Tutorial su Come Usare Uniswap l’Exchange Decentralizzato su Blokchain Ethereum

hello guys and welcome back to my pest channel today I want to talk to you about a liquid pool that can easily be called tex or decentralized exchange that runs on the blue events shot inside you can make its stretch that the togas or between the tir hume eto'o that it is compatible with different wallets it is a former inter non-custody so to access you need to have a good decentralized and I'm talking about unis 8 let's go into detail after the initials here we go the official page I recommend access this exchange and decentralized through an org point the symbol of a suap this is an icon you have the possibility both to display it in pink and the color associated with the unicorn or you can also put it in black then the strengths of a suap is precisely the decentralization and not to be an exchange case therefore it does not hold our private keys being decentralized you do not have to do an identity verification procedure here the usual documents such tags currently tax code and proof of residence we do not have to do any of this none of our data is put inside this reticence and decentralized an isolated and is also called liquid pool in fact on this hedging there are several tokens and chain residents born and there is a great demand to access these decentralized patrols with regard to the listing so we find really many black c20 togas suffering that related to the fight is a previously born and we know of newborns just placed on the market the home page goes a bit to describe what this does the centralized events how many are some compatible wallets as regards the support and exchange of tokens and shots we also note that there is coin bass to connect coin bass then to make a dedicated video because you do not go directly to the classic instead I say change but you have to download the exchange wallet but we will talk about this more a boast first of all before starting to show it how to operate on this dax it is better that you learn to use for example the extension for google meta musker while musker I made a video previously I will put it as a link and a desktop and even mobile wallet allows you to manage the rc teeth tokens and later I will show you how to manage within this wallet also by chain then to use a his just go here user juni stop arrived screen we can decide to swipe for example with and pull a towards any other state mouse within this exchange there is really an infinity of it we can also exchange it with the utility tokens of the former genius himself I give myself the example connect wallet as you can see here there are all wallets that you can connect to my advice half mask or possibly in which she wants the thing that I really feel to advise you is to force you to use it and half males meta musker you hold the keys private of your wallet is totally decentralized and connects to different lippi bulls if you are also afraid of a hacker attack or anything else that can damage your wallet you can interface with the lager to install mind hamas that I leave you the guide in description I made a fairly detailed and very simple video as how I obviously use the dext of turning on the fast in of tyrion to make the exchanges and to have to make the payments of the fi in our wallets we must hold at least a quantity of and enough shots are otherwise the transaction would not go through we would like to give them a try, for example if you want to exchange an e roll for an i let's see that at the current exchange rate we will get 84.73 of an i you must obviously connect roles then it does everything practically automatically there are the minimum we receive the price and the liquid providers then 0.003 and pull once clicked here with nestle wallet us we will go to swipe between and tir hume and in this case the token a suap that sky we will return automatically or sunni musker or up to com 28 super bass wallet theft matic pop otis vico of colors I repeat you use a mint mask or if you do not it goes right for su wall and then I'll give you a guide on which baseball but I always recommend this to be learned absolutely obviously at the time of recording the current video the fees for tyrion's gas are very high both for pleasure but in the great hype around the shots a price is rising there will soon be 2.0 shots many then said that in the file sheeran his shot therefore the gas that the unit of measurement of the price of the daughters tir hume is really auto so I advise you at the moment not to use of the exchanges with the shots I also understand single opens this I am doing this video tutorial tap to show them how this decentralized platform works with the hope that there will be settling on the challenges tir hume co there was a time because otherwise they are really impractical in case we want to change a friction currency for a toc and the chin is not yet on each of its deeds well on standby or does not have enough liquidity we can do it in this way for example I want to exchange an i pull an x ​​ics Kurds is a token that is not currently available directly on an Islam what you do you go on show 10 dies inactive token let's go to see the crypt currency we are interested in staying here it is cur what I do in port the amount later ok I understand and at this moment the park appears available and you pull a towards whose proceeds are again all the data and fees the impact on the price and so on usual thing connects and wallet and we can do the exchange internal for this starting video on the use of suni suap I would say that almost everything as usual I ask you to subscribe to the channel to leave a light if the video you liked to comment on this video and the other videos and to join our a community the telegram where you can find the link both in description and on the title of my channel where you can ask anything to users and administrators and we will try to give you a hand as much as possible especially for beginners in this sector hello to all guys see you at the next video

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