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Hello guys, let's go from TRX Tron, Justin's super coin, which also bleed a lot in this personal drop, Tron lets me see how much she has since the maximum and the minimum, how much Tron bled people Hello guys, Tron has dropped 65 percent And it came to drop 65 percent it was brutal to fall the correction in the horn but the fact is here we are going back here for our two hours the people in the one hour in the one hour the Tron just increase here the structurals the boss has already opened a greenish cloudiness here in the 26-period projection and the Kiel channel itself is already passing through the ichimoku cloud from the bottom up, but as our reference is always two hours, which is a safer reference in two hours, we are rehearsing here the creation of a green cloud cover realize that the lines are flats here Despite this brutal sequence of sales ripples due to the fall of Bitcoin that dragged all the changes in the wake of Bitcoin's brutal correction this opening of character and waving the buyer is very relevant Tron is accumulating It's forming a triangle here to explode and in step with the movement of btc here btc it is also right people if bitcoins were to make a double bottom if it was stayed do a w she has already started this movement in the first or second Kendall here that I ship and ran toning in four hours for us to have a more macro view of what is happening she if she knows which one to do a double bottom that it is not the case in mine in my view she has already started this movement in the first or second Kendall here in four hours but as she has already opened 6 500 buyers two sellers and now is opening another one wanting the buyer I believe that this accumulation here of bitcoins is already exploding upwards the squid confirms this with the creation of a buying wave force So we have to analyze all the changes even up to RX at that moment with the eye on B good and the other Nautical eye in which we will eventually be analyzing one eye on the cat and the other on the fish so that we can have a clearer notion that the one who took the auditions to Olympus in this case was Bitcoin So guys at TRX is fundamentally speaking has nothing to say she is her for me it is one of the Block challenge first line the most valued upwards she is worth 6.2 Bia to propose a block where ninety percent of the SBT dollar is one that runs at TRC 2090 percent of dollar Tete transactions revolve around Tron, meaning a blockchain that has a brutal demand for gas and has not yet reflected this mega overvaluation of Bitcoin that went from $ 20,000 to $ 60 and is now in its 40s now 20 40s in 40s 1800 to RX has not yet waited for this this Bitcoin Bulls race, which we know is Bitcoin every four years, promotes her this donkey This race of all just after Halloween that she suffers every four years in more two 012 listening to the hall saw that it cut mining fees in half that led Bitcoin from 32 to 1166 in May 2016 listening to a new hearing that cut mining fees in half leading to Bitcoin for the 2017/2018 big butt that led from 1,166 to 20,000 dollars and image 2020 there was a new hearing that cut the mining fees in half that Raul is providing 2020 is providing this bulan of 21 22 that will probably take Bitcoin to the range of 220/240 $ 1000 E in the middle of in the running of the Bulls In front of congestions as it happened 2013/2014 as it happened 2017/2018 it is happening now 2021/2022 I believe that we have already experienced the background of this congestion the TRX as not as it could not help but also suffered with this brutal drop of 20 points But now she has already been reacting in One hour until this one has already bought in practically all the indicators she is already crossing from bottom to top in the video Timor opened here in an hour a beautiful the cloud of this mucus of green color and relatively thick which will mean a powerful support in the future now it only needs two hours to confirm it is this prognosis So folks breaking this upper line here of the stimulus cloud with 0 0.0 96 the next relevant resistance of the tr Oi Bia 0.12 So folks, this record of up to Ixi sotrix reflects animation and it is with the indicator pointing upwards migrating to the median of the metric it is obvious that we depend on the confirmation that Bitcoin moves down that seems to be exploding upwards towards the veral the penalty Wow that is in 46300 If you break the monthly search that is in 48 thousand and 300 and 400 people until Richie is waiting for this Bitcoin explosion that should happen sooner or later until RX will piercing ichimoku clouds will get the top line of the cloud 0.96 and then get zero 0.12 which is our dear mm200 which would be a more relevant resistance So people who have any a suggestion for analysis can be put in the messages below and in a little while I'll be back in the big crypto world

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