good day friends with you ate Elena
Lyabakh and I continue to review projects on my channel where you can earn 30 percent profit per
month projects that without mandatory invitations where people in bed can earn excellent
profits and one of these projects on today's review is TronConomy by us here we get 1%
per day and our deposit that we make when it reaches 270% it finishes working. that is, roughly
speaking, put $ 1000 and when $ 2700 accumulated, the deposit finished its work. you can withdraw
money here every day. and it works on the Tron cryptocurrency. this is a smart contract and the Tron cryptocurrency is used here
. you know Tron is now one of the most popular cryptocurrencies as many
organizations, many gaming services, many other participants use Tron to exchange money. since
the transfers in it are very fast, instant and with a minimum commission. and now I will tell you
how it all works in TronConomy.

So friends, on my channel you saw a video of how I show you
how to create a Tron wallet for yourself. I showed you how to register and after you have
registered here in the field you enter the amount you want to invest and press the
min deposit, your money is automatically withdrawn from the Tron wallet and the deposit starts working! Here,
on the example of this cabinet, I show here 1800Tron was invested and it is written here that the
cabinet will earn it in total and my amount will increase to 4860 Tron. That is, with such an investment,
I will withdraw 4860 without any invitations.

just daily charges that I can withdraw
the same, withdraw to my Tron wallet and exchange them further. If I want to exchange it for my card
and for other payment systems, but at the moment I am just saving up Tron, because it is now
at a very low price. very rapid growth of that cryptocurrency is expected, and we will
also earn a few more X in it and increase our money several times on the growth of the Tron cryptocurrency!
so friends the site is still working in the English version, in the near future it will be translated into
Russian. here everything is very simple and clear, if you have any questions,
please do it! and let's calculate the profit! I go to the investor's calculator
and let's say for $ 1000 if we put $ 1000 with us, the expected return is 30% and for 12 months,
let's say we don't want to withdraw for 12 months, but just reinvest.

press calculate and
we will see that the net income will be $ 22,300 !!! friends with such a small investment, we are already
working with you a lot of money and this is only for $ 1000, I gave an example here you can enter
any of your own amount and calculate your profit. If you do not want to reinvest, the
income will of course be less. I want to say that breakeven here occurs for
115 days, but if you use the strategy that I propose, you will go above breakeven
97 days in ninety-seven days, you will go completely breakeven.

despite the fact that we can withdraw
part of our money daily accrual, we can withdraw daily according to how the strategy works,
I will show further also I am now showing you the TronScan contract here we see
all the statistics of what happens to each participant who invests in the throne and
which displays all the statistics it is displayed here and we see now that
we have 39 million two hundred eighty one thousand thrones on the tronca balance sheet every second and the accrual of
how the accrual occurs from the participants who invests who goes out here everything is visible
as this smart contracts saw registrations three minutes 9 minutes before there are literally minute-
by-minute registrations all over the world now this is a very popular project, especially germany,
now the folding structures are entering very powerfully investors are entering large sums and we see all
these statistics, you can also watch here are many pages and now there is a very rapid growth of the official
start and the official as if the full version of the site will be launched in September, but now we can already
register friends and be one of the first in such a wonderful project, the admin of the alex project,
he is a very authoritative person, he had a previous project that was celsius and with
some errors and hackers were able to hack some systems but admin to all people who
participated in the previous project and who did not break even fully reimbursed the funds here in
tronca we received these charges received their compensation and did not leave anyone here friends very
authoritative and reliable admin why is it profitable to invest in the top three friends I brought
here a few arguments firstly, this is a reliable project administrator who does not throw his own, I
said already and now all the mistakes of the previous project have been taken into account and the protection here is very powerful tronca costs
us with very powerful new functions profitability the project is also an indisputable fact
why you need to participate in this project poto so 30 percent a month daily accruals one
percent a day that can be withdrawn daily withdrawal of charges we can withdraw
our charges every day and get our money back in parts break-even for 115 days or the
strategy used for ninety-seven days is also a very fast break-even period, so friends
we are involved in a very high risk business, you know for frisk there is always and everywhere and you
only need to invest money that you can afford me risk the money that you
cannot afford one more argument that this is a smart contract of the popular cryptocurrency
Tron, that is, we work on a smart contract, all transactions are monitored and here we completely
control the whole process.Instant withdrawal of charges to your wallet is also an indisputable
fact that money is withdrawn very quickly, unlike other projects where very high commissions are withdrawn, I
forgot or withdrawals are made for a very long time here everything is instant but there is an affiliate
accrual well, the affiliate program here is just super we get affiliate accruals if we
invite partners or members of our family rose nick invite other people simply as partners
from the Internet up to 50 levels deep friends you get accruals this is a lot of money
and therefore it is very profitable to invite here as many partners as possible and earn excellent
affiliate accruals these are the benefits why I think that investing here is a string but it is not
necessary to show the main advantages friends and now I will show a strategy by which you can
break even in ninety-seven days the strategy is called the strategy of family offices, I
give an example for 10,200 throne at today's rate up to about $ 600 if you
start a smaller amount, you don't need to create any strategy, just register one
account just make money for one cabinet and let it work brings you profit, and if
you are an investment If you are using a larger amount, then I recommend that you follow this strategy even then, but in order
to earn a lot more money from yourself through the affiliate program, and then if you
invite another partner, you will also already go to the bonus that allows you to get
up to 50 levels from the depth in what this strategy consists of you register using the link of your
invitee so register you saw the previous video and on the first syllable start a
thousand thrones of such purses throne, I repeat, we can do a huge amount not
in 2 seconds in my videos I showed how to do it you take your link top account
and register my technical account, for example, you named it a throne, put one here and 200 throne
in order for it to simply be an active minimum deposit, I repeat we have 200 throne further on the link of
your upper account, so create yourself another account call it throne 2 then you
create a wallet and, accordingly, tro n ban you have a second account, you will put 5600 throne on it
and then follow the link of this throne 2, you enter the office of throne 2, take its link and referral
and register your throne 3 here is your river account and put 3400 throne on it, this strategy
will allow you to receive through the affiliate program in all these accounts, an affiliate program will come to you and will allow you to be
in breakeven for ninety-seven days and also you have the very rank of the vote because according to our bonus
program we see that 20 percent matching bonus 12 5 and further bonuses up to 50 levels a year before
We get 50 partner levels, taking into account the fact that we have at least three partners in the structure, it
does not matter in the first line or in general in the structure you have partners friends, so this strategy
also dominates you to receive an infinity bonus and this is a lot of money, therefore I
recommend adhering to this strategy if if you want to get income quickly if you have
any questions please contact me I will help do not forget friends subscribe to my channel to
receive new videos first, here in this cabinet all statistics are displayed exactly what the
cabinet consists of.I can also tell in the next videos I will tell about this very powerful updates to our
friends if we go to the presentation slide we see that July is 21 years old the campaign was planned
, the biggest start will be in September so friends get ready now you can
register to invite partners here a very profitable affiliate program very extensive
plans for the company! friends, if you have any questions, be sure to visit my channel or Elena Lyabakh.
here on the right side you see contacts with me.

you can go to me in messengers, contact me,
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