like in this time, 
at least you started to understand   what we actually need from these markets to be 
playing out. That makes sense. I'd rather get us   those shorts liquidated we know exactly that 
when we do get the liquidation of those shorts,   they are going to go long, all the guards who just 
got they are upset with the market.

Now they're   pissed off, they're not happy. And they're going 
to now want revenge on the market. You know, when   you trade back for that market and you trade back 
to the market, you take revenge on the market,   what does it do, you're going to go long, and it's 
going to come crashing straight back down again.   And that's the weakness bar. So what 
we are actually going to do is now   is everyone's predicting the market's going to go 
down, we want that strong push up right now. Okay,   get it to 40 42,000. And then they are going 
to go along, and the fear is going to come in,   and we are literally going to pop back into the 
people's fear. And from that we can then be then   start laddering our way up.

And from this, I don't 
see Bitcoin, just shooting straight up, like that   guy's gonna be this, it's gonna be that slow 
little bit of growth, because let's have a look.   And let's go see where we sitting with dominance. 
And we can see that dominance, creeping,   creeping up, you know, for the first time ever, 
you know, long time not ever, but first time that   two, three months, we've got the higher 
low, now we get into high highs again,   so So if this is making sense, at any point, to 
just keep creeping up, we're going to see the   big final level to see if we do then we know 
it's Bitcoin for the next open three months,   we will we'll have a look to see where 
we're sitting at right now. I will when   we get to those points, but the dominance 
is strong, the dominance is with Bitcoin.   And that's a big sign and having a look at 
Ethereum dominance, it's not there right now   Ethereum dominance at that point, where Ethereum 
dominance is looking weak, it's Bitcoin top.

And   we'll get that clear indication that if we jump 
to Ethereum, BTC, you can see there very clearly,   I mean, the money that's getting pulled out 
of Ethereum is going into to Bitcoin.
  Based on this chart, what you're gonna probably 
expext is a lower low, so you're probably expect   the lower low on this chart and a higher 
high on the Bitcoin on the Bitcoin chart.
  100%. And this was already the weakness, 
the fact that we didn't get that high there.   So that was already the the warning sign that we 
started to make our way up. And now what we do   have is if I take through here, I do have that 
trend. So we are right there now. So this will   give us that equity in case which means that if 
Bitcoin, now sort of got a fin, if Bitcoin does go   for that 42 now or goes for that 40, that little 
push upwards, this dominance is actually going to   come down for a little while, because it's a short 
term, that's not a where we go to 50k right now,   it's going to be a short term, which means 
that a dominance is going to have a small drop,   we're going to have a small balance in 
Etereum dominance to the upward side.   And which means that you're gonna have a nice 
little run with Bitcoin to that level now.   And from that, and when remember, we know the 
main understanding now of the charts, Bitcoin   going up dominance going up.

Now, if Bitcoin all 
of a sudden goes up, and dominance comes down,   we know that bigger picture, that's not how 
this does not the pattern that's wicked,   which means it's short term. If 
something's not correlating to the   higher timeframes. That means it's short 
term, it means it's not a long term thing,   which means don't be surprised to see a short 
term pump from these alts. Yes, with Bitcoin,   and then the pullback, and then we're gonna 
continue the normal system that we're running in.   Yeah, and having a look at that total, 
you know, the total is still far off   from where it needs to be.

So will this be Bitcoin 
to the 42? To that final level? Will this be what   finally gives us what we need to get that 
higher point because we need to turn on market   cap start showing us fight.
Sheldon draw the other, the other,   the other side of that triangle? And you'll see 
that I think it's all it's not even, it's almost   time for Bitcoin for the market to make a move. 
You see, I think there's still there's still a   bit of a way for the market before it actually 
needs to make a move.

And I think it's going to   just move sideways for a while until it actually 
eventually breaks out one way or the other.
  Yeah, the problem is what I do know 
is a lot of people run off every   single trader that I know out there right now 
is running off of this trendline which means the   masses are looking at this trendline which means 
that We added such a critical point they're not   going to leave it yeah too long.

This is where 
something is going to happen to dramatically   either sort of way they know the whole world is 
watching this damn trendline and that's when I see   when when they know that everyone is relying on 
this trendline that's what exactly what happened   the other day. Well, yesterday is the fake outs. 
As soon as we get the breakout is the fake out.   When we had this one, this was a fake out. I know 
the whole world's watching this damn thing. So   my opinion either this will be a small fake out, 
I'm happy to still be in the cash right now.   And with cash, I'd rather have the high high stuck 
up there then to try buy this breakout right now   because what happens if it turns out to a fake 
out and the last fake out, this was the result   of that fake out and it literally caught everyone 
left handed it would literally just smashed   everyone very, very quickly.

