Tutorial Airdrops PEMULA Dan Info update Airdrops #gratis @Leyzta Ghazali

Welcome to my channel, nice to see you again … today I'm so happy to share nice information with you guys about cryptocurrency, trading, especially for hunter crypto for free, hehee and I would talk about AIRDROP I will explain a bit for you guys don't know it before, Airdrop is Reward or gift is given to all the members who join the project certain company who offer the reward in token / coin and follow the program the project company its called airdrop cryptocurrency If you want to join this airdrop, so keep watching to this channel as I will update news for project airdrops you have prepared 4 main things before join into it firstly, you have a phone or pc with a good internet connection it's important to have a good connection, so make sure you have good internet supply next prepare is create ether wallet you can use Imtoken or my Etherwallet to make your ether (erc20) account this function is to collect your token / coin after your project is done and the token is given to you for create you can click the link on the description to start to make the wallet next, have social media such as Facebook, telegram Twitter, Pinterest Link-in and the other social media based on the project requirement most used is a telegram there you can get much information about the project progress fast so make sure you have a telegram account well, here I will show you the link airdrops and you can see on the description too Click and download follow the instruction on the description every airdrop project have different rules, so you can follow it GFC the information is on telegram if you want create erc20 click the link on the description and download it get the link to make erc20 wallet next, the airdrops are YFIM PROJECT can see the link on the description you can translate the page to the language that you want Click on the button participate enter your eth wallet remember erc20 wallet, submit get the referral link to get more bonus that's all, this project is so simple only enter ur wallet address and share referral link next project DAAC go to Telegram just follow the instruction from the bot telegram telegram Hello Leyzta Welcome to join the official airdrop here you just answer the question 43 + 3 = 6 Please answer Spend Five Minute to win fishtech and share nugget Tower Million dec get more bonus by share referral link follow Twitter write ur twitter username and done send your trx wallet / Tron wallet get this wallet from imtoken same as erc20 place you make from link description just install it, that's all the tasks if you still don't understand, feel free comment tag on me I will try best to reach you ,, don't forget to subscribe my channel for getting new update ok Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh See you in the next video

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