Tron (TRX) & Just (JST) Updates w/ Justin Sun

Hello Justin! Welcome back to my channel, it's a pleasure for me to come Because Tron is a really common coin in Turkey. Even butchers and market workers have tron ​​investments and I get hundreds of questions a month about it. So it's very exciting for me to do this interview as well. Before I start, to be completely honest I know a lot about tron ​​but I don't know how you got into crypto. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into this ecosystem? Of course it's not a problem Nice to meet you and everyone else who came to this broadcast I am also happy to talk to our Turkish community. As you know, Tron is already used there frequently, but last year we established a live broadcasting platform called DLive and it is open to use in Turkey. We work with many KOLs, Key Opinion Leaders and they are in Turkey I invite you to review DLive, it is one of the most widespread broadcasting platforms in Turkey. As for me, I got into crypto around 2012 I was studying at the University of Pennsylvania at the time.

I learned about Bitcoin after reading The New York Times I was very interested in Bitcoin because of the internet money concept. We used to see money every day printed cash money but we've never seen the money of the Internet Internet money is different from electronic banking and online banking that we use every day. For example, the ledger. No one can change it because everyone has a copy I think that was the first time I understood these concepts and got into crypto.

That's how I started to follow a new crypto currency called Ripple around the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. I joined Ripple in 2013 I have also started the Chinese leg of Ripple My first crypto times were like this It's been 8 years and the crypto space has evolved a lot since then and the most important development of my life in these 8 years has been to create Tron I installed the Tron system like 2017 It was a golden age for cryptocurrencies back then. Since then, I think Tron has had great success in this industry.

We are in 2020, this year we will enter the Bull period again next year, are you ready 🙂 Yes, we will definitely talk about the market and your thoughts in the interview. I didn't know you had a Ripple background and it's very successful and it's still ranked 3rd today. Tron is also very successful. I always show as an example for the marketing of good technology Because some projects have very good technology but poor marketing.

It takes a combination of both to be successful. Tron has also been really successful. All coins fell after the 2018 crisis but it was not possible to avoid it I haven't been following the updates on Tron much. I read your report, there were a lot of references to science fiction like Star Wars and Star Trek, I think you are a fan of fiction too. Are you really a fan or is this the theme? Cool! Yep, even the name Tron reminds people of this type of Sci-Fi (Sci-Fi) feature Out of curiosity, what's your favorite Sci-Fi universe? Are you a Star Trek fan or a Star Wars person? I'm definitely a Star Trek fan These days, I became interested in Sci-Fi Punk, movies etc. Because they have interesting stories and I'm intrigued Blockchain itself is part of the future Same with interesting futures like The Matrix and Star Trek.

Crypto and Blockchain are definitely part of that too. Something I always say to my friends, The Matrix and Star Trek are great universes but what's missing is that they don't think about the future money system. The monetary systems in these universes are like the coins we use now. There are fiat systems or something, so there is no concept of this crypto money. No encrypted money system like working systems and private/public keys So if a new Sci-Fi movie is made, I will suggest the director to make blockchain the money of the future 🙂 that's a really good observation These concepts are so new and cool that the screenwriters didn't think about it and probably wrote Fiat.

Exactly, some people don't even know about it They think of flying cars, spaceships, but they can't think of roman type money system. Distributed, accessible from anywhere, no transaction fees, instant transactions and fast transactions etc. and it's a completely neutral system so no one can control it That's why I think blockchain should be added to new Sci-Fi works. Yes yes this is absolutely true Speaking of the future of Sci-Fi and money, what's going on on the Tron front? What are you working on? Like new technology or collaboration? Something you want to share with us? Of course.

First of all, I think the biggest development for Tron is Tron 4.0 this year. We released Tron 4.0 on July 7 Tron 4.0 offers many new features I think the most important feature is the privacy feature From now on, every developer on Tron can turn on privacy settings on the blockchain. A feature that can be turned off in case of meeting with the regulators Can be used bidirectional You can use the privacy feature on or off. The ability to use a token or a protocol with privacy settings in a smart contract is a first in the history of blockchain. We know privacy features from Monero and Zcash but these systems are only about transactions so no new tokens or smart contract creation whereas Tron smart contract platform So this is one of the biggest innovations in my opinion. The second important development is Tron launched on-chain solutions to the market. that is, different developers can create their own blockchains on Tron in the future. It's like the Tron blockchain hub. Different blockchains can communicate with each other They communicate with the Tron protocol.