So yeah, it's quite 
an interesting week. And I know it's a little bit   boring. And I think you know, we can see what 
the views we're gonna see everyone is it's a   bit of shut off time right now. But it's still 
very important to keep your eyes on the market   understand every day where we sitting you have to 
you have to be dedicated and read with us every   day. It's just you're gonna learn the Etereum 
dominance of Bitcoin dominance total market cap   Bitcoin you're gonna learn everything that comes 
in to understand in the market there's so many   different segments and now you've just learned 
today that the shorts is a big thing. I feel a big   movement is coming and I don't know if it's gonna 
be this weekend but I do feel a big moves coming   and I'm happy to either buy the retest to make 
sure because this could be a downward sign,   it could I'm not saying it is but it could 
we don't have that higher heigh just yet.
  You know what I like to do during 
these boring times Sheldon?   I like to chart Tether Hmm, just try Tether to 
that you can see just go to the USDT USD USDT   chart, the Tether price chart.

You get it here, 
what is it? I'm cracking I'm cracking USDT USD.   There we go. You can see I mean there's been a 
lot of action with Tether, it's gone from one   from one to one comma one I mean it's such a 
boring market this is what the rest of the market   looks like nothing moves nothing moves. It doesn't 
really doesn't move it doesn't move. It's a waste   of time. I mean look, I think in this market the 
best thing to do is just wait wait for direction   you don't want to be caught on the way down 
and I think you want to catch the way up   and I think the best way to do it is to just wait 
for the break of trend it's as simple as that   there's nothing else to look for 
in this market there's nothing
  And you know the thing is I'm not even buying the 
break of trend I'm buying the retest because the   break of trend we've just had fake out, fake 

Look at Ethereum guys. Ethereum has done   absolutely zero better does that look any way from 
a reversal right now so we can see very clearly   that is Bitcoin time because none of the alts are 
really I see that following that nicely. But none   of the alts are really getting anything that they 
need to get out of the market just yet so the one   that is this is one that if we're going to strong 
breakout the retest will be really good is BMV.   Is the one that's showing us a nice structure on 
where we're sitting right now so so this is a good   one that we ought to be keeping us on track that 
will be coming as long as we just confirm that   higher high BNB is good Link absolutely weak 
Solana is starting to show a little bit of   weakness but we still good.

Kusama, this is one I 
know we spoke about it yesterday right and we need   to see obviously where we are in the market but 
we're getting there. So Bitcoin does get to those   points Kusama is on special from the highs that 
it was at yesterday. So it's a 14 15% special.
  I think the better trade is is Dot if you 
want to get into the Kusama ecosystem,   rather get into Dot. Because you you Kusama has 
already had its run. And we could see yesterday   I tweeted something yesterday about the number of 
Kusama being locked up in projects. And for the   para chains. A lot of people don't understand how 
the para chain works. But how the para chains work   is that the crowd people like me and you if we 
want to support the project, we have to buy Kusama   on the open market, we have to lend it to the 
project that is bidding at the auction, and they   lock up our Kusama and the more support that these 
projects have got the…

In fact, let me show   it to you by way of example, so I tweeted this 
yesterday. Let me try and find it for you guys.   I'd love to Fred just he prostitutes 
my whole Twitter feed with   I don't know why does that. I 
don't know. Why does he? Okay.   Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Hi, Fred. Hey, bro. 
Hey, bro, are you kidding my Twitter again?   Hold on, let me see. This is what my Twitter 
looks like. Let's see. One time Sheldon.   Let me show you let me show you. Okay, so my 
Twitter looks like this sad state of affairs.   One tile of Sheldon. Two tiles 
of Sheldon 4 tiles of Sheldon,   5 tiles… Fred, you don't have to tell me every 
15 minutes, I promis you.

If you told him twice,   it's also good. Let's look at this. 
This is a super important chart.   So why this shows the projects that are bidding 
to become Kusama para chains in the first auction.   And what you can see is that the main one 
the leading one is a project called Karura,   which is a defy project on Kusama. And for 
that one 226,000 Kusama has been locked up.   Again. Now, what would happen is people like me 
and you would back Kusama on the open market,   we would give it to Karura who would lock 
it up, take human Kusama out of circulation.   And then what you can see is a clearly 
now Karura is in the lead for the Kusama   para chains.

And if it stays in the lead, then 
our Kusama will remain locked up in Karura.   So why is that such an important metric? Let me 
show you why that's such an important metric.   Because if you look at the 
number of Kusama in circulation,   and this is what I want to show you guys what most 
people don't understand. Let's look at Kusama.   This is the beauty of para chains. This is why 
para chains are so important. There's only 8   million Kusama in circulation today 8,980,000. 
And you can see that let me just show you that so   and you can see that of those, those 808 Million, 
226,000 are now locked up in the first pair chain.   So it's just taking more and more 
and more Kusama off the market.   Sure, that's not imagine now imagine 100 
para chains, all bidding for the auction,   basically all the Kusama is going to be locked up. 
And there's a maximum supply of 10 million Kusama.   So that's why Kusama is so important, but I think 
right now I think you may have missed Kasama   wait for the same thing to happen on 
Polkadot, that's what's gonna happen.

