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Welcome everyone, I am waiting and today I have brought the movie Tron in front of all of you, this movie came in 2010 In this story I am going to take you in such a trick device which is made in complete technology. From the same technology, a species has been automatically created which is not created, but it automatically creates itself. With this, such a prison device has been created where everything is made of programs and from the same program. Humans have become like clowns, this technology big world was created so that for the coming time Inside it help our meaning and technology for advance technology but man made Sometimes things turn upside down on him and in this story we will get to see the same thing, so let us tell you Without waiting, I carry on in the world of this prison machine, where the story begins.

The man named Bin Friend who is the CEO of End Modernization talks to his son and Tell them how they have created a jewelers world where everything is laser light He explains that faster than the time vehicles run there, everything is automatically advanced there. Technology is the world we have created for an ideal society and I will take you there soon He also tells that he cannot stay there all the time, so he has taken his clone i.e.

One of his own. Made a duplicate, which he named Kallu, along with this he made a game a long time ago Whose name was Tron Portronics game, along with it it was also a program i.e. one such Man who will not be a human being is a technology program that Ravindra On and Follow together have created this network. He tells all these things in the evening and says in the evening that I will take you very soon Prabhu told to play video games that both of us will always be on the same team Kevin is his son After talking to him, he goes from there at night, the next day we are told how and modernization such a big coa of coffee who was a good software developer and at the same time he got a lot of games Invented too humans have disappeared in a single night, there is no trace of them left behind them now. The virus which is there to run the company is only and only fixed but the age of the evening is still very young. What happened due to which the problems have disappeared from here, after the disappearance of China, Sam Became very upset because he was very attached to his father, the rooms started coming in such a way that Kevin Somebody has committed fraud, he may have been doing some wrong thing in his company, so he left his company.

ran away from there it was also a very old friend whose name was there but he always with him In the game Were Invented, Alan was starting to work on whether he had always wanted to create a world. Was trying to make such a world which was made of technology, maybe the same people but these people did not listen to the gallon and at the same time he was also declared insane, due to his mental disability, he is now Had also taken the main power of the company, so left him only and only by making him the executive of the album.

Now the story is shown to us after a few years where Shampoo has become a big boy whose He has a very good bike i.e. Ducati, he does all the rolls on his bike at very high speed. Breaking into a company, this company was none other than his father's company, that is, I am that company. He does his programs to sleep inside the company, that is, he does not have any bite. Has an access card so that he can go in, he has access to the entries of the company and then inside the company Arrives and there we are taught that there was already a conference going on. He was running himself now, he was selling its software for money, did the villain always want that This software is for the good of the people and for this they will not charge any kind of money but China About the China of the people who took this company into their own hands, its software up to the people inside the money.

At the same time, he had taken the decision that he was going to sell its shades as well. Didn't want to at all, he wanted to fulfill his father's dream, so Sam attended the same conference. Was about to reach inside and he had also got all the cameras but in the eyes of the security guard He had come, you can also have Sam main server room and go inside that room and remove the dist from there. He uploads the disc to his phone so that the software is uploaded to the Internet for free. And within a few seconds everyone in the conference room gets to know that the people who are using the new software are quite Were about to seal it at a higher price, now blind people of that free have got a different mind sitting there He was smiling in his mind because he also wanted that this software should be available to the people for free. We are shown how Sham had reached the highest floor of Anand's building i.e.

Terris. But and when the security guard came to catch him, it hits the mix dialogue, do you know? Who is its biggest owner, who is its primary shareholder then that ghat says yes to me It is known that there is a small child Sam Plain and then the sampler takes a smile and goes from there. So much so that later he opens his parachute, but after going to the parachute, he gets stuck at one place there.

starts running away from him and many vehicles go after him and after a time he is arrested In the evening, his father's friends get rid of him, but they also come to his house behind him and he shampoos. say why are you not the last company prospect tells them since then this company was not made for me I never wanted to do this but as my father wished this software would give people If I get it for free, I will do this, then Alan tells that I have got a message from your father. does not believe his words he says after 20 years do you still think my If the father is alive then the alien has a tree in his hand and it is the sand, do you still use it then The balance tells me that your Father John went to me before saying that you should always keep it with you.

