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[Music] tsm changed their name for 210 million dollars they are now called tsm ftx now tsm used to be team solomid but they got rid of those boring syllables to make it just a hype abbreviation years ago now they're adding another hype abbreviation to the back of it and solidifying that they are the most valuable esports org in the world at over 600 million dollars so now instead of saying tsm failed to qualify you can say tsmftx failed to qualify and they paid a lot of money to do so according to forbes tsm is the most valuable esports org that they can measure china says hello and half of the revenue is actually from their acquisition of the blitz app which is a plugin for league of legends the most played game in the world so i'm betting ftx is less about doubling tsm's name length and more about getting that sweet virtual real estate which is apparently valued at 35 sword arts the announcement video they put out was actually pretty good until the end when they let their owner anti-talk now he's a business genius he just sounds like he has a lot of spit in his mouth when he speaks the company they partnered with ftx runs cryptocurrency exchanges they don't make a cryptocurrency like bitcoin themselves or provide anything to the mass confusing web of blockchain technology they just provide a platform to trade crypto but they also do crypto options trading options trading is basically betting that the price of something will go up or down before options trading the crypto space was limited in the amount of gambling you could do while trading crypto used to only use it as a currency to gamble online or buy things like drugs pizza and teslas but not anymore i actually think the tsm ftx chant really does work but if it doesn't work ah good luck tsm fields teams for a lot of different esports league apex and valerian but also a couple of chess grandmasters so they're obviously cultured as now they plan to use money from the 10-year deal they just signed to expand it to asia europe and south america you know the markets that actually matter and they're gonna invest in mobile gaming andy tweeted this week that he thinks mobile is the future i think nuclear war is the future but you can't really invest into that cause the road [Music] is long now tsm purchased a million dollars worth of ftx tokens called ftx ftt to distribute to their employees and players the thing about that is it's technically illegal to do transactions with ftx ftt in the u.s so unless that changes tsm employees are going to be using a lot of vpns in the office they aren't the first esports or to partner with a digital currency or digital goods type company thing this past week g2 esports announced that they're partnering with an nft platform at dignitas announced that they actually got a partnership with an online bank called q and t pay that hasn't launched yet now all that aside the actual hot take here is that with the import rule not going anywhere anytime soon in the lcs and tsm ftx now injecting 210 million into that market good luck entering that arms race and affording any players anytime soon if you don't know what an nft is like and subscribe if you do know what it is like subscribe and explain what it is in the comments [Music] foreign

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