Tron Run/r Gameplay Review PS4, PC, Xbox One

Tron runner run are however you want to say it is the latest game based on the tron franchise this game kind of popped up out of nowhere when it was first announced and brought to early access on Steam a full version of this game has now been released for PlayStation 4 and PC with an Xbox one version coming in a few weeks the trailers for this game don't really inspire much hope since it appears to be just another endless runner with the tron makeover but let's find out if you enjoy this video hit the like button and if you're feeling really generous subscribe so when you first boot up Tron runner you'll have three options go to Tron city for ground based running levels white out area for light cycle races in stream mode which is an endless mode that combines both running and riding your light cycle there are 32 levels total in the base game 16 running and 16 riding your light cycle every level in these modes will award you 0 to 3 stars depending on how high you score and the stream mode is randomly generated so you should constantly have new tracks whenever you play there's also some minor customization options before you enter a level this includes being able to change the color of light on your suit as well as some classic costumes from the original Tron film these are all unlocked from the start so you don't need to grind out currency to unlock them my favorite part of the game is the running levels in Tron city level one starts off pretty easy in the game does a good job of teaching you the new mechanics as you progress once the game clicks with you you'll be able to pull off some epic combos you're probably going to die a lot in this game and every time you do you have to start over but when you start to learn the map and are better prepared you can easily get three stars on the level the game moves pretty fast it usually gives you plenty of time to react and plan for what's ahead once it starts throwing multiple things that you simultaneously it gets very intense you really get into a zen-like zone where you tune everything out but your next move it's very addictive to either go for the third star on the level or just surviving a new level for the first time there are also some levels with a boss battle against the tank it's not too difficult to take down but it's a little annoying very dangerous as you play through every level in this game you collect bits which increase your score multiplier and function is currency to unlock companions and upgrades to your shoes to help you through levels more on that a little later the white out area is where you race light cycles you're basically trying to reach the end of the level before time runs out there are gates you can pass through to give me more time there also enemy is that when close enough you can de-rez with your disc for sharp turns you can lean down and drift the driving takes a while to get the hang of but once you do it's fairly easy you really do need to learn some of the courses since there is a short amount of time in maximizing your time bonuses as a must to reach the end this one is definitely harder to get three stars in but I prefer the runner mode since the controls just feel tighter finally there's stream mode which is where it becomes an endless runner there's no finish to the level you're just trying to survive as long as you can you'll go back and forth between running and riding a light cycle for some reason in this mode there are some serious framerate drops this can really be the difference between life and death so I really hope they figure out what's causing the issue because it's very frustrating when you lose just because the frame rates crashing it's a fun mode and there are leaderboards and challenges to complete while playing replay value will depend on how much you want to write this kind of a game as I mentioned before as you play you are collecting bits you can use these to unlock upgrades for yourself or companion for example you can have a companion that will automatically collect bits in your area so you don't have to worry about them or a companion that will shield you against your first hit upgrades and companions are different for rip the running game and the driving game these aren't necessary for three stars but can be a huge health of your struggling there are also microtransactions the purchase bid packs they aren't in your face at all though and I wouldn't have even noticed the option if I wasn't exploring the minions you should never really need to buy these packs so don't worry about it much of the criticism leading up to this games release is that it's just another runner game that should be free to play on mobile devices after fighting several hours into the game I can't really argue with this well the game looks and sounds beautiful it does feel like something that would find a better market on mobile devices for the $20 starting price you're not getting a whole lot of content as I said before there are 32 levels total and analysts run mode if you aren't someone who is constantly going to try for a high score you probably won't get that much out of this game there's also a $15 upgrade to the deluxe edition that will include new maps characters and companions as their release this all really should be included with the original price to feel like a twenty dollar game despite all this the game is fun and I'm personally enjoying my time with it the music in the game is great and really helps you get into your zone it's incredibly satisfying when you realize you've just completed a level making no mistakes I really would have loved to have had a light-cycle battle mode like the original trone multiplayer races are running against a live opponent would have added some more replay value as well and this game really needs that so I would suggest waiting for this game to go on sale or a version to come out with all the DLC well the game is fun it really just doesn't justify its $20 price tag at long so what do you guys think of Tron runner is it an OK game for consoles or ups along on mobile devices let me know in the comments below and if you have the game let me know how long you've survived in stream mode thanks for watching and if you enjoyed please hit the like button subscribe for more gameplay live streams and reviews see you on the next one

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