I can send you a message anytime and finally I have got his message today, you should find him May be he is still alive then bean says yes as you are telling i am front company I will go inside and it is as if he is just sitting to welcome me, then Alan says that I think You should find them one more time before I find them. Sam was very angry with his From Father because his father had disappeared from the same religion, at that time Sand's age was also very peaceful and he single-handedly managed everything but over there gives the champ the game and cut keys and tells him that once you must go he reaches the heights of the game and he was inside the cut When the gate is there, there was dust on everything, that is, for many years someone has come to that place.

was not there and he sees that there are a lot of games lying there and when he turns on the light, sorry all The games are started, only then the eyes of the bean go to the game lying far away, when he looks at the game, then he It was written on the game that Tron means that it was the same game that his father had invented, he was about to play it.

I think he takes someone out of his pocket and puts it in it but what happens is that he takes the coin back out comes when he goes down to lift the dead bodies, he sees some cracks inside the ground i.e. like Someone has knocked that game, when you know the shampoo game, then he sees that there is a door behind him and This secret door was going in 20 minutes, now Sam is following the same path and going downstairs in 20 minutes Arrives, he sees that there is a room there and there are many research people inside that room.

And it was as if someone was doing research sitting there and at the same time someone had disappeared. There was also a laser light behind this, now when Saif has to start the program of that computer. If he gives the command there, then the computer is turned on that he starts repeating the comment like Sam there. He only presses enter that only then the laser behind his seat gets turned on and he goes to the same grade in the evening. That means now Sam had reached the same machine inside the prison as what many years ago. Bine had invented Sam comes straight out of the room and when he comes out of the room, He now finds himself inside another world, not every human being there which was not a mark but of technology. The program was that programs come and do they start talking to them, everyone else standing in the line I was being told that I have to fight, you do not have to fight, the number of the evening comes now to fight It was to be done in the evening that there was a fight going on in the middle of the program, that the tournament was going on.

After fighting the programs among themselves, Sam is now put in a room where his The dress code was completely changed, that is, now a disc had come to her, the girls standing there were giving her It tells that whatever you think or whatever experience you have in your mind till now, everything is good for this dish. I will be recorded as well as it will also help in fighting in love, till this time the shampoo does not understand anything. Was it that why the same dress code has been worn, it has used digit and what is it to do? And on seeing it, a very big auditorium opens in front of him, where all the 100 Village C was sitting to watch and fight and other advance programs come in front of him So that now we had to fight in the evening, time turns off the party in front of him, with whose help he Were fighting and now Semi Subahu starts doing the same thing which is kept behind his back and removes it.

He defeats the player inside the appointment, one after the other, all the players standing against him Ko Sam comes out and reaches forward because he had to get out of this world now that I was MG So the labels of the same program were also increasing one after the other in the give and now the last one in front of the evening The level had come, standing in front of him to fight in the Rise Fighting Rings was none other than Tran. I will tell you further about this, now both Prince Learn and Sham had five players. Both were fighting among themselves and were saving their lives due to the advanced technology near them. Bike Car Audi Many things could have been made automatically that only then all these people kept in their hands inside the air By using the instrument, they convert it into a bike and now these people are inside the same auditorium with a liter.

They start fighting over the bike. It was a great point that in the end, now only Ranger and Sam are inside. Now when Bearings was about to kill all season, only then drops of blood would fall from Sand's hand. And the wrestler learns that there is no program but it is human and takes him to the main room. Inside then the person he meets was none other than Calvin's duplicate i.e. clue you when Rangers In the evening takes him inside the main room who was coordinating all this, then there a person in the evening Meets samosas become very happy to meet a person and he says that you are not happy to meet me The person whom he meets, his face is exactly like Kevin's, so Chanakya is my father, but this He didn't have a father, it was Thalu who wasn't made by Kevin and then Samsung takes the display over there and Sam's He gets very upset after reading the biscuits because he can't get what he wanted.