So   again, a good longterm safe bet. Kusama 
Polkadot, I don't think you can lose much.
  See Bitcoins making that attempt. I see 
it's making that attempt. So let's see how   that goes. I know there's a lot of guys 
that will jump these trades as well. So   you know, I'm not going to sit and say 
we are going to person you're waiting for   the retest.

And that's what I'm getting is drawn 
because I have a structured stoploss I know the   key areas. But if you are going to jump into 
trades guys, you know, we can see that dominance   is starting to look to turn down and it looks like 
Bitcoin is going to break. So we are looking at   a little pump, just make sure you are putting 
your stop losses and use these previous lows as   your stop loss points. Could at any point if it 
is a fake out be coming down again. And we can   see this very clearly, as much as we don't that 
this has been trailing to the downward side we   have a downward channel that's been forming. So 
at any point it can come down to support again,   and then the breakout.

So just be aware, 
there are some little trades to be taking.   These are very small percentages of your 
portfolio if you just want to keep it busy,   are never never never tell you not to practice, 
it's always good to practice if you want to take   5% or 2% of your capital and practice through 
these trades. Definitely, because a breakout trade   is a very powerful strategy. We just obviously 
had a very choppy pot in the market. And I think   to add to that Ran, there is not much for you. 
There's not much at all. What I do want to say   though, is a Bitcoin breaks that and it goes to 
40,000 or 42,000. I'll be doing a live stream on   the weekend.

If it falls down and we get rejected 
or we're doing a live stream on the weekend.
  I'll be right with you as long as you don't make 
45 in the morning shall be a little bit later.   If because it's such a quiet day, and there's so 
little happening on the market today. Let's take   some super chats, and we don't we don't give our 
super chats. Enough time. So if there are super   chats, I saw one that said please tell us what 
Egld looks like Sheldon, let's look at Egld.   No problem buddy, and then Ran, how are 
we looking for our positions for Monday.   So the sniper school for Monday is full, full 

And on Monday, we'll open the sniper   school for Nick for the following Monday. It's 
I mean, I must tell you sniper school is looking   fucking amazing. It is, I think, what do you want 
to do is I think what we'll do is we will do a few   of these small sessions, and then on one 
and then we'll do one bigger session. And   then what we're gonna try and do is do the 
biggest school class ever done in the world.   And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually 
get a hold to the Guinness Book of Records,   and find out what the biggest virtual school cost 
has been in the world and then try and beat it.

So   I actually want to set a Guinness World Book 
of Records for the biggest class in the world   and do a sniper school class. I think the numbers 
around 5000. So I think we're gonna try and do is   get more than 5000 people into a sniper school 
class and break the World Book of Records.
  Sweet, I love that. I love that. I love that. So 
he Egld guy that's in accumulation phase. So this   is where especially I'm talking to investors, 
traders need to be a bit more patient for   breakouts, but for investors buy the dip strategy. 
Definitely This is accumulation.

We've just come   off a big move. We haven't had any upward subjects 
you've met just yet which means we are at some   point going to go test these imbalance zones. So, 
buy the dip strategy, any strong dip, that's come,   we've just had a decent point during yesterday. 
So anywhere in these zones are good buys,   buy the dip, buy the dip buy the dip, little 
bits, little bits, little bits, little bits.   And then obviously just be patient, but 
Egld, it's accumulating for the next move.
  Okay, then the next question is, what format will 
sniper school be in final release, I understand   it's hard to get on, but always want to learn. 
So final release, we're going to take on classes,   which are personal enough for us to be able to 
guide every single one of you guys with it. And   remember that we are a big team. So there's about 
10 of us on the team that are going to help you   through sniper school. But it's not going 
to be big enough to be impersonal.

So   I guess probably 100 to 200 people every class, 
that's more or less where we're going to be.   I also want to talk about something 
else, which not enough people talk about,   and I want to just get up onto my screen here. 
But people complain that the markets boring and   the market is boring. But crypto is the one place 
where even when the market is boring, you can make   wife changing returns like serious, serious, 
serious life changing returns. And I'll tell you,   I want to show you what I mean. So you don't 
only have to make money on the markets. The is   there are a lot of opportunity, opportunities to 
make huge money staking coins, and even staking   stable coins, guys. You know, there are risks 
in staking and you've got to understand exactly   what the risks are.

But I want to show you 
something. I'm just gonna give you one example.   There are many, many, many examples. But I want 
to show you one example. I'm not showing you this   example because because I want you to do it. But 
this is just because this is where I'm farming.   But if you look here, just so I'm going to 
just quickly zoom in so everybody can see.   But this is the beauty of crypto that even 
in a bear market even in a boring market,   you can still make if you stake Luna and define 
you can make 556% a year.

