hello today we will talk about stamping the throne coin on a personal wallet we will sum up the results of the month how many new coins we managed to poke on a personal wallet also in this video I will buy a throne coin and increase my balance because I remind you that every month my balance increases at least for a thousand coins from the previous video and so I am slowly walking towards the goal of 10,000 throne on my personal wallet, so the guys in this video will see how many new coins we managed to poke the throne in a month, we will also buy a throne and send it to a personal wallet, so let's start we are from the review of the course to date, the cost of one coin throne is nine and a half cents, well, practically last month, the cost of a point is about 8 or 7 and a half cents, that is, now we are seeing the growth of the coin, this of course pleases we also look at the Ben once exchange with us there is such a recovery in prices, and because they fell, they went a little lower, but now they have already gone up, by the way, I just that here the throne bought a coin and has already sent it to my wallet, it is on the exchange that I buy all the coins and send them further to work, and here we can see that I have a 2636 throne frozen, that is, it is sticking that I get from this amount of coins and I buy this weekly announced that I will buy a small amount of throne weekly because I have usda of those who come there and I send them to work this I show in my telegram channel the link to it will be in the description go subscribe and see that is, a little weekly there by 10 to 15 from dt but they buy Ron, but that is how much it turned out for durability in a month, guys, look here, we have a balance of 13 and a half coins, that's how many coins I managed to insist for the previous month, well, now let's just take them off here we see that I have 664 gx available, but now they will increase, click here extract, confirm the patron link and then let me update the page was 464 became 478 and here our balance was reset to zero, that is, what it should be put in a month, I took it off because I was recently asked a question and why I don't see in my transactions that they send me striking every day because you nobody does not send now your striking is displayed here 13 and a half coins now I will update the page it just will not be here because I removed it, let's look yes now there are 0 further guys that I wanted to show in the last video it did not show when we will section resource and I now have a button from now it is active, that is, I can click on it and withdraw all my coins, that is, all 2636 countries, and as soon as I add coins here, I turn on hold, that is, the balance is frozen for 72 hours and for 72 hours I can’t take anything off, well, I’ll now demonstrate the joint and all my coins are in the bit guilt team, well, I think it’s not a secret for anyone because I already talked about this and there is such a tab in the holo that is, all the addresses are displayed here who a flock is in this team, let's say this address he has such a number of throne and it occupies 11 percent of the total pool combined, but before I was here somewhere on 500 or our 100 pages and a now let's see where I am now I am on the three hundred and twenty- fourth minute on page 327 now I will increase my balance and I will see where I will be thrown by the way in the review of my wallet I can also see what percentage of the pool I borrow, that is, my coins here in the voice section we see that all my coins that I made in the be built command take 0, 3 0 299, that is, I'm too small, but nothing we will get to steeper indicators, I don't even doubt that, well, let's now send coins go to work in the wallet press the frieze here we see the button and now it is now clickable and so press the asset here opposite the energy resource press get here we also take e energy, I press max, that is, all the coins 478 agreeing to the freeze conditions, I confirm all the cartridges and now we see that I have 478 votes, go to the vote control next, the vote button, look for my votes, that is, I give all votes for the command bit guilt here, plus the whole amount here I will now have 3114 coins in work so I press the vote I confirm everything again via drone link thanks for your vote everything is fine my voices are now with Pushkin and now you can see that the thaw button is not clickable now, that is, it has now been frozen for 72 hours and after expiration 72 hours I will be able to withdraw all the coins without any problems but of course I will not receive sticking a striking now I will receive from 3114 coins well let's enter the balance indicators into my plate today there are 3114 throne coins on the balance sheet and let's look at the chart here we are one step closer to my goal to my main goal is 10,000 throne on the balance stay king I'm going to this goal and by the way, here are the guys on my be en an this is in the stack where there were 3x coins and now they just came out of the freeze just recently, I'm looking now I have one 1444 3x on my balance and I think that by the next video I will send them here sticking because something is just lying there here and it makes a profit, let's by the way, let's see what kind of profit for today I have calculated for myself, for example, for about 0 056 throne per day or per month, approximately sixteen and a half throne should turn out next month.

I also wanted to remind and warn you guys that often when doing normal of such transactions on the balance, he leaves for 20 and 30 dollars, they pour various coins on your balance, look at me they poured some free coin they gave me some more coins they poured in but these coins look they have absolutely no value here are some small ones which are traded but I do not pay attention to them at all and they often pour in various scummy we are not what is with me the coin is what they poured into you you made an exchange to the balance and you were taken away from the balance, but I will tell you about this in the next videos about security on the tron ​​wallet link about security in a pack of king coins tron ​​so in order not to miss this video put like subscribe to the channel because the information will be useful It will be necessary exactly in a month so that friends will see you in a month in the striking heading..

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