For this reason, I think Tron will be a bridge between blockchains in the future. Independent blockchains exist today, but they cannot communicate with each other. I think in the future between open chains, partnership chains like IBM blockchain and Oracle blockchain and Tron will be used to provide communication between the open chain and the public chain. This is something that I find quite innovative. Tron is already in the whole industry A first for providing these features Another important point to mention is DeFi, we'll talk more in detail. We were focused on 24/7 DeFi and worked hard on Tron's DeFi ecosystem. Of course we also know that USDT on Tron has grown a lot, it went from 0 to 3.7 these days and surpassed the US Dollar. Yes, a dramatic increase We also launched the Just project i.e. JST tokens Quite popular in crypto spaces right now I think Just tokens will grow a lot in this area in the future. So, have all the features you mentioned been released or are they still being developed? All in use.

We prepared and uploaded everything after July 7 We shared it on KeyHub, you can check it out if you want to review it. Currently, I think exchanges and wallets are trying to integrate new features of the tron ​​blockchain. I think most wallets and people will adopt these features in this month, August. So our users and owners of Tron can use all these new features It was fine.

Building a platform in the blockchain ecosystem is really hard work The futures you mentioned, etc. a lot of projects are trying to integrate it into their own technologies but it's good to know that you posted this and it's available now Just token also works on tron ​​I guess A token attached to it yes I saw TRX(Tron) listed on BTSE which is a very popular stock market in Turkey the other day. BTSE, on the other hand, is supported by Blockstream, the company of former guest Adam Back. I asked him the same question. He said no but I'm curious about your opinion Do you think Adam is Satoshi? I'm not sure if the man is Satoshi himself but I totally trust Adam and what Blockstream does Works strictly in line with Satoshi's vision They are working to create a perfect monetary system for the future So I think Blockstream has done very well in the past. Not only are they innovating, they are working very carefully because Bitcoin now has over $200 billion in assets, so it's a huge ecosystem.

For this reason, they are very careful when innovating about bitcoin, which I think is very important for our field. because bitcoin holds everything right now I think they do great work I also find it valuable that Satoshi develops such systems and makes them available to everyone. It opened a new era for humanity. This is one of the reasons why I need BitTorrent (Protocol) To support technology developed and distributed to everyone for sending files in the future In fact, when Satoshi first introduced Bitcoin in 2010, he was told, why don't you work with BitTorrent directly and they are working with a messy system to send files. So if Bitcoin and BitTorent come together, they will be very strong That's why I find this idea very interesting. I think Satoshi definitely thought about it. That's why I use BitTorent and even developed a token called BTT in the BitTorent ecosystem.

because I think this was also an improvement in line with Satoshi's vision It was very reasonable indeed. Because I remember it was the example I gave at the beginning of 2018 when people still said, "Tell me what Bitcoin is, in one sentence." Money but like BitTorrent. Same vision yeah so act wisely I also want to talk about a smart move you made recently. In fact, last week, I suggested to my followers to take a look at JST.

After that, the price almost doubled in 10 days. Can you tell us a little bit about what you've been doing with JST lately? Sure, I think JST is a promising project As you know, DeFi is really popular in our field. Everyone is making DeFi apps but the biggest problem is the scalability threat. Gas prices are skyrocketing right now For me, I paid for gas yesterday and it cost 0.2 eCRM 40 US dollars so freaking expensive Worst of all, all transactions take years to process. I can't even trade on Union Swap I think this is the biggest advantage of tron ​​network Tron is 200 times more scalable than Ethereum it is also 100 times cheaper than ethereum When I tell this to people using ethereum they don't believe me but when they try USDT-Tron they will know what i'm talking about There are also 2 versions of USDT these days USDT on Tron and USDT on eCRM There was a drastic increase on Tron from 0 to 3.7 and we crossed the US dollar I think the reason for this is obvious.

People have noticed that eCRM has scalability problems They thought it would help if we switched to Tron because traders mostly do it with arbitration The time is very important, if you wait 1 hour for a price, it will change a lot. Yes, I sent 2 dollars from Ethereum yesterday, but it cost 2 dollars to send it, it's ridiculous. Exactly, people are making fun of wired transfer because you're waiting for a day Blockchain cables become even more expensive than regular cable systems We are talking among ourselves so that we can replace the swift system with cables, but some days our own cables are more expensive than the swift system.

So I think Tron really took a good chance Let me tell you that if you are a DeFi developer you should seriously consider transferring your Tron Allows users to better understand the concept and have a better user experience Lets them learn how DeFi works and make transactions with good experience It is also worth remembering that Tron is fully compatible with Ethereum. So it only takes 3 to 5 days to transfer Trons it will be so good So I think DeFi on Tron will be an important opportunity for TRX users and developers in the future. Of course, the first project we currently support is the Just network. They have already set up a decentralized collateral platform on Tron Easily add TRX to Just network and get USDJ It is a stable coin so TRX is a collateral while USDJ is a stable coin Just like MakerDAO on Ethereum.