Now Sam asks where am I father and what have you done to him then at that time tomorrow he should have nothing does not tell and he sends him to the ground to fight with the fat and this time the level of the fight And it is very hot because there was no one else to fight but the guru had a follow in front of him. Had the knowledge of very advanced technology, that's why he beats the evening very badly and now when He was about to finish almost in the evening when a car stops there and he says in the evening that Come and sit inside, the name of that girl was the garbage collector, when this world was created, then there was already ready with technology.

Another species was created, whose health was not of humans, this species in science And it was created by technology itself and had killed all the people of the species. The last person left inside the species was only and only Ko Rahi and this garbage worked for Kevin. To take you far away by making you sit with you in the evening, that way the world of follow where all that ground And it was far away from what the rest of the programs were playing. Now Gowda brings the evening to a completely new place. Then Sam There he meets his father, was his age up to a lot and he is very much looking at the evening Were more happy and he tries to ask how did you reach this world since then tells them that the aliens had received your message that's why they sent it to me then the poet says that this Everyone has followed, I did not send any message, he has to get out of this place and the way to this place Only and only happens to me, that's why he sent a message and you have reached here today.

He still could not understand some things and wanted to ask everything from his father. Ko is told that we will talk at the dinner table, meanwhile quora rotates inside that whole house in the evening and She tells how her father has helped her a lot, now what beans sit on the dinner table and quora Then did the bean tell itself that bean you have to ask me a lot of questions, I know Am you want to know where I had disappeared all of a sudden then would the bean clear everything It is in the evening that you this year earlier he had made a trap machine to make an ideal society.

Drone and Follow were also together to make the device Follow was a person who was his duplicate could think, could speak, could understand, and tron ​​was a program, that is, a planet that was capable of human beings. Along with what it looked like, it also tells how I Su species was automatically exposed to these people. Then what does Bin tell that seeing all this, one day the follow rebelled and he started quarreling with us. It seemed that he IS killed every single person in him and at the same time he killed the train, he also killed me was about to kill but i ran away from there dude bin tells that is his speed how many special species That which we could clear all the mysteries i.e.

Natural this unnatural technology that every The mystery that is beyond this world could have been carried into our world and our world could be taken away from it. would have got more help but it ruined everything and the slippers wants to reach our world but He does not know the way out, it is only and only imprisoned in my disk that is why he That message to Ireland, you ask Sam how can we get out of here, then he says that there But the firelight which is far away, we have to go from that jhal, it only lasts for eight hours and more hours.

After that it will be closed but it is very difficult to reach there because the area it is in There is a follow there and the flu will never let us reach there, so how are the beans, then we will die here too. So can't it can't answer it goes from there to help him litter the beans says he says we have to get out of here i will take you with me to our world But quora says it's not that easy to go there, I'll give you the address of a person. can get you to the threshold this threshold is the only place we can get out quora is there About which she tells in the evening that you go there inside the city, there you will get juice. Will reach the threshold because there is only one person who can take everyone to the threshold, everyone here Know at one place, this is near his Sam leaves from there, shortly after Kevin to meet his daughter room If he comes to his room, he is not there and worries a lot about his acting because Already he was trapped inside this trap for 20 years and now he did not want to stay away from his daughter When he does not find his daughter in his room, he has come to know that his son is already in Delhi.

