Tron meets the tower guardian

they don't cease I'll go first are you alright yeah let's do that some more I think the guard saw me come on Oh Dumont I can't stand all this commotion what do you want I've come to communicate with my user difficult proposition difficult proposition at best why I could beat arrest just for letting you in here they hate this tower that closed it down if they did they keep me around just in case one of them wants to deal with the other world once in a while Dumont my user has information that could but could make this free system again no really well you'd have programs lined up just to use this place and no MCP looking over your shoulder and you've been in the system as long as I have you hear many promises any reassurance any brave plans please do not there they are with a guardian all right Yuri all right who is your user program Ellen one he calls me may I pass all that is visible must grow beyond itself extend into the realm of the invisible you may pass my friend you

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