You can put Ether to buy Dai And don't forget, we'll be launching Just Swap on the Tron platform on August 17. Just like Union Swap but with 200% scalability You can expect a much better user experience If Union Swap wants to make a Tron version, I'm open to that too, of course. At the end of August, only 4 weeks later, we will launch the Just Lending system. Just Lend is also a decentralized lending platform You can easily get interest by lending crypto money and stable coins Other people can lend in the same way It should not be forgotten that it is DeFi, so there is no central system that processes all transactions. It is a system that works 24/7. It does not require communication with any human, it is completely built with smart contracts You can also review the product whenever you want.

It was fine. So, is it possible to access the software of the Just network via GitHub? Yeah yeah We already have control We even publish it. Please read it on the Just network too to see all the information. Just network is also available on Tronscan As you know, Tronscan is a place where you can access TRX information and token transactions. It is also one of the busiest websites on the Tron network. Interesting, I'll definitely check it out this week. very interesting technology Speaking of Just and DeFi What do you think of new DeFi projects like yEarn and MakerDao? There was another Swipe I think but I'm not sure there are a lot of them and the prices are going up like crazy Do you think it's serious technology or a speed bubble of today? Sure, I think DeFi is promising.

The reason is very simple I think in the future most systems will work like DeFi Fully 100% automatic it also works 24/7 Everything works with computer processes, you don't have to trust anyone Relying only on algorithms, mathematics and the operation of cryptosystems is required. that is, the operation of encrypted mechanisms. You can borrow money, get interest or even get a loan. Everything is online, that is, the internet and without a third party. There is no investment bank, so there are no difficulties Today, if you want to get a loan or lend money, the process takes hours both online and in banks, and then the problem is the payment is completely a problem.

I think DeFi, like Bitcoin, is very promising I think everyone will use it in the future, maybe even the biggest bank in Turkey, everyone does everything online 24/7. For example, they do not provide service on the weekend today, and in the evenings as well Think of a bank that always serves Operations are executed by the computer No need to be afraid of someone taking your money during transactions Because everything is transparent You can see all transactions and where the money goes from the blockchain ledger, fully controlled Transaction history is everywhere Security is guaranteed It also guarantees transparency and efficiency. That's why I think it's one of the biggest innovations in our field. But I also want to remind everyone of the risk.

If you are involved in one of the DeFi projects, you need to check the smart contracts. If you don't have a smart contract that's okay too but there must be a reliable institution or person that approves and audits that system. Good wallets like Binance and Poloniex, Tronscan and Etherscan also help people with this smart contract check Poloniex, for example, said that if a DeFi project is made through them, they will check the smart contract to see if there is a problem. Who controls the smart contract, who sets up the system and who controls the money is very important That's why I find it very important that the invested companies are audited by a reliable third party.

This is also something we do for the Just network We hired two very reliable companies for smart contract auditing They will also track transactions and daily movements on the Just network. We are also aware of this problem, which I think is the only big problem. Yes, it's a risk, but when you play with new technologies, there's always that risk. It was perfect, thank you again for your time One more bonus question, do you think we're in the Bull era this year or will everything settle down soon? Yes absulately right. I always say this to my surroundings, I think we are at the beginning of the Bull era now. Crypto has gone up a bit these days, but not as crazy as 2017. but some of my friends ask me "how can i get crypto now" or "is it possible to drop" People ask a lot about crypto but I always say the same We are at the beginning of the Bull era and from the end of 2020 and in 2021 everything will fly Bitcoin is around 11k and Tron is 2 cents, so it's not even the beginning of the Bull era.

so now is a good time to enter the crypto space I think records will be broken in the next Bull term. eg. Bitcoin sees 20k, I think Tron is 30 cents I think it will rise a lot in the future because we achieved very serious success in the Bear period for 3 years In the future Those who have had a little more difficulty in the past 3 years I want to say that there is only one year left. Never sell cryptos at the end of the Bear era! I have a lot of friends who sold a lot of crypto on March 12 this year This could be considered crypto's last big drop All I want to say is be a little more patient 2020 and 2021 will be great for crypto Yes, I feel that way too, both the technical part and the microeconomics show it that way. And the central banks printing money as if there is no tomorrow. I think the Bull era is near As you mentioned, you have produced many new technologies and done good things in the last 3 years. I think we have the infrastructure to make this a phenomenon for the whole world, not just one particular group.

Justin! That's great, nice to meet you too Thank you for all the new updates and your time. I'm so excited to do this again in the near future All right, thank you very much. I greet the whole Turkish community from here. OK:).

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