Tutorial Dogecoin (español)

hello today I bring you a video tutorial to mine 2 that is more or less a little more accessible than bitcoins because the front that the video I have published report how to pass the attics with our browser and we enter two points 0.7 that create pajín makes it quiet soles we recommend previous video that has mark all coins do not think similar and writing for once published with this figure and we put it and put it Well, from this page you can get it daily every 24 hours. credit your account well the registration process is the same as the previous pages therefore we skip that after 24 hours you will be credited in your portfolio of two that are here for example I have this amount that Generate from her day she earns a lot so much I want recommend the days of the video chickpea I will leave you the clicks so that can access and earn their own crypton coins and we aim to get a little weak with coffee I hope you liked it and I wait for you in the next video

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