Tron Script: fix a poorly-running Windows computer

Because I am an idiot, I decided to install 
Windows 8 on this computer. But don't worry,   I won't be keeping it. As you can see, 
I've installed a bunch of bloatware on it,   and how the hell did CCleaner get updated 
when it's not connected to the Internet?   It's in airplane mode right now, because I'm a 
bit worried about all this stuff I installed,   even though I only installed one piece 
of malware, and that's Nava Shield.   But I removed it from the startup items, so it 
doesn't try to interrupt the thing I'm about   to do. And I also installed this horrible start 
menu. It's not Classic Shell.

It comes with ads,   on the start menu. I mean, this is almost 
worse than the Windows 8 start screen. And various crapware, potentially unwanted 
programs, stuff like that, like freaking WinZip   Malware Protector. Like, what the hell? Next, 
we'll have WinRAR Word Processor, I don't know.   I wanted to do a video like this for years now, 
and that's testing the Tron Script. It's supposed   to restore your computer — not by reinstalling 
the operating system, but by removing crapware,   bloatware, even malware, and hopefully getting it 
running better.

This is a recent installation, so   I purposely went out of my way to install crap 
programs on it, so it's not as badly infected as a   regular computer could be. But since I've 
been wanting to try Tron Script for years,   I'm going to try it anyway. It should 
remove Nava Shield, for example, since   that's actual malware. It won't defragment 
the drive, because this is not a mechanical   hard drive. It won't remove Adobe Acrobat 
Reader, that's a normal program. CCleaner,   I'm not sure about it — haven't used it in 
years. And actually, Windows Defender is trying   to clean something, even though it has a pretty 
old database. I had it connected to the Internet   for a while, but it didn't update the virus 
definitions, so that's odd. What did it detect? Oh, it found something from Tron. Spybot 
Anti-Beacon. I thought that was a good program,   but whatever. Again, these are old definitions. 
Maybe we can turn off real time protection,   it's just going to get in the way. 
And let's try extracting Tron again.  The background is from another piece of 
bloatware called Bing Wallpaper.

And in   case you want to know what this background is, 
it's this one, a place in Spain, if you want   to look it up. Of course I'm not connected now. 
So I've extracted it. I don't remember exactly   what you're supposed to do, so let's read the 
instructions. Notepad, please. "Copy Tron.bat   and Resources folder to the desktop" … "Right 
click on Tron.bat and run as administrator".   Simple enough. I know you can configure various 
settings, but we'll just use the default ones. So there we have it. Let's go! Okay, I did read the instructions. 
Type "I AGREE", all caps.   Why isn't it skipping defrag? What option 
do we do to skip defrag? Where does it   mention the switches? There it is, "sd". 
So we're just going to skip the defrag. And let's go.

So this is going to take a while. Don't you think this low battery notification 
sounds a bit threatening? "Charge your phone."   Yeah, calm down, I'll do it. I know what 
happens if I don't. Don't worry about it. Anyway, because that phone's battery is 
low, I'm using my other phone to record,   and Tron is done! It took less than two hours, and 
now let's reboot and see how the computer works. This page opened up, I think it's because of Bing 
Wallpaper being uninstalled. And the crappy IObit   start menu is gone, so we're back to the start 
screen. Tron is also supposed to install Windows updates, but I didn't have it connected to the Internet. It also couldn't update the anti-virus and other tools it comes with, so maybe it could 
have run better. Something from RealPlayer is   missing, that's a shame. The start menu is back, 
so I guess it just ended the process for it,   it didn't actually uninstall it.

But this isn't 
malware. And most of this stuff is here because   it's not actually malicious, but it's still 
stuff you wouldn't want to have on your computer.   OpenOffice is fine, nothing wrong with it, even 
though LibreOffice might be a bit more updated.   Restoro is a pretty bad potentially unwanted 
program, but that's still here. "Would you   like to scan your PC?" No I wouldn't. Did it 
get rid of Nava Shield? It actually didn't! And when its special payload activates, it 
will cause you to lose your unsaved work,   and it will block Task Manager and Command 
Prompt and other programs like that,   so let's terminate it before it's too late. 
The touchpad on this computer is horrible.

Still has RealPlayer, but you can 
just uninstall those manually, so   not a big deal. The computer was already running 
pretty fast because it was a new installation,   so no speed improvement there. I didn't check how 
much free space there was before we started, but   I think we might have gained a little bit of 
space, not exactly sure. So is the Tron Script   worth it? If you have a badly infected computer 
and you don't want to backup your files and   reinstall Windows, it might be worth a shot. 
But you should read the instructions thoroughly,   for example it also uninstalls the Windows 8 and 
10 Metro apps, or Modern UI apps, which not all of   them are that bad. And it also removed HP Support 
Assistant, which is actually quite useful for   updating drivers on HP computers, so I wouldn't 
have removed that. If your computer runs fine   and you just want to clean up junk files, Tron is 
not for you, you should use Windows Disk Cleanup.   I wouldn't advise using CCleaner either — I heard 
it's not a really good piece of software these   days. Let's take a quick look at the programs 

Yeah, most of these can be uninstalled,   but anyway this was just a test 
installation on this computer.   If I forgot something, I'll add it 
to the description or in a comment,   and even though I cannot provide tech support 
for this program because I did not create it,   I just found it online, you can ask whatever you 
want in the comments, and I'll answer if I can.   So that's it. Thank you for watching..

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