Tron vs Sark (Full Fight) | TRON (1982)

I feel a presence.
Another warrior is on the mesa. Sark! We're getting closer. I don't know how you survived, slave. It doesn't matter. Prepare to terminate. All programs have a desire
to be useful. But in moments, you will no longer
seek communication with each other or your superfluous users. You will each be part of me,
and together, we will be complete. You should've joined me.
We'd have made a great team. – You're very persistent, Tron.
– I'm also better than you. Sark. All my functions are now yours. Take them. Sark. Look at that. Your user can't help you now,
my little program. I got it. Steer us over by the beam.

– Right next to it.
– What good'll that do? I'm gonna jump. – It's the only way to help Tron.
– Don't. You'll be derezzed. Don't worry..

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