Tron Price Prediction! TRON #TRX Price Prediction -(The Tron Network)

it's not even been two weeks since our last tron   future price prediction and since then 
the tron token is already up almost 100   so i thought hey it's about time to make 
a revised future price prediction for tron   not only has the tron token taken off but so has 
the activity on the tron network and i got three   impressive figures for you the first 22 mil the 
total number of accounts on the tron network has   exceeded 22 million second one is 13 billion 
the circulating amount of trc 20 usd tokens   issued by tether on the tron network has 
exceeded 13.4 billion and the last 82 000.

Tron   has in fact the biggest telegram community in 
the entire cryptocurrency industry they got 82   000 loyal family members but before we start i 
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wealth you can preserve your wealth and you   can hopefully also increase your will my name is 
nico arachi and i'm the host of this little show if you're new to the tron network will allow me to 
introduce the tron blockchain has already achieved   wide adoption and utility for that matter 
presently the tron ecosystem ranks number two   right after ethereum in terms of the number of 
dabs having been built on the tron blockchain   and as you know the more dabs that join the 
ecosystem the more the tron network grows   both in popularity and in terms of volume that 
is important so before we get into today's future   price predictions let's say the revised ones 
let's just have a quick look at the tokenomics   well currently the price of one trx token is 
at five four as 54 you know cent and however   with a market cap of 3.9 billion and with a 
24 hour volume of 1.7 billion i think you can   certainly say tron is one of the big boys it has 
a circulating supply of 71 billion trx tokens and   the total supply is around 100 billion in the last 
two weeks we are really seeing tron taking off   as i said from our last price prediction the price 
was only around 30.

So i think the time has come   let's get in to the new revised tron trx future 
price predictions first one is from digital coin   digital coin are basing their future price 
prediction on an in-house algorithm that   is estimating that tron will be a profitable 
investment for 2021 and beyond which we have   already seen that it is but nevertheless let's 
get into it 2021 they're seeing a high of 92   in 2022 of 107 in 2023 they're seeing a high of 
126 as a 12 cent right in 2024 of 16 and in 2025   ending the year with 19 cent per tron token now 
let's see what the next predictor has to say that   is wallet investor and they are predicting future 
values with technical analysis and they are doing   that for a wide wide selection of cryptocurrencies 
so they're seeing a high of 90.

We all know i'm   sorry just to before we all know that right it's 
not 90 it's not 90 cent right it's nine pennies   but then we narrow it down to and call it 90 
right 90 penny cents anyway so 2021 90 in 2022   we're going to see a high of 112. then in 2023 
we're going to see a high of 140 and in 2024   172 ending 2025 with a high of 20 cent so far so 
good not so bad let's jump in to the next which is   my favorite my all-time favorite cryptocurrency and i like their   approach because as opposed to all the others 
they're using a fundamental analysis and let   me just i mean i really think that the crypto 
market is not a market that you can predict   based on technical indicators right because 
technical indicators so you can only take the   past history and kind of like pretend that's 
going to be future history but we all know that   that's not the case right because we are seeing 
mass adoption we are seeing extraordinary growth   and that is never really priced in in technical 
future analysis fundamentally it is yes anyway so   they're seeing a high in 2021 of 10 cent a high in 
2022 of 12 cent 2025 a high of 22 cent and they're   seeing up to 20 30 a high of almost 40 cent on 
the dollar well i told you i think they are my   favorite let's go and look at the last slide this 
is the conclusion slide that we always leave when   we do make a future price prediction video 
um just remember these are not our or mine uh   future price predictions you know we combined them 
as you could see from various other platforms but   what we do then is that we try to make the last 
slide where you can see that we got the lowest   lows we got the highest highs and hey it might 
help you in your own trading you never know   i hope that it will help you and i hope 
that we will all together go to the moon   together with drawn before we end i just want 
to thank you for watching i hope you enjoyed it   and um hey you never know where's the price gonna 
go right we could see that our price predictions   that we released two weeks ago was a bit off 
i think this one looks more more uh yeah looks   better but hey you know who knows if we're going 
to see another 100 in price increase we might   just make another price prediction unfortunately 
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thank you you are real uh fantastic uh community   and i'm sure that justin sun is happy to have 
all of you thank you so much god bless all of you

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