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Hello guys, let's go to TRX guys, Tron, she is currently rehearsing a trend reversal, notice that in the cloud here in the 26-period projection, a green nebula formation just opened until RX broke the ichimoku cloud from the bottom up more quickly now it has returned and is testing the bottom line of the ichimoku cloud And has even tested the bottom line of the keltner channel itself which also comes out from bottom to top to confirm this migration of the paper upwards from the personal schmorl cloud to ax RB clearly in a congestion if we forget that she is smoking marijuana here, she is creating a triangle here, she will explode upwards in my opinion and she is forming marijuana, the same is true here in the amplitude of the waves here and here this top is not hitting a lot but anyway we’re going to get that last top here look and the wavy amplitude movement the tabi showing a clear congestion that can generate an explosion upwards to Tron and it has fundamentals in collectibles you don’t even have to do much It’s a lot of research the Tron market Cap is one of the few Market Caps still in 9B that hasn’t yet reflected the blurred Bitcoin that Tron market.cap isn’t yet the do not love it didn’t hit her all time High of 2018 you will see Tron's all time High for you to see the undervalued currency this currency is Tron's all time High tone 0.30 the currency still attacked accumulating me so if I could give an advice to anyone is buying e-tron why Because ninety percent of USB 3 tokens that circulate on the Tron network on the ethereal network on the man network on the Aerotruck erc20 ethereum network the SBT that stopped circulating because of the gas war a transaction is the most cheap today on the ethereum chain is 78 dollars and here the Terra este 20 from Tron circulates on maybe in the percentage of 90 or ninety-five percent of the SBT circulate on the Tron network fundamentally the paper is simply Spectacular rtual high in my last video and interesting that I stated that in the last video she was going to do this triple needle and return it into the channel and it’s not that she gave a new triple needle she went back into the channel and is rehearsing a new one needled which can be a triple needled to continue climbing at the bottom of this high channel it and this bottom here can be a triple bottom again or a bottom to see but the fact is that the paper is gradually scaling this base of the pen high to cross new in shimoku from bottom to bottom up and disrupt that in this Bolshoi Ballet here that she is drawing so she can test the top of this high octal channel to see what has what has perhaps hindered this task of Tron is the mm200 our particular slab that really is was the test here that made Tron retreat out of the bullish channel again but this reading of the market is very clear to me Whoever is positioned in Tro n mainly wikihands lettuce hands and panics Sellers it is good to be very calm at that time because 0.12 for Tron a walk-in full operational that practically monopolizes the circulation of usb3 which is the most token plus liquid Among all the organized assets in tens blocks it is USB and it practically takes the place of the dollar in ninety-nine percent of the decentralized networks So folks this Alert is here the tricks already with the indicator migrating to the upper band of the metric the paper is clearly scaling the base of this high pen and will make this kick towards 0 18 and will most likely reach her All Time High in the next few days.

Perhaps the next few hours she is winning here in the cloud of Timor who must also climb into the channel and promote this beautiful kick here of high ok guys, this is the analysis of Tron from TRX this coin of the day if you add the founder of the Tron network, whoever has any suggestions for analysis can put in the messages below and me finding a good opportunity in the crypto world back cut out big hug.

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