Has left for and then he talks to take the garbage with him and he tells quora that Take out the car, now without it, it reaches inside the city of glue where programs roam everywhere. Were there he meets a girl whom he had met before and on seeing her recognizes that she is looking for someone, then asks us whom you want to meet, since then she Tells that I want to meet him then the girl tells Sam that it is not an easy thing to meet him. Can't even get it but I can take you to someone who will take you to the juice Now that girl takes her with her in the evening, inside a party, where all the programs are on their own.

Was partying for the department that's when he met the program which was saying that If anyone does not get it, then comes there from the shampoo and then he recognizes that he is Kevin's son. That is, as all these people are living, the one who created it was different and his son and in the hands of those people has come then the man takes 19 to the side and says that you have to meet this victory, it is a little lonely Now on the other side let us see that the bike from which Sam had come, it had taken two and a half cups.

in the hands of the people of K and A Follow wanted him to find Kevin's house by whatever means so that he could Now when Follow reaches Kevin's house via his bike, he sees that he can reach Arvind. Kevin was hiding here for many years and he was saved by staying here, he sees that now no one here No, that is, Kevin has also left here, then Aloo remembers how the poet had made it and It was created only and only to create an ideal society for itself i.e. to help people. But he had rebelled and he had to run his own accord and now let us take the story back. It goes on inside the same party, now the man who got the sense was none other than the Jio SIM, till then we would call him It is said that you tell me the way out, that is, how can the threshold be reached, even then you tell it It is that you have just come, just enjoy a little party, why are you in such a hurry for Johnny and On hearing this, many people of Glu had come there, it was planning in a way, that is, who had Only Sam will reach him now because he will also call people over there because already age talk to him before It was over by which Tika wanted to become the king, he wanted that now all the towers should come in his hands.

Instead he was about to give it to the clock in the evening, that's why when Sam gets angry, that's why he tells the people also calls there and now we were stuck in a traffic and all the people were about to attack That's when the garbage reaches there and quora feels very bad that ever send it to juice. And then quora says that I feel very bad, to whom I should never send you didn't want to and you save your life Sam of the game she starts fighting with all the people And at the same time, what many people go there, China had a lot of power sorry things stop in the middle of this fight because people killed quora too Was that winters stop all the people, only then the chairman sam and quora leave, now they are all one such a ship that the ship will take them to the threshold, that is, to the door from which they exit That light was visible far away, they needed something or the other to go there.

was needed now the championship says that quora will be fine then kevin says that its programming we Never had it become natural itself, we have created this technology world. If it was, then it was a species made up of its combination and politics, inside this species, somewhere else than our world. There is more advanced technology, if we reach our world, then with the help of these people, we are very much may be advance it also says i can try and see it will get better soon Then in there looks at his programming and tries something to fix it and then there's garbage Key programming goes perfectly fine and she goes into sleeping mode for a while you Sam and Kevin starts talking that only you and only you can get out from here, I will not be able to leave because The clock wants my date, if Aloo finds my disc, then it will keep all the programs here on its own.

Will take you along then Sam refuses to go there alone without taking you at all In the midst of these things, the garbage now wants to go back, see the volume alive at night, enough becomes happy now we are shown the scene of the story what rebellion and sam the people of this juice and loo chant In the middle of the attack, Reduce had stolen Kevin's credit and now this decree is in his possession. So tomorrow reaches her to take her to the disco, the same way to go out to the clock.

Was about to get from the disc, according to the slaughter, the juice says that you will have to give me all the empire now Follow over there from which he takes the disc and is about to go out but the habit of cheating because first Since then he had cheated on Kevin too and now he also cheated on Juice. And now we are put behind because after coming out, all the space of it gets up, you scene Chipk reaches back to the same ship where Glu and Sham were talking to each other, he explains. It is your father who has told me that you should kill every person with me in front of me. had given that he had not left a man, in the middle of that your father saved me and he Always used to tell things about you, I have never seen the sun with my own eyes And I wish I could see the sun very closely once inside my life now that Calvin Sam and The garbage was clean that only then those people realize that the said comment has changed its course ie those who Were following the laser light to reach Delhi, now the next slide has reached many other sides and she had reached a place made by the clock and her acting realizes that there are many The program asks Hai what all these programs have been made by the follower then tells them that he is any Cannot create program but can activate it from either it can deactivate it Yoni technologies have been fitted inside the whole program that we also have to create havoc which means that only then To grab everyone's attention behind, the garbage moves forward so that Vinod San can get out safely from behind.

