Tron vs Dyson [2/2] | Scars Part 2) | TRON: Uprising

You may have escaped. But it's not much of a life, isn't it Tron? Let me guess… You live in a cave,
feeding from your own energy source. Normal programs just get tired without energy. But not you! You'll die without it. That was my gift. A modification I added to your code. As a safeguard. I could fix you, make you perfect again. If you join us. Join Clu! I'd rather stay like this forever
than be a puppet of a tyrant! No. Tron. Who are you? The name's Cyrus. I'm a friend. You– You work for Dyson, for Clu! Not anymore.

Now jump! Hey, stay with me. That's it. You're going to be alright. You did this? Why? We can't let the revolution end
before it has a chance to start. You're only alive for one reason. To deliver a message..

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