If you just take USD you   just just take USD you can make 80% to you if you 
want to stake define and USD you can make 491%.
  Ran I think we've got to add a lot more of 
this into it so powerful for for if you've got   long term investments holding that stake them 
guys, you're earning coins, why is it sitting in   a random thing, and it's just not doing anything 
for you while there some really good returns.
  That's exactly what this is exactly what 
I'm doing. Like, right now to be honest,   I'm not making much money on the trading and 
on the investing.

But I'm taking all my good   investments and I'm staking them and I'm making 
bombs of money like bombs, like more money than   I was making on the trading. What I do I go to 
farms yield farms and I look for greater…
  What is that Luna sitting at 550%? If you're 
ready that that's what 40% a month right now.
  So it's actually much more than that. And I'll 
tell you why. Because you earn your returns in   Define and because the Define price is down. 
When it goes up, that yield is much better.

But   what I want to say to you guys here, the more 
important part of what I want to say to you here   is you can also stake without impermanent loss. So 
look at the USD pairs USD USD because you get 80%   there's no permanent loss in USD USD. So right now 
my attention is much more on farming. So where can   I farm and make good yield? You obviously have to 
know what you're doing and we're going to start   spending more time with you guys. Brilliant 
strategy Ran especially in times like this.   Yeah, that's what I'm doing. This is what 
we're doing. Next week. We'll focus on   next week. I've got a killer week number 
one, I've got the CTO of IO HK coming on   the show.

He's the guy that actually codes with 
Charles in the backend. he's a he's the ticker.   Then we'll talk about yields. We'll talk about 
how to find yields. I also want to show you guys   something because I'm super excited. So the new 
range of Banter merchandise is coming out. That's   the Crypto Man Ran shirt. The Sheldon shirts also 
started to come out.

Awesome, buddy. How cool is   that with our new our new look and feel. I don't 
know if you guys can see that. That is the Crypto   Man Ran shirt. The Sheldon shirt is the same but 
it's it's got Sheldon thing on it with the snapper   through his eye. So I mean, obviously we'll never 
sell these. We'll just give them away. I will just   keep giving him on the show next week. Awesome.
And I think the last thing we must do is obviously   going, remember what we said because I have a very 
powerful it's just we're very boring today. But   on Monday I want to do that portfolio level 
system. That's definitely definitely definitely   Monday's call there. And then I think what was 
saying was what percentage do we buy Kusama   we buy all these these big platforms and what 
percentage do we buy the projects under them?   I think that's a huge one right?
We wanted to do it yesterday,   but we didn't do it yesterday.

Tuesday we'll start building portfolios was   the reason why I didn't want to do it is because I 
don't want people building portfolios now. I just   I'm scared that we'll show it to them. And then 
they'll go and buy it now. And if I do buy it now,   you know they could be another leg down not 
saying they will be obtained. They couldn't.   I'd rather wait for some direction in the market 
and then as the direction hits, then teach the   guys exactly what to buy without knowing.
I mean, we don't go we don't go into specifics   of many coins, we just teach the structure 
that when it's time to be getting in   these are the percentages we're going in and 
certain thing I think that's the best time   that we can do this Ran. Markets are damn boring. 
What else must we do? Let's teach these schools
  Not you. I'm going to be I'm going to be okay 
guys have a good day.

Getting my reminder   reminder reminder, Fred, usually in the 
morning here, what we do is we put up   the Banter towel to remind you that they 
know that there's a massive Banter comig,   you know what I'm saying. He ran away with 
ti. Yeah, shame. It's not looking good for   Freddie Freddie's dad. His dad took a turn 
for the worst last night, unfortunately.   So yeah, big prayers. Big prayers for Freddie's 
dad, we need him to come out of this mess. He   didn't come out of this. Alright, so later on 
today, Friday today, Friday today, what are   we doing Friday, massive Banter. So you all know 
that I'm very, very, very fond of Peter McCormick.   So yeah, Peter McCormick on today. Winston 
wolf Elio trades, Mr. Burns and we got Jason   Jason Pacino's who runs his own channel as 
well. So big big big Friday banter today.   Yeah, we'll see you guys all again later. 
Until then. Please prayers for Fred's dad.   Prayers for Fred's dad guys. He took a turn 
yesterday we need him back. Oh, bad for Freddy   man.

Speak to Freddy in my heart. We're here for 
you buddy. We're always here for you. All set,   the whole Banter family is here with you my 
man. The whole dental family is here with you.   For sure. We we all pray for you. We want your 
dad, we want your dad back man. We want him back.   Alright guys, we'll see you later.

Until then, 
if you're trading, trade well my friends.
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