That's when Prince L finally arrests the garbage there, we also see that all of the clues are there. Was provoking the programs, that is, trying to tell everyone that now all of us are going to go to art. I have found the way to Earth and now all of us have to rule over those people, that is, those who This is a programmed world, this is an ideal society, we have to end the world of meaning, you Calvin and Sham There is talk in between that quora went from here to side then kevin says that quora sacrificed himself To save us people, we should not let his sacrifice go empty, only then talk from Kevin's side there.

and kevin tells him that quora has sacrificing for us he has risked his life It is felt that we should not let his sacrifice go to waste like this from now on, after hearing this, get out of there. goes and he says that you moved forward that I come after completing a task, now Kevin reaches First of all, to get his father's disc, he reaches the place where the disco is completely was tested, he catches the program which because it was always around Father takes that disc and only then he asks where is the quora kept and at the same time inches there reaches with a long quora and now there starts a fight between those people that only then there But the follow also reaches and he sees that Sam has also taken Kevin's dish from there and quora Have also taken with you, you sit inside the most high technology car made by Kevin To drive, Kevin tells quora to read this car to you and behind the same program There was a lot of big machinery that operates Sam Blue and because everyone else is Gavin and They attack the vehicle of the evening, one after the other, they change into different shapes and perform the same tasks.

But let's attack Lake Hussain also had a machine gun in his hands, that too destroys everything through laser light. It is known that now all those people chase that bright light i.e. Delhi almost all of it reaches There are people that only then does the follow reach there, now there is talk between Calvin and Lou He tells him why you cheated on me like this then the rule tells that you made me ideal It was made to make a society, but the people living on eight are not like that at all, those people are all liars. And the fool is this vinegar which had put technology inside, there was such technology which is no evil. could see, that's why the technology of follow had become such that it could not see any evil now China apologizes to Kanu for his own clone i.e.

Which he made his duplicate. Maybe I had made a mistake but still some people do not understand this thing and that bean and quora Runs after because this time and quora you daily had a lot on the other side of it now Sam and Poora have In that the disc element was almost about to come out of that place that only then apply jumps there but Whatever power Kevin had till now, he puts all his power inside that ground and from there Pulls the clock towards him and hugs him Now I want to tell you that he will never end the clock could not do it because when he fought on the cross, all the powers of China were in kilos and That's why reduction could never beat the clock, that's why for so many years Kevin was at that place.

Was trapped and closeup had become so strong, Kevin never got a chance to beat him And if only he ever got it, the caffeine itself would die, and this is what happens when Kevin Klock gets it. If he hugs then both of them get destroyed but now in the middle of this Sam and quora same lightning They reach back inside from the door, that is, now they want inside their world again and then the other The world of technology comes and when it ends, that world will also end completely. Goes, the story is not over yet friends, after Sam comes out, all the data of Sara is one uploads it to the disc and the desk wears it around his neck, after coming out he is out of balance who was an old friend of Kevin's and now he believes in everything that the airline had told in the evening from childhood that the technology-driven instrument is actually the first one to come out and release the album.

It says that you told the truth, on the other hand it also tells Whelan that now I run the album company. I will say that his new owner has come, now when he only comes out in that game and cut, then his outside weight She was doing quora now that she had also reached our world, that she was going towards her home. That's when quora was seeing the rising sun for the first time with her eyes, which had a very bright and beautiful light. With this the IG story ends so guise how did you all like this movie Will definitely tell you, I will meet with all of you soon till then in the next movie Tata

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